Biggie Highlights

I’ve been thinking about Biggie a LOT in the past few months. I thought I’d review this post that I did with Biggie a year and a half ago, and pull out the highlights: Biggie Says: I am a teacher, I am a leader, and my people live in poverty.  (shacks built of metal siding […]

Class Resources!

Can I just take a moment here to thank everyone reading this? I just wanted to give you guys a thank you for all the love. *** During the last class this Saturday, I was talking about Aleya Dao and the use of sound for healing, managing sensitivity and developing intuitively. Lo, guess who was […]

Thought broadcasts

(Kevin Richardson) Thank you to everyone who’s sent prayers and good thoughts to my mother and I. I’ve said this so many times that I fear it’s beginning to lose the intensity of gratitude I wish to communicate: I really appreciate it. Thank you. A MASSIVE thank you to those who have offered to help […]


I am so grateful for the huge outpouring of support from blog members, friends (both in-person and Internet) coworkers and neighbours. It is incredible how completely surrounded by love we may be, and it just takes a thunderstorm to notice the sunlight (or make a rainbow or some other flowery, overdone but very earnest metaphor!) […]

It’s all in your head

Hospitals like to set you up with expectations. It’s their job to tell you their best estimate of what to expect. The difficulty arises when things don’t measure up to your expectations. It’s the “Shouldda’s” that get you. She should have more time. She should live to see grandchildren. They should not have told us […]

Walt Whitman ~ Creativity

Yesterday, Sweetie & I were walking on the beach, talking. As occasionally happens, when we started talking about Walt Whitman, he popped in to contribute. The very first thing he said to me was, You should read my books. (gentle, teasing smile) For anyone who’s read the Harry Potter books, Walt Whitman comes across with […]