My last post started by talking about how psychics are commonly known to not be psychic about themselves…  I’ve been thinking about that, and I’ve realized that’s untrue.

We must be aware and careful of our internal “stories” blotting out or warping an honest intuitive flash, but looking back I remembered many times I’ve relied on my intuition to make big decisions in my life, or I’ve known I would be spending a significant period of time in a specific space.

I have noticed that I can feel whether a specific place will become familiar in the future.  Once, I looked at an apartment and saw all of my belongings arranged within it.     I ended up being selected from several potential tenants.

Two years later I felt the intense urge to move *immediately* – I hastily moved in with a roommate (disasterous results) but two weeks after my move, my old apartment completely flooded.  I had no insurance and would have lost all of my clothes and furnishings, on top of being temporarily homeless.  Perhaps my pets would have been injured or worse.

When my sweetie and I visited a new town, we felt instantly at home; a few months later, the money came into our life to allow my partner and I to move here.  I looked at a hospital’s logo on a bus stop advertisement and knew I would end up working there – and I did, for seven years (a temp agency placed me in that hospital, and I ended up working there full time.)

*Of course* we rely upon our intuition.  I knew that even as I started this blog, because part of the point of writing this online is so that others may read it, enjoy it (I hope) and perhaps share their own experiences which helps me and others learn too.  The whole point of improving our intuitive and psychic skills is to help others and illuminate a clearer path in our own lives.

I’m going to go smack my forehead now.

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