Biggie Answers, pt 1.

Usually when I write, I listen to Halcyon On and On – on repeat.  It helps me to focus, and it drowns out distractions.

Biggie asked / demanded I listen to something HE wrote, which makes sense because Orbital is not really in line with Biggie’s energy.

Besides, as he pointed out, I’ve not spent NEARLY enough time listening to his music!  If you want to listen to, here’s the theme of this post:

Bump it with Biggie!


AD’s Question:

embraced his bills, eh? i think i need more on this. i understand that every time i write my rent check or insurance check that the money is affording me something to be very grateful for – like a home, or an office or health insurance – and i am grateful – yet it feels so burdensome (mo money, mo problems). i prefer to blame “the system” for my stress, but is this where i should be changing my OWN energy? did bigggie go into the studio with the idea that 10% of his time creating radio hits will generate 80% of his income, or is that just how things shook out? side note: about a year ago you did a reading with my 2 cats, 1 of whom you identified as being psychic. she kept saying she didn’t understand why we worried about money so much. ha!


Yeah, “Mo Problems,” those are the words of a broke-ass bitch.  Why’d you want more money, you think it gives you more problems.  I wouldn’t give you mo money, who ever loves you wouldn’t give you mo money to give you problems. 

You look at it this way: you think paying your rent is a problem, you ask some (dude) living in a box how much of a problem that’d be for him, you understand?

I like the 3-g’s  (He’s referring the the typo in your comment “bigggie”).  I’m gonna use that.  Bigggie 3-G, solid gold.

Listen to the song: condo paid for, no car payments.  That’s rich, when you got what you need, that’s rich. 

Maybe your rent is too high, maybe you need to move.  (Shows me the contrast between my last two Toronto apartments, which is reversing the meaning of the words, or flipping the words around.)


Okay, let me paraphrase why Biggie is showing the difference between two Toronto apartments.  I stayed in this one apartment on Sherbourne St., next to the Phoenix night club.  People would have sex behind the dumpsters (we’d clap afterwards).  We heard gunfire sometimes, and homeless people did die in the park just across the street, and just beyond that park is the infamous “Hooker Harveys” (a purely Canadian gem, I assure you.)  The building was infested with roaches and mice, and one day, the people on the first floor started complaining about bed bugs.

For some reason, the bed bugs was the last straw.  I thought this place was the best I could afford, but I managed to make room in my budget (I can’t even say how) and I moved to a place I could barely afford.

The funny thing about that place was, as soon as I moved so many things in my life started falling together.  I stayed there only nine months before Sweetie & I decided to move out West.  So Biggie was showing the contrast of being in this terrible apartment and staying because I thought I couldn’t afford better, and then moving and then seeing so many new options once I’d left that neighbourhood.

Did I get that, Biggie?


Yeah, sort of. 

Kate:  Oh wait, Mo money, Mo problems is a song!  OMG, I had to stop here for about 30 minutes to watch / listen to youtube videos because apparently I’m “Embarassing myself!”

Here’s the one AD’s talking about:

Mo Money Mo Problems


Okay, here’s what I’m getting while watching this video (which is effing funny! I really do need more Biggie in my life.)


You’d like my pop songs.  (Biggie interjects, like, I wouldn’t like all of his stuff, and so he’s pointing me towards the stuff I would / could understand.  This reminds me of when Kurt pointed me towards the *only* acoustic album they had.  It’s a gateway drug, these accessible songs.)

You, your celebrity posts, they’re the gateway drug to the afterlife.  It’s like, people don’t think about talking to their dead (friends) their dead (parents).  But some psychic is like, “Yo, I got this dead celebrity,” people will click on that shit.  So here I am.  I’m fuckin’ still here (being a badass / authentic / creating.)  And this is something people need to understand, you don’t end when you die.  You don’t end when you die.

Anyway, stay fresh, (what’s stay fresh?  it has something to do with my pink hoodie) Back to the song. 

You girl, (AD) you ain’t got “too much money” problems, you got “flat-ass broke!” problems!  Which would you rather have!?  I’d rather have mo money problems, if you ask me.

Mo Money problems, it’s like, people feel entitled to shit that you’ve earned.  They’re like, “Man, you can’t USE all that money!  So give some to me!”

And sometimes you do, and you’re sorry you did when they use it to hurt themselves, or they don’t change the things they’d said they could change if you just helped them out.

So it’s tough, you know, the responsibility of making a difference, of handling all that power.  And people give you negativity just because you made it.  They don’t see it’s that attitude that’s keepin’ them down.

Yeah, I like to be funny.  (He says this completely dead-pan.)


Woah, I just heard the lyrics in “Juicy” “Blow up like the world trade.”  I asked send this question mark to Biggie.


Yeah.  I didn’t see that, like, know it would happen at the time. (911, which just passed recently.)  But I saw it in my mind, all this money blowing up.  I was surprised (when it happened) and how it didn’t really shut down (the world economy).  It showed how money is invincible.  It just changes hands.  It just moves around. 

(I looked it up on Wiki later and apparently the lyric was a reference to a 1993 trade center bombing.)



I go back to AD’s question and ask Biggie about the “Blaming the system” part.


Yeah, mmmm.  Yeah.  If you’re fighting the system, you’re always fighting the system.  Sometimes you can try and go around, you know?  Ask for permission later.  You go to jail, you are really IN THE SYSTEM.  You can’t do anything with your life.  So don’t let the system get the better of you, you’ve got to be smart.  As long as you’re angry at the system and feeling helpless, the system has a hold of you. 

I’m not tellin you to let go of that anger.  Just don’t let it make you helpless, don’t get paralyzed.  You pay your taxes, pay your taxes. 

Yeah, that’s how I did it.  (10% of his time on the pop hits.)  Yeah, I MADE those pop songs to get me in the door, to show (the producers? the record companies?) I was valuable, I could produce.  I unlocked the rhyme, I knew how to seduce the ear, you know?  I knew how to make people feel good, to be that drug they’d keep comin’ back to .  I understand people.

So yeah, I promised myself that I’d make pop hits, and that I’d talk about the things that were important to me, to my community, once I had that ear.  But you gotta get that ear.  And that’s why people were like, nasty about my success, sayin’ I was a sell out, saying all kinds of shit. 

They’re just pissed they couldn’t do it themselves.  Rather than figure out what they could do better than me, they just spent all their time being pissed.  (Drunk / high and angry.)


Rafters–Angels on Earth

soul bubble kate sitka

Last year I did a reading for the very first True Rafter I had ever met.  She wanted to look at her life plan, what her higher self had planned for her and the themes around her incarnation.

Basically she was asking, “What the heck am I doing here?”

I looked and was astounded by what I saw, clear as a bell in my mind, as though I was physically looking at her plan right in front of my eyes: a single piece of paper, with a single sentence written on it.

Help where help is needed.

Then I saw travel all over the world.  This help included everything from picking up a kid’s shoe that had fallen off his foot, to spending potentially years abroad working on grassroots projects in developing nations.  The possibilities were truly limitless, but the purpose was the same.

And then I saw unfolding angel wings, and I understood.

It was truly mind-boggling to me, because most of what I’ve read through the teachers I’ve encountered never made mention of high-resonance “angelic” beings incarnating in physical form.

I’ve talked about Angel Training, sure.  But I’d never before run into someone whose life plan was so profound and uncomplicated, and whose higher self showed me wings.

There are many potential ways to interpret this message, but I went with the certainty, the full-body *knowing* that came the moment I saw those wings. 

So I told her exactly what I saw, and what I thought.  Then I didn’t hear from her for months.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her, that reading completely rocked my world.  I felt like I’d caught a glimpse of El Dorado.  Then, one day I opened my email to see a message from her, which was a testimonial so beautiful it actually made me cry. 

This work is full of little miracles.

That reading opened my awareness to a whole new type of incarnation, one where you *don’t* have a plan.  You didn’t really need one, and you’re okay with that.

Rafters have a comfort zone that is bigger than the widest-ranging risks a most of us would ever take.  Big changes come easily to Rafters, they ride uncertainty and the unknown like a surfer on a wave. 

Want to move across the country with this person you just met? Take a job you’ve been offered and think you can do but really know nothing about?  Travel around the world for a few years with little money and no plan?  

Sounds just right to a Rafter. 

Rafters *know* it’ll always work out because it always DOES for them.  They’re not here strictly for their own development, they’re the “right place, right time” masters, and they’re the ones who hear the other angels the best.

Rafters might not even know that their impulses are really nudges from all the angels trying to help us all along.  Rafters are the angelic boots on the ground, they’re like the sleeper agents for the universe. 

Here’s the really awesome thing:  many of us have a sub-theme in life as a Rafter.  Remember this whole thing is a continuum, with Planners on one extreme, Wingers in the middle and Rafters on the other end.  There are a TON of people who have Rafter “phases” in life.  We might devote a decade or more to a Rafter time, before “growing up” and discovering true ambitions of our own. 

“True Rafters” (and by true, I mean those who incarnate with one sentence life plans) radiate an energy that so many people are attracted to.  They seem pure, innocent, optimistic, friendly and loving towards everyone.  Rafters simply can’t see a difference between one sort of person and another.  They might be perplexed when someone tries to tell them about “those people” but they can’t hold on to a judgement against “those people” or the person talking to them!

I’m reminded of my high school friend Ben who invited a homeless man in Toronto to stay with him, without even consulting his roommate who was standing right there!  It did not even occur to Ben that his friends might have a problem bringing this stranger home.  A True Rafter can only see the light in another person, and is only capable of seeing the best, highest-good action as an option in any given situation.

Remember this entry on Exit Points?  For Rafters, every day is a potential exit point.  THAT is how open their life plan is!  It’s a scary thought for a lot of people. 

Here’s a tough part for a lot of people: Rafters are sometimes victims of terrible crimes.  It was not necessarily planned when they came in to die in such a tragic way.  Rafters seem to be tapped, or seem to be asked to put themselves in the path of a human predator to divert this predator from another potential victim who does have a complex life plan. 

This is why it seems like the best, the brightest, the most radiant of people seem to end up as victims in this way. 

Likewise, Rafters are the ones struck down in their prime by sudden illnesses or accidents.  A rare disease will crop up out of nowhere and ruthlessly snuff out their light.  A car accident will end it all, or a fluke series of coincidences.  This golden child who always seemed to be on the right side of lady luck will suddenly seem to be crushed by a cruel and merciless world. 

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Well, because this world is a challenging place that’s full of random chance, a sort of organized chaos that is being actively managed by our own thoughts, our choices and the crazy-constant work of our guides, angels and spirit friends. 

For Rafters, they didn’t plan a specific exit point.  They can decide to be done at anytime.  They can be nudged towards an exit point that will teach doctors about a rare disease, or help bring awareness to a trend of violent crime.  Rafters do not hesitate to risk their lives helping others, and sometimes they do leave their bodies through one heroic act or another. 

For those left behind, sometimes you can obviously see the how this person’s death had a profound impact on the world, but more often the death seems random and senseless. 

What I’ve seen and heard through many readings, learned from many teachers, is that no death is random or senseless.  It may not have been planned ahead of time, but every death has retroactive purpose. 

Even the grieving process of those left behind is a lesson from a Rafter.  The death and the grief will motivate action and change, because people just can’t *stand* this particular senseless death.  Even in death, a Rafter’s influence has the uncanny knack of getting everyone involved in a good cause.

Update on Mom

happy pup kate sitka pet psychic

I know y’all are waiting anxiously on the Rafters entry, and I’ve missed my self-imposed deadline for the Biggie post.  The good news is you still have time to go back to the Biggie post and contribute your questions, if you have any.

Here’s what’s been going on:

Seven weeks ago, my mother had an MRI and was told it was fine – no sign of brain tumour regrowth.  Hurray!  There’s that pesky nausea they can’t seem to control, but from a statistical point of view, this is a win!

This week, her MRI indicated… something.  Maybe it’s scar tissue from the radiation, maybe it’s a re-growth.  If it’s a re-growth, they want to sign my mother up for a new trial with something they’re calling a “cyber knife” which is an experimental new technology.

Here’s where I’m coming from: if they can’t control the nausea, and my mother’s quality of life really hasn’t been what they told her it would be once she got through the radiation, why on earth are we considering more ways of prolonging life?

And has anyone actually sat down with my mother to talk about what *she wants*?

Some kind friends from the hospital have referred me to some advance care planning tools, and I’ve sent those along to my sister, and we both agree that it’s time to broach this topic with my parents.  My sister had planned to do this earlier, but then my father’s mother got sick and well… there have been a lot of funerals in my family in the past couple of years.

So this is the tone my upcoming visit to Ontario is taking: let’s do a care plan.  Let’s talk about all the difficult things that we, a good WASPy family, would never feel comfortable discussing.  Let’s somehow engage my mother, who is a master at shutting down conversation, in a difficult discussion about this illness and the possible turns it could take.

With all this on my mind, I just haven’t felt like doing the Rafter or the Biggie entry the past couple of days.  Instead, I just took the day off.

If anyone’s had experience in starting these difficult discussions with their family members, please email me your suggestions on conversation starters.  The best I’ve got right now is straight out of the Simpsons when Homer ate the poison sushi and the doctor handed Marge a brochure that said, So you’re going to die…

Love you all.

WOW! The blog is GROWING!

thank you for all the followers!

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And now my higher self will go and high-five ALL OF YOU!  Woo hoo!

Ep 20. Names! How your handle matters!

what did you call me


What’s in a name?  How does your name affect the energy you experience?  How does you name affect other people?

And PET NAMES!  Do pet’s care what they’re called?  What happens if the don’t like their name?  I share stories about pets with opinions about their names.

Did you guys know that “Kate” is not my legal name, but my preferred name?  Find out why I changed it in this week’s episode!


Are you a Winger?

soul bubble kate sitka


Do you feel like there are a lot of potential things you could succeed at?  Do you feel enthusiastic about a LOT of different ideas?  Do you wonder what your Life’s Purpose is?  Do you feel guilty, as though you should narrow your interests down to one or two things as your “life path”?  Do you worry whether you’re doing what you’re “supposed to do?”

Do you worry you may be wasting your life?

Welcome to the life of a Winger!

I came up with this term because I have a lot of Wingers as clients who ask me about their life’s purpose, as though they’re supposed to have only one, and as though everything in their life will magically fall into place if they could only just PICK something!

While Planners are meticulous in what they set out for themselves before they incarnate, through conversations with many clients and their angels / guides over the years, it’s become clear that we need some new language around the idea of “Life Plans”. 

Planners are driven, they blaze through life, they’re focused and they can really help a winger decide on a course of action.  Again, planners are great advisors. 

Wingers are the ultimate creative spirits.  They’re driven to do… something!  Something amazing, something great!  What is it???

Nothing is more exciting to a Winger than a new beginning, a new venture, a new possibility.  Wingers start things over and over in their lives, and their lifetime can often be seen in clumps of themes over the years:

The childhood years, the student years, the child-rearing years, the divorce years, the new business years, the NEW new business years, the grieving years, the rebirth years.  Wingers lives go in cycles, and so do their moods, even their energy levels and outlook on life. 

Wingers can experience massive, sweeping changes in the fundamental parts of life that offer most other people a lot of stability: family, religion, location, careers, all of these things can undergo complete transformations within just one short lifetime.

That’s because Wingers’ INTENTION when they incarnated was to cover a bullet-point list of soulful experiences, and this “to do” list can be accomplished through the permutation of seemingly random events on earth. 

Wingers are on a lifelong road trip without a map, without hotel reservations, just a bucket list and a whole lot of faith in themselves.

I believe we have a WHOLE LOT MORE Wingers on the planet right now than ever before.  I have this theory because of the difference between myself and my psychic Oma (my paternal great-grandmother.)

My Oma was a remote-viewer.  She could tap into where missing people were, what their condition was, whether they were alive or dead, and if alive, when they would be able to come home.  She lived through both world wars, and her services were desperately needed and sought after by families all over Europe. 

When anyone asks me about their future, I always qualify it with a speech: the future is a series of potentials based on the possible choices of all involved.  So if you ask me should I move to Denver, Los Angeles or New York, I won’t pretend to tell you what “will” happen.  We can look at the potentials of those choices.

Why is now different than 80 years ago? 

We’re not at war, for starters.  Not in the way the world was terrorized by war back while my Oma lived.  80 years ago, people’s choices were limited by so many factors: their gender, their economic status, their birthplace and heritage, their religion, their culture and their government.  When a country went to war, the future of all of the people in that country was hardlined for at least a decade.

Young men went to war because they had to, (there was no where to run from conscription in WWI or II.) Women went to work and struggled to survive.  Battles unfolded all over the world, everyone’s life plans unfolded in a coordinated dance, everyone moving in unison, the whole planet grinding relentlessly forward, the war driven by politics and greed.

Now, in our neck of the woods, many of us in “first world” countries have so much opportunity.  We have our parents’ generation to thank for opening all of these options for us, and we’re breaking barriers in equality continually. 

Now we have freedom to move around the world, freedom to change locations, religions, to break out of gender-roles and break through socio-economic boundaries.

So why on earth would everyone incarnate into a new age of possibilities with heavily detailed life plans? 

You know what?  A bunch of us just decided to pick themes, maybe five or fifty, and incarnate just with this list, just with this intuitive awareness of things we like, things that make us happy.

And for some of us, that’s all the guidance we get in life.

What’s incredibly liberating for a Winger is just to *know* they’re a Winger.  We hear a lot of rhetoric about being “on track” with your life’s purpose.  That’s enough to make a Winger hyperventilate!

I’ve got a secret for all you fellow wingers out there:

You cannot screw this up.

You really can’t.  The worst thing you can do is make yourself unhappy worrying about what you *should* be doing.  Nothing kills creativity more than putting too much weight on outside advice.

You will never be a square peg in a square hole.  You’ll never fit quite right anywhere.  You’re not designed to fit!  You’re designed to be weird, to be different, to explore and to learn!

As long as you’re doing those things, as a winger, you’re on track!

Now, understand that you don’t have to be *only* a winger or a planner – you can be a combination of both.  There are a million different shades of winger / planner.  In fact, I think a lot of people are *mostly* planner, and when they get to a winger stage in their life, it seems like everything’s fallen apart. 

Combination wingers / planners live like a “choose your own adventure” book.  They come up to some major crossroads in their life which profoundly affects the direction of their life.  In those moments you’re looking at your list and yourself and you’re having a conversation with your “higher self” – which road do you take?

You will pick the right road, don’t worry. 

Wingers have a talent at looking back on their lives, mistakes and all, and not regretting a single moment because it all made them the person they are today.

And that was the whole point.

Do you have a Planner in your life?

cat budgie

(I couldn’t think of a photo to go with “Planners” – so you get a cat and a budgie!)

In Episode 14 of the Joyful Telepathy Podcast I introduced the idea of Planners, Wingers and Rafters as a way of looking at our life plans.


Life Plans are generally what people talk about when they mean “my soul’s purpose, my intention when I incarnated, my contract with the Divine.”


With the idea of a “Life Plan” came this anxiety that if you’re not “on track” with your life plan, not doing what you’re supposed to do, that this is the source of your anxiety, discontent, depression or unhappiness.


Just like universal manifestation ideas like “The Secret” can be erroneously boiled down into a blaming the person for their own unhappiness, the Life Plan idea has resulted in the same anxiety:


If I’m unhappy, I must be doing something terribly wrong.


Are we responsible for how we experience our lives?  OF COURSE.  There is so much you can do relieve the mental and emotional suffering you experience when life rains crap.


But where is the crap coming from?  Is THAT your Life Plan?


Maybe.  It depends on whether you’re a Planner, Winger or Rafter.


I’m going to split this up into three posts over the next three days, so keep checking back!  Today, we’ll cover Planners.


Everyone knows Planners.  You can spot them a mile away.  Planners never ask me to look at their life plan, they’re so intuitively plugged into what they want to do next that they have difficulty relating to people who experience a lot of uncertainty.


Planners have excellent saving habits (because they’re so plugged into the future and what they want to do) and Planners seem to have a near-limitless amount of energy.  They were born with a drive to burn through a Divine To Do List with a thousand little action items!


Planners are the ones who seem to get ALL the lucky breaks.  If they incarnated with a Life Plan to touch the lives of millions of people, that fame comes very easily to them – they’re always in the right place at the right time.


Wingers can get very discouraged if they compare themselves to Planners.


Here’s a secret about Planners:  they experience the same level of spiritual challenge as everyone else.  It doesn’t always LOOK like they’re struggling, which is another great Planner characteristic – on the ground floor, Planners can intuitively sense what they need to do next.


That doesn’t make it easy.


My grandfather’s mother was a planner.  She had many children and an extremely difficult life.  Yet, her whole life, she always “did what needed doing,” and she didn’t waste a lot of time agonizing about it.


Planners put so much detail into their life plans, they’re capable of setting up some of the greatest spiritual challenges on earth.   Their life plan may not actually be about their individual sentient consciousness.  In fact, a Planner can end up taking on a massive karmic burden (past-life baggage that needs to be worked out on the other side or in future lives.)


Planners often come in to make a big splash, and they often make huge sacrifices for the team.


They volunteer to provide this life experience so that others can be affected by their story.  They’re challenging, they’re controversial and many planners die in dramatic and shocking ways.


Who do you think may be a planner? 

Pet Psychic Pup Quote of the day!

Pumba doxie pet psychic kate sitka

This is Pumba who lives with blog member Brooke!  Simba has another dachshund friend named Raffi and a golden retriever named Simba, who will be making their own appearances!  Pumba is the organizer / boss / leader of his little tribe.  Raffi looks up to him and Simba is happy as long as everyone around him is happy!

Thank you to everyone who’s sent in photos of their beauties so far!  Please keep ‘em coming!

And if you like these photos, please share them with your friends ;)  I’m really focusing on building the blog in the next few months and I can use all the help I can get!