My First Hit

When you receive confirmation that information you gleaned from your intuition is correct, it’s called a “hit”.  It’s a moment to celebrate – you did it right!  Yay!  You’re doing it!

Your first hit is often the moment you say to yourself, yes, I really am on to something here.  I am a bit psychic.

Holy shit.

It’s at this point that you probably start researching in earnest, seeking out podcasts, soaking up anything and everything in order to develop this ability, so you can get another hit.  And another.  And maybe, one day, begin to rely upon your intuition, find a way to flip the internal switch that allows the information to come pouring in.

Hey, maybe one day you can make a living as a psychic.  (Not that I want to do that.  Well, maybe I’d consider it, if/when I become really skilled.)

The largest block I’ve encountered in learning from and reaching out to other successful psychics who have many confirmed hits, is the heavy blanket of Christianity that covers all explanations for intuitive information.  There are oodles of books talking about the Arch Angel Michael – Sylvia Browne talks about her “tube from God”.  Inevitably, psychic development encounters religion.  You can’t talk about the “other side” without addressing what the afterlife looks like – and Sylvia has produced a ton of books talking about the other side, Mother & Father God, angels of various rank.

Sylvia Browne has had thousands of confirmed hits – who are we to argue, right?  Well, that’s another entry.

Back to my first hit.

It was in June 2009.  I was on vacation in the place I would move to six months later and make my new home.  I noticed a missed call on my cell phone from our petsitter.  I tried to call her back, but was unable to contact her, so I figured I’d give what I’d learned in all those pet psychic books a try.

I tuned into my cat, Leo.

It occurs to me as I write this, that I don’t know why I chose Leo, as I have one other cat and two dogs.  Leo is the animal I’ve had for the longest, so maybe I thought it would be easiest to get in touch with him.

I clearly visualized Leo in my mind, and then thought of our minds connecting through a beam of light from my forehead to his, that this connected us.  I then felt and heard him sitting in my arms, his front paws over my shoulder, purring into my ear.

I asked him to show me what was wrong.  He showed me his own stomach – almost like I had x-ray vision.  He directed my attention to his stomach and showed me there was a ball of hair and food in there that he could not pass.  He then gave me the feeling of nausea.  Then I *knew* or had a very strong hunch, that all I needed to do was tell the pet sitter to give him hairball laxative.

When I did get in touch with my pet sitter later, she told me that Leo had been throwing up regularly, even water.  She’d taken him to the vet and had him x-rayed, which showed he had a pretty large hairball.  The vet gave her hairball laxative.

A hit.  My first confirmed hit.

I’d like to say that it completely changed my life – it would make a great piece of writing.  What it did was provide me with proof that I can in fact do this.  Animal communication can be a real thing for me, a grown woman, an accountant (at the time), a mathematician, a science nerd, a skeptic who wants to believe.

I found the proof I needed to believe it is possible, for me.

Next up:  Claudia Hehr, the animal communicator who proved to me what I knew intuitively, that animal communication is real, confirmable, and comes in quite handy.

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