Dark Energy, Bad Medicine and Psychic Bullying


I think this is one of those entries that’s going to evolve as I write it.  This entry, sparked by myinnerpath’s comment about Yoko. 

The first thing that comes to mind is my friend Ellie’s spirit guide saying “Bad Medicine, Bad Medicine.”  He was talking about Ellie’s ex and her ex’s new girlfriend sending Ellie bad energy. 

Ellie has been experiencing this bad medicine directed towards her for months, and it was a huge relief for her to hear that she wasn’t just making it up – she was feeling something real that was happening to her, bad thoughts directed to her that would make her feel ill, tired and depressed.

Her ex and his new GF, I’m told by her guide, have been regularly trash-talking Ellie.  It seems like such an odd thing for a couple to do – make a habit of trashing the ex-girlfriend.  The details of their motivation or their actions aren’t relevant to this entry, only the result:  By talking about someone in a bad way, by saying someone is bad, by wishing bad things for that person, this inflicts a real potential harm upon the person.

Our thoughts have weight, what we imagine becomes accessible to others, and if we direct good thoughts and wishes towards someone, it can only help them.  But when you direct bad thoughts towards someone, it creates nothing good; it can even cause harm to that person if s/he does not know how to protect themselves.

This is why John has been chiding us for reading gossip magazines – there are some really bitchy things said in those rags.  Once my mind opened up to the implications of what I was doing by reading these jokes and comments about celebrities, I wanted no more to do with them.  The last thing I read was a quote from Jay Lenno about Brittney Spears:

“Brittney has just turned 30.  It seems like just yesterday she was fresh-faced, bald-headed and getting out of a limo with no panties on.”

Now think how you’d feel if someone said that about you.  Think how you’d feel if it was someone you knew who said it.  What about it if was more than one person?  What if there were other people in the room who heard what that person said?  What if all those people nodded their heads in agreement?  What if that room was the size of a stadium?  What if that stadium held a million people? 

Now think about the cyber-bullying of kids, and how soul destroying that can be.  Think about why that is.

You choose how you participate in this type of energy.

This brings me to the comment about Yoko.  My favourite quote on this subject comes from an anonymous YouTube poster, who said:

 “John loved Yoko.  You don’t have to.”

 John and Yoko loved each other.  I believe that love should be respected, their relationship, respected. 

Yoko bashing is unwelcome here; I will not contribute to any bad medicine directed towards her. 

I alluded in the comments in the last entry about ethics that I’d recently come into contact with another psychic who didn’t have the same respect for boundaries I’m working to cultivate.  I think I’ll elaborate on that experience.

Let’s call her M.  (I’m chuckling as I write this because myinnerpath just sent me an email talking about someone else she refers to as M.  Funny both names begin with the same consonant.)

M is the roommate of a friend of mine.  In my last encounter with M, she demanded eye contact from me and Sweetie, and proceeded to dominate the conversation, talk about our neighbor who had recently died and how she knew what happened (because she’s psychic, see?) and with the eye contact she established a telepathic link with me that I did not consent to. 

M’s behavior was so erratic and strange that I thought to myself, “Is she drunk?  Or maybe high?  She must be…” at which point M looked at me and said, “No, no drugs, no alcohol,” which surprised me.  It was meant to intimidate me, it was meant to establish M’s dominance over me.

Later, when I was at home, M popped into my head again, just as a spirit or an animal I’m talking with would do.  I said “Nope!” and snapped my fingers beside my ear, sending her away.  I simply refused to be taken into this psychic pissing contest, will not be intimidated nor drawn into some bullshit need to prove myself to her.

It’s this kind of thing that drives home why psychic training for kids is going to be ever more important.  As we have more children coming into the world with ramped up psychic abilities, they need access to protection from exactly this sort of shit.

This time it was another human that was trying to bully me.  Some psychic kids experience ghosts following them, bullying them, scaring them.  Some people may not understand how important it is to respect boundaries.  It’s all very important, in order to avoid inflicting violence upon each other, and in order to learn how to shore up our own protection so that we can live our days and nights in peace.

This is a huge reason why I pushed my own psychic abilities aside in my childhood – I was terrified!  I sensed my own vulnerability; I had no one talking to me about protection, control and respect.  I was overwhelming and so I turned it off.  Thankfully, I was able to turn it off until I reached this point in my life where I am healthy, happy, and educated enough to understand how to protect myself, clear energy, cast protective barriers and tell disrespectful spirits to Go Away and Come Back Tomorrow when I am prepared to talk with them.

Which brings me to protection.  How do you protect yourself from a negative energy, bad medicine or all-out psychic attack?

Call in your cavalry.  Know that you are protected and you have endless resources with which to create a psychic fortress around yourself.  Ask yourself, “How many angels do I need?”  Whether the answer is 5 or 50, ask for them, and they’ll come.  You may need to ask for angels every day.  Light a candle when you call them – natural candle light brings them right in, (and likewise, lighting a candle for a spirit who is crossing over helps them find heaven.)

You can cast psychic shields around your home.  Make them as big as you’d like.  Make a bunker if you need to.  I read about a woman who created an energy bunker around her home and it was the only house left un-touched in a hurricane. 

Cast protection around your bed, ask for angels to stand guard over you, or patrol your house.  In our case, we ask the patrolling angel bounce any unwelcome spirits outside the house until morning, and I will address them when I wake up.

You can cast a bubble of protection around yourself before you leave the house.  This is particularly great if you’re facing a tough day, or a mean co-worker or boss.  If need be, arm yourself with shields, swords, armor, helmet.  You can manifest whatever you need to protect yourself and to move forward with your work.

Did you know that this type of casting can protect you from insects too?  Bugs respect the energy field you set up.  I have cast to keep cockroaches out of my apartment and mosquitoes away from my ears while I sleep.  It works.

I should try that with fleas actually, set up some sort of energy flea filter at my front door which the dogs walk through…

Anyway, the point is I had to learn all of this stuff before I felt safe asking for the psychic door in my mind to be opened – before I felt I was ready to handle all the things I could potentially encounter.   I’m really glad I was able to do it in this way, because it allowed me to experience like my encounter with M, invasive spirits or the horrible negativity coming from the funhouse-of-horrors next door to us with relative calm.

There is so much more to say on these topics, I’m sure more entries are coming.

6 thoughts on “Dark Energy, Bad Medicine and Psychic Bullying

  1. You write wisely. And I do apologize if I offended anyone by my comment yesterday. It is never easy to identify where the line between bullying/gossiping and simple honesty lies. The world would be a much better place if people would stop preading vicious lies about others, or making fun of others, or for that matter gossiping. At the same time, what kind of world would we live in if people in the past hadn’t risen against oppressors or dictators? If people had not dared to speak the truth in fear of seeming malicious? I’m afraid we live in a world where not all people are good, and as long as that is true it must also be allowed to vent one’s worries about other people. But then how do we know when the line i crossed, and we just start feeding the negativity? Bullying, whether it be in the schoolyard or online, or in the psychic realm, is just wrong. For me personally I think what’s important i the intent behind the actions/comments. If the intent is to hurt another, or for example to raise one’s own status on the expense of another person, then I wholeheartedly agree with you; it will only create negative energy that can be hurtful both mentally and physically. Just as the true intent will affect the outcome while doing magic, or praying. But what if the intent is good? What if you knew a man to have hurt and abused all his previous girlfriends. What if that man suddenly tried to seduce your own sister? Would you warn her about him? Or would you stay quite and watch her get hurt because you didn’t want to say anything negative about another person?

    Wow, I’ve never written such a long comment! In the end, let’s just conclude that this is a complicated subject. And whatever it may have looked like, my comment yesterday had no ill intent.

    To all those who might be reading this, I wish you all a happy new year!
    With Love


  2. I’d like to add to this entry a note that Linda Keen’s book Intuition Magic is chalk full of protection techniques for the psychically sensitive (which is all of us, isn’t it?)

    You can read a review of it in the Books & Resources page.


    • Hi Micha,

      I suggest you listen to the joyful telepathy podcast joyfultelepathy.com in particular episode 8, which gives some great techniques on how to protect yourself.

      In my humble opinion, it’s better to block and withdraw your energy rather than feed it with confrontation. If it were war, you’d be guarding the border but not engaging in battle.

      Make sense?


  3. hi my sharla i am trans i feel that i being attacked by all corners i am a good person…i dont need to justify it but i cant help but knowtice that there is so much neg being brought towards me to harm me…why are people like this and what is wrong with them i need help

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sharla,

      It is tough being trans. That is an understatement. Do you have a community around you? The most important thing is to build a community around you of friends and allies.

      This is why many trans people end up moving to larger, liberal cities, with prominent gay communities, so they can begin to band together.

      It’s very important for your personal safety to live in an area with more trans people and a good community of gay people, hopefully in a part of the country that is more liberal and accepting.

      How old are you?


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