Productive Procrastination: New Website!

So, instead of re-editing the podcast episode 4 like I *should* have been doing today, I was working on my new professional website!

Want a sneak peek?  Check it out!

When I’m satisfied with it, I’ll figure out how to point at this new site, and the current will retire forever.  I LOVE wordpress for blogging, and the blog will stay right here, but for my professional face, I needed something a little more flexible.

And there’s nothing anywhere about farts.  How grown-up am I???


Please tell me what you think of the new professional website – should I migrate the FAQ over too?  Anything I should add?

More cat pictures, perhaps?

Whoops! Podcast

Whoopsie! I accidentally posted an unedited version of episode 4, so I took it back down and I’ll figure out what went wrong over the next few days…

Stay tuned! I monologued for an hour, a new record. I love podcasting. It reminds me of making little shows with my best friend as a kid – we used a tape recorder to co-host little shows for us to listen to while we were apart.