My Mother

I have the most wonderful mother.

I told her about my recent psychic leaps this weekend.  She’s been completely open and has in fact suggested before that I’m psychic in the form of asking “Do you think you’re psychic?” to which I’d always reply “No.”

It’s funny, it reminds me of the time a friend of mine suggested I date girls, to which I replied “No, I’m so straight it hurts.”  He reminded me of this line when I came out to him five years later.


My mother expressed so much happiness and joy for me for getting to this point, and the first thing she said was it is perfectly OK to accept money in exchange for my services.  I have a strong aversion to exploiting this gift, because I feel like it’s a creative force I can tap into, but that if I try to market it and sell it, if I treat my psychic gifts as a business, I will lose the joy of the process, and my accuracy will suffer.

But my mother gently reminded me that all other work in this world is rewarded, and it’s perfectly fine to ask for payment in exchange for my services if it is appropriate.  And I can see how, if I spend time giving readings or helping with police investigations that it would take time away from the other things in my life, such as helping my sweetie with our business. 

If I charged for services, I could hire help for my sweetie.  But I digress.  Perhaps, if the demand is there, I’ll charge for services for those who can afford to pay.  I can’t see charging a family who is in dire straights and true need of help.

Oops!  My sweetie is back with paint so I need to get back to paining the spare room – you know, the one I still need to tell you the story about.  More about my mother tomorrow.



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