Decode the knowledge lump: Break it down.

Sometimes when I get a picture of something that I don’t quite understand, it’s helpful to use these techniques:

Run-through your five senses (or if relevant, the senses of the person or animal with whom you’re communicating).  How does it smell?  Taste?  What do you hear?  What do you feel?

Ask, when is this?  How many years ago?  What was the season like outside?  What does the environment look like around you?

Do you hear names?  Words?  Places?

Do you hear information as though it were whispered into your ear?  (That’s OK if you don’t.)

Do you have an image in your mind?

Do you have an emotion?  Is it your emotion, or is it part of the message?

How do you feel physically?  How are your eyes, your skin, your muscles, your internal organs?  Your belly, your lungs, your heart, your brain?

Ask questions.  Ask the information to slow down.  Break it down.  The more you ask, the more information will come forward.

It’s pretty neat.

This weekend, I was visiting Ellie again.  She was asking about her spirit guide, and eventually asked his name.  I was shown an animal in motion (because of the personal nature of readings, I’m not getting specific here.)

The name for her spirit guide was the words of this animal in motion.  This was his name when they had known each other in their previous life (most recent one).

Ellie’s jaw dropped.  “I have that tattoo.”  She took off her sweater and showed me her tattoo – exactly this animal in that motion.

That moment, I got a lot of information:  she got that tattoo when she was young and going through a really rough time.  Her guide was whispering his name in her ear, reminding her of their history, her spiritual strength.  He wraps his arms around her, to comfort her and give her strength.

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