My Mother – Continued.


So, my mother.  Yes.


Yesterday, my mother and I played a game over the phone, to help me practice tuning in.  She would hold something and I would say what it was.


She asked about the new clothing she had, which my sister bought for her.  I got the colour of the shirt she was wearing (which was not the new thing).  My mother went and picked up the new thing, and I got it – blue, gold.  Wear it over things.  I thought it was a blue shawl or scarf.  It was actually a sparkly blue jacket.


It seems that the description “shiny” is shown to me as gold, as in, reflected light.


Then she asked what she had just eaten.  I saw carrots.  My father was actually chopping carrots in the kitchen at the time.  She said, no, that’s your Dad.  What else?


“An orange?  I see a peel.  A lemon?  That doesn’t make sense, you didn’t just eat a lemon.”


“No, but it was round, and sour, I didn’t like the taste.”  It was an apple.


Next up:  “What am I holding in my hand?” 


I saw a necklace with a silver chain.  “Jewelry,” I said.  “A necklace.”


“Which necklace?”  my mother asked.


“It has a pendant.  A stone.  Purple?”


“Yes it has a pendant, but not purple.” 


“It’s green – it’s the amber necklace I picked out when Dad visited.” 




Next up:  “Now what am I holding?  I got it from your Grandfather.”


Immediately I saw the trophies he used to make for his grandkids.


“A trophy?”


“No, but it does sit out on display.”


“I see wood and gold.”


“Gold is shiny, you’re seeing something bright.”


I got the word clock, and a flash of a clock-radio, but I rejected it. 


“A lamp?”


“No, but it does give off a light.”


I was seeing a trophy/lamp but I was hearing the word “Clock”.  Then I was seeing an old-fashioned clock with large numbers.


Turns out it was an electronic clock with wood grain casing, with large, bright numbers.  I learned something about reading electronics. 


Next up:  “I see a wood box.”


“Close, it is rectangular.”


“Is it soap?”  I’d flashed on a little hotel soap.


“No, but it is the shape of soap.”


This one I couldn’t get any more detail on except just a box.  I did feel like I was “drawing a blank”. 


Turns out it was a picture of me.


And my mother had a small soap in her second dresser drawer, right below where she was holding the picture.


Funny how this works.

2 thoughts on “My Mother – Continued.

  1. What a wonderful mother you have! And I very much like that exercise, where you get more feedback than just “right” or “wrong”. It’s all about learning how to interpret what you see, to read reality!


    • Yes, that’s so true. Nedda was saying (in the tele-class last night) that focusing on accuracy can actually block the process. Our traditional schooling process shuts you down when you get a wrong answer.

      The point is to open your consciousness up to receive information. Accuracy and verification will come on their own, with practice.


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