Knowledge Drop

I’ve been very lucky that one of my friends is completely open to listen to me ad accept my practice readings of her. I’m delighted when something comes up that we can confirm didn’t come from my “imagination”.

Ellie and I have talked about animal communication before, and although she’d never experienced any of it first hand, she had been to a psychic before and understood the process. I’ve been visiting Ellie a few times a week to read her and her animals.

Ellie is going through a challenging, transformational time right now, and because this is personal I won’t go into it, but it’s nice to be of service to someone who really wants the insight that can come from a psychic reading of her past, her ancestors, her spirit guide, her animals – those who have crossed over, still live with her or live with other people.

I strongly encourage all other learners to find someone simply open to listening and receiving. Practice practice practice – that’s how you build your skills.

I took a tele-class last night from Nedda. She has the website

You can sign up to receive emails of events that are going on through her animal communicator website:

It’s free to sign up, and you then get access to all the online recordings.

I received an email from her last week about last night’s mini-class, which cost only $10. So I signed up and it seems like just the little shot in the arm I needed at this point in my development.

The exercise we did together was a sort of guided meditation where we invited an animal friend to join us. We then went through the process of experiencing and receiving messages through sight, sound, physical sensation, intuitive knowing, and combinations of the afore mentioned and the as yet undefined. First you did it from your own body within the meditation, and then you did it from your animal friend’s point of view.

This was especially helpful for those of us who get “knowledge drops” – ie big lumps of information in an instant which then must be detangled and translated.

Nedda explained that telepathic communication is an energy exchange, and that our brains and bodies translate the information for us in a way that we can understand, which is where the energy then becomes sounds, sensations, emotions, knowledge, a visual picture seen in the mind’s eye, or an almost-real manifestation of someone before you.

This is exactly what I felt like was going on. Yesterday, while visiting with Ellie, her spirit guide dropped a bomb of knowledge on me and disappeared. I felt anxious and worried that I had failed to keep up, failed to translate this information that was very important spiritually for Ellie.

I felt like my biological brain was too physically slow to translate the knowledge bomb I’d received, and that I was missing key messages, had a difficult time unraveling all this information about Ellie’s past lives, her relationship with her spirit guide, her guide’s relationship to me.

When I brought this up in the class last night, Nedda told me that I can tell the talkers (animals, spirits, etc) to slow down. She said “It’s like a conversation. If you were sitting with someone and they were speaking too quickly for you to understand, you’d ask them to speak slower, right?”

Right. Of course.

The other “AH-HA!” moment I had was when Nedda told a story about how a hitch-hiker told her you can move your consciousness around in your body. You can go within and look at your own organs from inside your own body – if it’s dark your can “turn of the lights” simply by visualizing a switch, a pull string etc. You can manifest whatever you need in order to translate the information you’re receiving.

I laughed when she said you can move your consciousness into your toe, look out your toe, understand how your toe experiences the world.

In a flash, I understood I could to this with animals. I have been doing intuitive medical scans of animals much longer than I’ve been trying to communicate telepathically with them, and my method has always been an “outside looking in” perspective, like a surgeon standing over their patient.

But now I understand I can place my consciousness inside their body and see what is going on, even fix it from within.

At this point I want to state that it is always important to obtain the permission of people and animals before you attempt any sort of reading or scan. Not to do so would be disrespectful and intrusive.

So $10 got me two important breakthroughs. I can completely vouch for Nedda. She is a great teacher and explains things in a practical, understandable way.

I would love to take her winter class, unfortunately, I cannot afford it right now. It costs $800.

I would gladly and gratefully agree to do readings for people who would like to help me raise the funds for this part of my education. I know this class is something I could put to great use.

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