Is it Intuition, or my imagination?

There’s a common saying that psychics can’t be psychic about themselves. My great-great Oma successfully predicted the where-abouts and returns of hundreds of soldiers, but when her husband left her and stole her business, she didn’t see it coming.

Many animal communicators ask other people to do readings on their own pets – not that they can’t communicate with their animals on a day-to-day basis, but if something is really wrong or very important, often a third party is helpful or sometimes necessary.

So why can’t we read for ourselves? Why do some psychics have trouble reading for friends or family?

I think it’s because we have to learn to differentiate between our intuition and our emotions. I don’t know how to do this yet. I’ll tell you a story:

A couple of months ago, my big dog Mocha took herself for a walk. It was my fault, I wasn’t watching her very closely. I had both dogs running lose in the unfenced yard while I was cleaning out our storage unit. An hour later, when I called Mocha, she did not return. Bonus, my little dog, stuck with me – he has different priorities than Mocha. Mocha is more of a scavenger, so I figured she’d followed the scent of some dead thing into the bush.

I spent a few hours calling and looking for her. I attempted to “tune in” to Mocha, and saw her walking on the uneven, rock-and pebble coastline of our harbour, slowly and methodically working her way south. I combed the beaches that looked like this, but couldn’t find her.

I really started to worry when she didn’t turn up after a few hours. I put up signs, I called everyone I knew. When she didn’t come home for supper at 10 pm, by that time I was convinced she was dead, or at the pound two hours away, or in someone’s basement. My emotions had conjured up all there terrible mental images of her, and I didn’t know which one was real. The scary part was that because I’m working on telepathic communication with her, I was terrified that one of these horrible images *was* true! A

t 3 am, I woke up. I heard “I’m home!” in my head. I got up, opened the front door and let Mocha in. She STANK. She was thirsty. She had been gone for sixteen hours – she had never done that before.

I will have to talk with another animal communicator before I can confirm what I now think happened – that my first mental image through Mocha’s eyes of her enjoying a methodical sniff down the beach was correct. I wonder whether she’d walked as far as some of the little islands during low tide, then got stranded there during high tide and had to wait for the ocean to recede before coming home for supper.

I’ll tell you another story:

This past spring, dear friends of ours left our small town to pursue lucrative careers elsewhere. The plan was that Shelly would move in with her sister for a month while awaiting immigration papers – her husband Dave is a dual citizen in Canada and the US, so he was free to cross the border for work at any time. When they left in the spring, they were confident they’d be together in the US by late summer.

Now I *knew* it would take longer than that. This is that “common sense” intuition that my father talks about. I just knew it wasn’t going to go as planned. When I asked how it would go, I got an image of Shelly knitting in the passenger seat of her red truck, riding along in the fall. Fall colours everywhere. Then I got a shot of her and her husband Dave at Dave’s parent’s place back on our island.

Wishful thinking? Intuition or imagination? The problem with being too close to the situation I’m trying to read is that I tend to fill in the blanks between the images I got with a story that makes the images make sense. So the story I told myself was that Shelly would have to wait until late fall before she’d travel to join her husband in the States, but that ultimately, both would move back to the Island, but to the city, not back to our small town.  I also thought this would take four years.

What actually happened was that her immigration went horribly wrong. Tired of waiting, Dave cancelled the immigration paperwork and went to pick up Shelly in order to bring her over the border. This happened in late September (hit). But Shelly was denied entry. Devastating. The young couple, exhausted and crushed, drove for two days to Dave’s parents house, back on the Island (hit).

So my intuition was right, but timeling and the story I told myself to make the images make sense at the time was wrong. I still won’t know how the “four years” plays into it, but now I’m just so happy that my friends *might not* be moving so very far away, that I don’t trust myself to get a clear image of what will happen, when I really want to tell the story of them both putting down roots in the city on the Island.

There lies the challenge. How can you tell the difference between true intuition and your internal emotions, your fears, your bias about what you want to see happen?

My theory is that you simply need to practice. Learn by doing. Learn to be aware of your emotions, learn to remove emotions when you’re doing a reading. Meditation helps. (and there’s another post)

A further challenge is talking to my friends about what I have seen, when it’s not what they want to happen. This gets into the ethics of being psychic, and there are several schools of thought on this… but I think that’s another post too.

We sure have a lot to talk about on this here blog.

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