A Daisy in December

We visited a friend Courtney today.  Courtney is a witch.  Really, a witch.  Not a psudo-pagan, not a gothic marilyn manson fan, but an old school, spell-casting witch.

There is still much magic in the world.

Courtney is naturally intuitive herself, and an “Indigo Child”.  I’ve had an indigo child friend before (I worked with her at an art store until she left for a better-paying job as a dominatrix) Indigo kids can be crazy-makers.  I don’t know too much about the indigo child phenomenon, I’ll have to look that up later.
So as I visited, I did a reading for Courtney.  She asked me to talk to her friend Lyle, who is a lifelong best friend, and died violently two years ago.  He was really funny to talk to – similar to Ben, and she could hear him answer her own questions most of the time anyway.  He liked to call her “bi-otch” as in, “I’m hauntin’ you, bi-otch!”

He was pretty funny.  He was flickering the lights frequently throughout our conversation too.

The big difference between Lyle and Ben is that when Lyle was killed, it was his time to go.  He was done, and that was his last life.  He’s going to be by Courtney’s side the rest of her life, (“I got your back, Bi-otch!”) and then he’ll be the one to take her hand and cross her over.  That’s what he says.

Ben died accidentally.  Our spirit guides work so damn hard to keep us alive long enough to complete our “missions” here.  My sweetie has two spirit guides because she was too much work for just one guide!  Sweetie tends to walk around with her head in the clouds, and too many times she’s stepped in front of bicycles, cars or once a moving train.  Spirit guides can do a lot to save us, but Sweetie’s guide Clara had to call in her teacher, Brian as backup.

Fortunately, Clara and Brian have succeeded in keeping my sweetie alive.  When Sweetie asked if there was something she could do to make her guide’s jobs easier, Clara practically shouted, “Look both ways before you cross the street!”

Seriously people, don’t make your guide’s jobs harder than they already are.  Drive carefully, be aware of what’s going on around you, don’t take stupid chances.

Ben fell asleep while on his motorcycle.  It happened too quickly.  Ben was not supposed to die at that time, and he’s got to come back for another incarnation.

So Ben’s procrastinating right now.  When he realized he’d died, he tells me his reaction was like throwing his hands up in the air and shouting “Awww, MAN!”

He’s got to do it all over again.  Infancy, childhood, teenage years.  Ben had *just* gotten into his young adult years, and now he’s got to start again.  This is why he’s hanging out with this friends a bit longer, before moving on.

Lyle had been to heaven already, and now he’s looking after Courtney as a guardian spirit.

Ben has not yet returned to the other side.  He’s not ready to go quite yet – he’s procrastinating.  He knows he’s just going to reincarnate quickly, and he’s not quite ready yet.  His grandmother is watching though, she won’t let him procrastinate too long.

We will invite Ben to Christmas every year and pour out his glass of wine.  One year, he will not show up, and then we’ll know he’s reincarnated.  For now, we’ll enjoy his company.  Heaven can wait.

Some people believe that *everything* happens for a reason.  I think that *most* things happen for a reason.  We do have life plans, we do choose the significant people in our lives, but there’s this element of randomness evidenced in how the future changes.

When the paramedics died, even though it seemed like a terrible tragedy to the community, that was undoubtedly their time to go.  They were done.  They’re back and continue to work at the hospital.  A lot of things resulted from their death that was intended to happen, including the availability of the job I hold now.

But sometimes, we make a mistake, or we slip up, or we become a casualty of some random violence or accident.  Sometimes our guides can’t prevent it, or change it.  The random, risky nature of incarnating on this planet is what necessitates spirit guides to begin with!  I agree with Christopher Reburn – few of us would survive childhood without our guides!

And some of us don’t survive, despite our guide’s best efforts.

My Opa, my father’s father, son of my famously psychic great-grandmother, remembers being a two year old boy in another life.  He remembers falling from a window, to his death.  He remembers hearing voices saying “He didn’t have long enough, he didn’t have a chance.”  My Opa understands his current incarnation as the second attempt at this life plan.

Neat, eh?

Which brings me to small signs – I’m fortunate that in most readings, there’s usually something that comes up that rings absolutely true to the person I’m reading.  Today, Courtney asked me about another friend she has, who is still alive, and feels strongly that they’ve shared past lives before.

I got Egypt.  There was a whole little movie about one of their lives in Egypt.  Courtney got her confirmation – the last conversation she’d had with her friend was just before she went on a trip.  Guess where she went?  She’d said to him, “I’ll bring you some sand from Egypt.”

This is not so precisely a “hit” – something that can absolutely be confirmed as psychic proof.  It’s more of a synchronicity.  It’s a sign, as is the sudden, wrenching emotion that Courtney had when I said “Egypt”.  Small signs show us what is real.

Ever since my Sweetie asked me to do a reading to contact her spirit guide, Clara, both Clara and our cat, Sunshine, has been instructing Sweetie to eat daisies.  The problem is, daisies are just not to be had this time of year.  They’re not commonly used medicinally anymore, and so local herbalists don’t collect them.  It’s December, so they’re not blooming anymore.

We got a seed catalog and started planning to grow daisies in containers on our balcony next summer, but for now, “Where the heck and I going to find daisies?”Sweetie ranted this morning.

When we left the house today, guess what we found?  In our little garden, beside our front door, there blooms a single, solitary daisy. A daisy in December.

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