Money matters, the Universe (or the internet) answers.

Money money money money money.

Money inspires so many emotions.  I’ve been trying to get over my sense that money is a barrier to advancing my psychic training.  It *shouldn’t* be a barrier, right?  One of the things we hear over and over, is that when you set yourself on a path, the means will appear.

One excellent, free resource is Christopher Reburn’s podcasts:

He even keeps track of a points system, whereby you email him a code word from each podcast, and you collect points redeemable towards readings, courses etc.  With years of podcasts online, this is a truly incredible, free resource for any psychic-in-training.

Even his paid courses are modestly priced, given the time and effort required to organize and conduct them, and he’s not the only psychic working to make skills training accessible.  Leigh Hopkins of the Viva institute also offers online courses for under $200 – for five weeks!

Alas, cash is tight for many of us.  I’m not in a position, yet, to afford even this modest price for the sake of my psychic education.  Or maybe that it’s just that I don’t prioritize it.  I think I’d feel guilty about spending this kind of cash on psychic development, when my partner and I have so little recreational money for ourselves.  It’s something that would be only for my benefit, and right now when we have entertainment money, we try to spend it on things we’d both enjoy.

As well, there’s a stubborn part of me that believes this is something I can learn on my own, through independent study.  Maybe I think I *should* be able to learn it on my own.  Funny how we get in our own way.

I tend to get frustrated when I look at the pricing for animal communication courses in particular:  Georgina’s courses are five modules, $225 a piece.  I’m sure it’s an intensive, worthwhile course – but $1000 is just beyond my means.

But lookee what I just found on her website: Holy moley!  Could this be the online network of information-sharing I was hoping for?  I’m all excited now.

Ha.  Just when I set out to write a post about the prohibitive costs of psychic development courses, I find this awesome thing for free.  I’ll just go read it.  Thanks, Universe.



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