the First Post

Hi.  My name is Kate.  I work in a tiny hospital, in an isolated, rural region somewhere in Canada. 

I’m a bit psychic. 

Well, I’m learning how to be more intuitive, anyway.  I’ve read everything published about animal communication, which is really where I started out.  I used to have conversations with animals when I was a young child – this I remember distinctly.  I had what my mother called a “vivid imagination”.

For a long time I was afraid of ghosts, of the unseen-yet-exists.  I focused completely on animal communication with passion and enthusiasm.  Nothing scary there – just sad things, sometimes.

I’ve had some confirmed success with animal communication for a few years now, (more on that later.)  But what really drives me to start writing this journal is that animal communication has bled into intuitive *knowing* and is spreading into other forms of psychic communication.  Sometimes I get information, and I’m not even aware I’ve incorporated it into my day.

This is thrown into light particularly well by my job:  I am in charge of inventory.  Every time a nurse or doctor reaches for something they need in this hospital, my job is to make sure it’s there – which is where being a bit psychic comes in really handy.

Oct 5th, for instance, I was making up an excision tray for a scheduled procedure.  This means someone is getting local anaesthetic and is having a small lump for cyst removed and sent off to the lab for analysis.  This requires the assembly of lidocaine, sterile instruments, gloves etc.  I decided to make up two trays so I’d just be able to grab it quickly the next time there was an excision scheduled at short notice.

Well, I managed to turn to the vasectomy tray assembly sheet instead of the excision tray.  I made up two vasectomy trays and we rarely do vasectomies here, but I decided to leave them assembled anyway – then I went ahead and prepared the excision tray for the scheduled procedure.

The very next day, I was informed of two vasectomies scheduled last-minute for October 7th.  Bam!  I whipped out the two trays I’d prepped laughing my head off.  “You’re hired!” the nurse exclaimed.  There was no way to know we’d have two vasectomies, yet I *knew* without knowing I knew.

That event was the tipping point.  I figured, I have to start writing about this.  I’ve been reading and learning and meditating upon developing my psychic abilities for years – time to start a damn journal and get serious.

So here it is.  The first entry.  I hope you enjoy the stories of my little psychic victories.

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