My Psychic Legacy

My great-great grandmother on my father’s side was a renound psychic in Germany.  She became particularly famous in WWI with her uncanny accuracy in her predictions of where people’s sons were if they were fighting in the war.  Oma could tell the family whether their son was alive or dead or captured, when he would return home or when his body would be found (if ever).  Rich people used to travel for days to ask her about their missing family members. 

My family’s favourite “Oma Story” was one of the last ones she would inspire.  Oma was in her old age – 80s or maybe 90s.  She was getting a bit senile and her son lived with her to keep an eye out for her.

One night her son awoke to a great racket in the kitchen – Oma was awake and cooking up a storm!  “Oma!” he cried, “What are you doing??  Go back to bed!”

“I will not go to bed.  Uncle Udo is coming home tomorrow.  There will be so many people and they will need to eat.”

“Oma, what nonsense!  Uncle Udo was killed in the war.  He is dead and not coming home.  Oma, you’re confused again.  Go back to bed!”  But she refused, and she spent the whole night cooking and baking until the kitchen was full of food.

Just after dawn the next morning, there was a knock at the door.  Guess who.

It was Uncle Udo, back from the dead.  Well, he was never really dead.  He’d been captured during the war, had escaped, had been living underground in France for the past ten years.  He’d been terribly ill, but he had recovered and finally been able to return home.
The family was flabbergasted.  Word spread like wildfire.  All the neighbors came over to see Uncle Udo for themselves.  The house was full of people coming and going for days and days… and they all had plenty to eat.


So this is my legacy.  My great-great Oma had sons.  My Opa, (grandfather on my father’s side) I do not know well at all.  I don’t know whether he’s psychic at all or not.  My father, Psychic Oma’s grandson, is not overtly psychic – but he’s incredibly intuitive.  He denies it though.

My Dad will be able to predict how a neighbourhood will develop, or which business will be bought out to be made into something else (a restaurant location being turned into a car dealership, for example).  When my mother calls him out on this, he says “Well, that’s just common sense!”  He doesn’t realize that most people can’t look at an empty restaurant and see a new car dealership, and so he says he’s not psychic.

And there’s me.  I’ve been an animal-admirer my whole life.  As a kid, I didn’t have imaginary friends, I had imaginary animal friends.  I used to talk with my aunt’s horses.  I had long communions with the sparrows in the back yard.

Alas, this was in the 80s.  There was little psychic awareness at the time, and so I did not consciously work upon my intuitive abilities until well into the 2000s, when I happened upon Penelope Smith’s first book (Animal talk?  I can’t remember right now.)

I’ve devoured everything ever written on animal communication in the last 10 years.  I delight in the publishing of new books every year – the consensus seems to be that people are waking up to their intuitive abilities.  People are talking about it.  People are learning. 

It is a wonderful time to be alive.

Which brings me to this blog – I’m hoping this blog will help me link up with other intuitive people who are interested in practicing their psychic abilities in order to develop them.  I hope others will come forward and share their stories, their resources, their experience. 

I look forward to meeting you.

One thought on “My Psychic Legacy

  1. I find it so fascinating that psychic abilities appear to be hereditary. But I wonder how much of it is really in our genes, and how much comes from being brought up with an older generation that has an open mind?


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