Cat Colours

My white cat, Sunshine, has shared with us that she’s had many hundreds, probably thousands of incarnations as cats on this earth.  She is very experienced.  When she incarnates as a white cat, it’s because she has a specific, spiritual job to do, and she knows exactly how to do it.  She is insisting that my sweetie speak with her directly, rather than Sunshine relay messages through me.  Yesterday, my sweetie had her first breakthrough, a message she knew came from Sunshine. 


Yesterday my sweetie and I also visited Ellie (again!) and we went into her apartment to visit with Ellie’s white cat Romeo. 

Romeo is such an interesting cat, very different from Sunshine.  Where Sunshine is poised, Romeo is rumpled.  Where Sunshine is directive, Romeo is appealing.  Romeo administers affection like a much-needed medication.  Sunshine supervises the household and lets you know if anything’s amiss.

Romeo shared with us that this is in fact her first life as a white cat.  She was a black cat in her past life, which was almost 400 years ago.  She spent a long time studying to become a white cat, and being deaf actually helps her to focus on her intuitive, psychic abilities, keeping her consciousness elevated to a higher vibration that she was used to doing as a black cat.

This is not to say that any type or colour of cat is superior to another – absolutely not.  It’s just that many types of cats wear a uniform of sorts, which denotes their job.  White cats, grey, orange, brown tabbies, black & white tuxedo cats, there does seem to be specific types of jobs, and when a cat signs up for a job, they wear that colour.

I asked Romeo what black cats do. 

“We take care of the magic.”

“What is magic?”

“It’s the light and energy, the balance of health and disease, the balance of winter and spring, the energy things grow with, the magic in each healing, nourishing plant.  The transformation from one thing to another thing.”

There is a good reason traditional witches have had a fondness for black cats.

Her Mom in her last black cat life was an herbal healer, and Romeo learned all about plants and healing during that life.  She scanned Sweetie’s body with her eyes and said,

“Your throat is blue and white and cold.  You need to wear a warm soft scarf around your throat.  You need to drink the yellow tea.  You need to support your immune system.”

Sweetie selected chamomile tea, and Romeo inspected it.  “That is not the tea I told you to drink,” she said, her face a funny cat expression of exasperation.  She then showed me ginger and honey.  Sweetie promised she’d drink that tea at home that night.

(Last night she did drink her cat-prescribed tea, and it added a lot of warmth to her body.  She felt slightly feverish last night and this morning, her throat felt prickly.  Romeo did see Sweetie was getting ready to come down with something, before the symptoms really hit, or the ginger tea kicked her immune system into gear and it’s now working to clear the infection.  Thank you Romeo!)

Romeo then went on to tell me what Ellie had been eating.  French fries.  Pasta salad.  “Mom needs to eat the spinach that is in a bag in the fridge.”

I confirmed with Ellie that she *had* been eating these comfort foods, despite her motivation to change her diet.  She did indeed have a bag of spinach she was planning on eating.

Romeo had a lot to say.  She said she had to work very hard to become a white cat, and wants the dogs to respect her new status.  Romeo has this uneasy excitement that sometimes happens when you get promoted, but you’re not yet comfortable in your new job and not quite sure how it’s going to go. 

I should have said she’s doing a marvellous job as a white cat.  She truly is.

17 thoughts on “Cat Colours

  1. I think this is the first post I’d ever read on your site. At the time, I had read somewhere else (in an animal communication book or perhaps an animal communication blog) that animals tend to specialize in a particular species, reincarnating most frequently in that species and often as a specific breed within a species. That cats choose their coat colours specifically for a job or purpose seems an extension of that concept and it all seems quite sensible — I would love to know more about that; the work, the nature of cats fascinates me in a way that no other species, including humans, does. (I don’t know what the job of tuxedo cats is, but in my experience — and I seem to have known an awful lot of them — it seems to be to open the heart up. They’re very good at that. 😉 )


  2. What about dogs? Do dog colours similarly have meaning, and do dogs similarly choose their colours to suit their task when they reincarnate? I ask because white dogs keep showing up — I think I’ve met more of them in person (including the two I now live with) over the last few months than I have in the years before this, and I keep dreaming about them.


    • I’ve never asked, although Happy has made a point of stating he is a White Dog and therefore just as important (and his work as significant) as our white cat, Sunshine.

      I think there’s some crossover between dog breed reflecting purpose and dog colours – I think there are more layers than the simplicity of domestic cat colours.

      There definately is something to white dogs, and also black, wolfish looking dogs, who have both had signifigant symbolism in different cultures which come to mind.

      Huh. I’ll have to think about it and ask my critters. I’ll let you know Thanks. 🙂


    • You know, any animal that is all white or all black has had spiritual significance. White buffalo. Black wolf. Raven and crow. White dove. White or black horses. It’s definately something to pay attention to, especially since we often live in cities where these animals can’t show themselves in the wild. So maybe domestic animals pick up the slack there


  3. Fascinating! I knew Cosmo, my black cat, was something special [=^.^=]
    And that there was a completely valid reason Egyptians worshipped them. Totally noble, royal & otherworldly creatures.
    Out of curiosity, do you know the purpose of the Siamese-suited cats? Also, do spirits ever inhabit cats, perhaps loved ones trying to get close to us/deliver a message?


    • Funny you have a pink fox! I put some beet juice on my dog today and he kind of looks like a little pink fox.

      I never thought about spirits inhabiting / possessing pets. I guess it’s possible for animals to channel a spirit as people do. Sometimes pets will help the spirit of a loved one to be understood. My dog recognizes spirits in the house before the people do.


      • That’s funny about the fox! I felt compelled to make that my icon…
        So animals are almost like the messengers/communicators to the spirt realm? I think they can come back too. When I was 10 after my first cat died, I’d cry in bed, speaking to him, missing him, until one night I felt the familiar feeling of him jumping up on my bed, the feelings of his paws as he settled, the weight and shape of him lying in the bend of my legs, and eventually his familiar purr. I wasn’t scared but I knew I wasn’t imagining it either. It had stopped me from crying, literally frozen me with surprise. He came for months, until we got a new cat, as if he knew I no longer needed his comfort….


      • That’s really typical. A lot of them do that. The other day while riding my bike to work, my dog Mocha visited from heaven to run beside my bike for a while. She was running like a puppy – no more arthritis. That still surprises me ever time she visits, how loose her joints are, how she doesn’t need to move with caution or restraint anymore.


      • ” So animals are almost like the messengers/communicators to the spirt realm”

        I think they can be, but that doesn’t mean that every cat everywhere is sending a spiritual message all the time. The have hobbies and lives of their own 🙂

        Just like me, actually. If you just think of cats for example as psychic, but each individual cat may have a particular talent, like healing or transformation or seeing the future etc. Those cats may choose to connect themselves with other cats who have similar talents, and part of their connection is their appearance.

        Kind of like wearing your girl scout uniform when you go to the old age home to help keep seniors entertained.


    • Just because a cat is a certain colour, that doesn’t mean they *have to be* a part of that group, but it does seem that cats with specific spiritual purposes tend to wear the same suits.

      Not all yellow things are bananas, but all bananas are (mostly) yellow. Does that make sense?


      • It does make sense. After growing up with my mom having 3 Siamese cats one after another (all certain variations) I couldn’t help but wonder. They were all such characters (as all cats are) and tended to be a bit cocky, regal, fiesty and definitely all knowing (which can also be said for many felines, actually…)


  4. I have had a long line of grey and white tabbys in my life, several of whom I communicated with telepathically. My first tabby even changed his name, because the one I had given him as a little girl was too “girly”.


    • Ha haa! So funny and typical. My dog has had several names: Gizmo from his first mom, Beau when he first came to live with us, which changed to Bonus shortly thereafter.

      Last year he asked his name be changed to Happy to remind him how to be. 🙂 it’s great when you can hear and honour their wishes.


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