George: The Elusive God Moment

“The boys” have been very active. Ridiculously so. The whole town has decided to play Beatles songs, particularly my favourite Lennon-written songs, just as I enter public spaces like the grocery store or the coffee shop. I wonder sometimes, why is it “the boys” and only the music boys? Only John, George, Kurt and Bob […]

Past lives, Inner demons and more Crazy Talk!

  It’s that time again: when I let loose and write about something s *crazy* that even *I* considered holding this one back.   This all started two years ago when I began to self-regress in nightly meditation under the guidance of my kind and compassionate spirit friends.   Some of the things that came […]

Biggie Highlights

I’ve been thinking about Biggie a LOT in the past few months. I thought I’d review this post that I did with Biggie a year and a half ago, and pull out the highlights: Biggie Says: I am a teacher, I am a leader, and my people live in poverty.  (shacks built of metal siding […]

Class Resources!

Can I just take a moment here to thank everyone reading this? I just wanted to give you guys a thank you for all the love. *** During the last class this Saturday, I was talking about Aleya Dao and the use of sound for healing, managing sensitivity and developing intuitively. Lo, guess who was […]

Thought broadcasts

(Kevin Richardson) Thank you to everyone who’s sent prayers and good thoughts to my mother and I. I’ve said this so many times that I fear it’s beginning to lose the intensity of gratitude I wish to communicate: I really appreciate it. Thank you. A MASSIVE thank you to those who have offered to help […]