Crossing Over

On Saturday night after the door had opened, I spent some time before I went to sleep thinking about a patient, an elderly woman,  in the hospital who has had difficulty dying these past few months.  I wanted to see if I could help her, in some way, to cross over.

I saw myself standing in the doorway of her room, and I saw a little girl standing beside the patient’s bed.  This little girl made the woman very, very happy.  I got the sense that the girl was a relative of the woman, maybe a sister who had passed in childhood.  The woman was filled with joy at seeing her.  I knew the girl would help the woman to cross over.

I come to work today to find that after months, the woman had finally passed on Friday night.  I had this vision on Saturday night, after the woman had already died.

I wonder what it was that I saw?

3 thoughts on “Crossing Over

  1. Beautiful! It warms my heart to hear tales like this, that remind me that death isn’t all about sadness and pain, but can also be such a relief. This made me think about when I lost my grandpa… In fact, I think I’ll write a blog post about it. Thank you for inspiring me!


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