Just because they ask.

Last week, while on break at work, I sat down again to write an entry on fear and how it blocks psychic communication.  I didn’t have enough time to finish and post it, and since then there have been some big developments, so I will post that incomplete entry on fear later.

I decided to begin to come out to certain people as a developing psychic and asking whether they are interested in helping me practice by doing readings for them.  The first person I asked was Shelly, the friend I mentioned in a previous entry who is trying to move to the US to join her husband.  She’s been going to psychics for years and immediately agreed.

As I mentioned, I have already had a couple of confirmed hits with Shelly, which I didn’t tell her about.  I’ve also had a few conversations with her cat Sam over the year I’ve known her, and Sam & I have a good connection.  I tuned into Sam about her eye which Shelly asked me about, whether it was something she needed to consult the vet over.

Well in making this connection with Sam, I skipped a few things that I shouldn’t have so I could try to connect right away, because I was anxious to get a hit, frankly.  I popped into Sam’s body and felt miserable and a dry, achy pain in my right eye.  I then looked down at my right paw and saw stitches there.  (I already knew Sam had stitches in her paw from an altercation with another cat.)  I felt the stitches and the eye were connected, and my own dog’s past eye injury popped into my head.

I concluded Sam had scratched her eye on her stitches, that she was unhappy and in pain, and should see a vet for a scratch on her conjunctiva, which can be very uncomfortable.

I called Shelly immediately when I got home, and confirmed that I did have the correct eye, but I was thrown when Shelly told me that I saw the stitches in the wrong paw.  From then Shelly raced on to tell me she’d already spoken to the vet over the phone, the vet had stated the eye and the paw was not related, and as long as Sam was eating and drinking it wasn’t a problem.

Now if an animal is in so much pain that they are not eating or drinking, that is a HUGE problem that requires hospitalization.  I worked at an animal hospital for years and not once did I hear any vet diagnose a problem over the phone based on whether the animal was still eating or drinking, and determine she did not even need to see the animal based upon that.  I was in shock from that, but also startled that Shelly had interrupted me before I had a chance to communicate anything more.

So I didn’t get to pass on any of the information I received through Sam’s communication because Shelly was not open to hearing it.  Now, four days later, her eye is still running.  I hope it’s not bothering her as much.

Meanwhile, Shelly had sent me a few practice questions.  I thought that perhaps I was off with Sam because I’d tried to rush things and do a reading in my car as it warmed up before I drove home, without doing the physical exercise followed by meditation routine I’ve done before *really* making an amazing telepathic connection with an animal.  I resolved not to cut corners when doing a reading for Shelly herself.

So I waited until Saturday, when I’d have the time to get into the right space and connect with Spirit.

Saturday morning was beautiful.  I made a cup of coffee with whipped cream, (not a good choice, by the way; tea and no sugar would have been better) bundled up in layers and a wool blanket and walked to the picnic table in our back yard overlooking the ocean inlet leading to our town’s little harbor.  I watched the water and noticed the winter sea birds, the cormorants, the grebes, had returned to our dock to do some fishing.  The dogs snuffled in the frosty grass around me, and eventually I turned my face to the sun.

I asked my spirit guide, Aries, to help me connect to the other side, to be able to connect psychically with people, animals, spirits, and to be able to read people’s charts.

This is the first time I asked for the door to be opened.  I had previously asked for the tube of information I do get to be clear and free of my own input, as Sylvia Browne suggests in one of her mediations, but I have never, before yesterday, asked for the door to the other side to be opened for me more than it already is.  I asked for it to be opened wide.

Then I focused on Shelly’s questions, and I went inside to write everything down.  Not wanting to risk being interrupted again, I wrote it all in an email and sent it to her, with an internal feeling of deep certainty that what I was telling her was true.

Thirty minutes later as I was in the shower, I got a flash of her husband on his back in his workplace, injured from a bad lift.  My mind had continued to wander in the arena of Shelly’s future and had drifted past the two years I was initially trying to see.  I saw this injury destabilizing their life as he would be the major earner in the US.  I sent Shelly a text with this information, asking her to encourage her husband to stay on top of any warning signs, to see a sports physiotherapist if there is one, that this injury could be prevented.

I believe that yesterday was my first successful, intentional psychic reading – the trouble with tapping into a soul’s future plans and possibilities is that you won’t get confirmation any time soon.

And Shelly disagreed with damn near everything I told her.

I learned another lesson in doing readings, which I instinctively knew anyway:  Just because they ask, doesn’t mean they want the answer.

5 thoughts on “Just because they ask.

  1. Tricky. Really tricky. Unless you get to really talk things through with her, you’ll have no real indication of whether or not you actually got it wrong, or if she just didn’t wish to accept it. After all, since you are as you say, a psychic in training, you really need to know in order to grow!

    Now I was wondering, if you are still looking for other test subjects I’d be glad to assist, with the hope that you could return the favor once I get to that point myself. Or what do you think?


  2. Here it is, several months later. I was correct about many of the things I wrote to her.

    I *know* I shouldn’t be happy about things not going the way my friend had hoped, but I can’t completely surpress the thrill of vindication. I was right.


  3. Awesome, I just found your site thru the Channeling Erik site. I started from the beginning and am loving it so far. Thanks for sharing, I am also trying to enhance my psychic abilities. I would gladly be a test subject if you are interested.


    • Thanks Becky. This post was over a year ago, and I’ve moved past the test subjects phase. Its actually amazing how rapidly and how far things have progressed. i think i owe a lot of it to blog writing.

      I will be doing a reading event for blog readers soon, I need to wait and figure out when is the best time. Keep your eyes peeled!


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