John Lennon Friday


We decided to have every Friday be John Lennon Friday here at Psychic in Training.  Every Friday for the next six weeks, I’ll post updates on the conversations between my Sweetie and John.  Sorry if this first entry is choppy – it should flow a little better when we post updates as they happen.

Wed Dec 21: 

He started talking to me when I got up to pee last night:

“I was talking to my mum about what you said about my songShe said she thinks it’s a lovely song, but she does see your point about it”.

I’m like, “Oh!  That’s so nice that you get to see your mom now.  Yay!  (I think they like to play banjo together).  Sorry if I hurt your feelings or made you feel embarrassed, I do like *some* things about the song… anyway, I need to go back to sleep”.

 “Oh ok”.  Then he said something else about “Christmas-time” that I didn’t catch because I’d stopped listening. 

 I started to wonder if he remembered me.  I started thinking about where I was when I contacted him when I was 13, my room, what I looked like, all my doubts, anxieties and insecurities.  He said, “You’re all grown up now.  Look at how beautiful you are”.

 (Awww!  This next bit refers to Sweetie asking John earlier what he thought of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which I think she referred to as “this whole mess” – the economy, human rights, you know.  World Problems Today.  At the time, he said he would have to think about it for a while.)

 He got back to me about the World Problems today.  He said that I can’t change what they do, that I can only change what I do.  That the way out is spiritual.  I’m like, “love?”

“Yes.  No, not ‘love’, Love.  Universal”.

 Then he shows me this flower opening.  The one from this video:

 Me:  “Oh.  Yeah”.  I remembered Sunshine talking about Buddha and the flower the other day.  “Yeah, I don’t really understand the Flower Sermon”.

 So he says, “I hate to say it, but you probably should talk to your white cat”.


This is hilarious to me.  Earlier this week Sunshine, our white cat, was explaining how Buddha looked into a flower and saw the whole universe.  Sunshine has become the Minerva McGonagall of our household – a brisk teacher with high standards constantly chiding us to “keep up!”

Sunshine has become more insistent that Sweetie simply talk to her directly, so Sunshine will give Sweetie teasers through me, such as the Buddha flower thing.  Sweetie discovered that Buddha did indeed see the universe in the flower, and there’s a story of him simply holding up a flower to his students as a silent lesson.

We figured Sunshine would get to John, sooner or later.

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