Ghost Dog Pee

I did a phone reading for Ellie’s friend, Liz.  Liz has been going through a difficult time lately, and I learned a few things in doing a reading for her.

I learned that someone elses’ state of mind can really affect the effort of a reading.  Most of the reading was heavy subject matter, stuff that caused her pain to think about.  The pain seemed to constrict my reading somehow.  I didn’t quite realize what was happening until we got as far as I felt we could get with the heavy stuff and asked if she had an animal in mind to talk to.

She told me about Benji, her dog.  Benji was a yorkie who died a few years ago.  Right away I got Benji’s cause of death (kidney failure) that he had a blue collar and a blue coat.  He loved when people would call him handsome.

Then I got a picture of him on Liz’s lap, teeth bared, and lunging like a little land shark at someone else.

“Uh, did Benj get snappy sometimes?”

“yes, all the time!”

Then I saw him parading all around the house, lifting his leg everywhere.  “Uh, did he pee on things inside?”

“Yes!  Oh god he peed everywhere!”

Turns out, Benj was a little tyrant.

The kicker?  He still visits Liz, walks around the house and pees on things.  “Do you still smell pee sometimes?”

“Yes!  Especially in my studio.”

“Yeah, that’s Benj.  He’s still peeing on things.  When you smell pee, it’s him saying hi!”

It’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of a ghost animal doing.  I’ve heard some people smell their dead grandmother’s perfume… well lucky Liz gets to smell her dead dog’s pee.

There’s an argument for getting dominant behaviour like that under control while the dog’s alive – you might end up getting haunted by his bad habits from the other side!

One thought on “Ghost Dog Pee

  1. I talked to my mother about this too – she has a little poodle Raffi who pees everywhere too. I said, “Mom, if you don’t solve this while he’s alive, he’ll be peeing on your stuff from the Beyond! You’ll still smell dog pee long after he’s dead!”

    And wouldn’t you know, that’s what it took to get my mom to finally buy Raffi a litter box. Raffi is a toy poodle living in a very cold climate – it’s physically IMPOSSIBLE for him to pee outside in winter, and he’s a bit “pissed” about it, frankly.

    Hopefully we’ll get him to understand to use the litter box only.


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