A Spirited New Year


This New Year’s Eve saw Sweetie and I taking our first mini-vacation away from home in three years.  This travel dry spell is significant to us, since we are both used to travelling at least twice, usually three times a year to visit family – but since we moved out here, visiting family is a costly airplane ticket away, and as we were new to the area, we had no cause to travel.

So this trip was exciting.

We were visiting our friend Shelly, who is waiting on immigration approval to the US, which is where her husband is working.  She and her husband have been separated since May 2011, and Shelly moved into her sister’s house *far away* in July 2011, and so we had not seen her in six months.

Through a series of serendipitous / synchronistic events, Shelly ended up landing at her friend’s house which is just a five hour drive away from our home, and her friends, Steve and Antonia, have plenty of room for guests.

Oh, and they also have chickens!  Of course we had to go!

Steve and Toni have a beautiful, cozy, updated farm house with two stories and a finished basement.  Their back yard is a quarter acre with extensive gardens, brush and a chicken coop.  There is a wild bird feeder that attracts chickadees, sparrows, juncos, and all sorts of unusual and pretty birds.

I had seen much of this already through the eyes of the chickens and Shelly’s cat, Sam.  It was really cool to see it in person – different than I’d pictured, but eerily similar.

Steve was out on his sailboat for New Year’s Eve, which gave the four of us women a chance to yak it up without a man around.  (Steve is lovely, but it’s true women get into more mischievous conversation when left to themselves.  Girl parties are fun.)

Thus began my marathon psychic reading for the evening!  I read for Shelly some more, and she was a lot more open to hearing what I was saying, now that she trusts the source.  It seems that when I described her cat’s bed in such detail, that was the little bit of proof she needed to know that I really am *tuned in*.  I’m always grateful for whatever small confirmations we can get through telepathic communication – if we get 10% proof, we’re willing to take the other 90% on faith.

It was really enjoyable to do this reading for Shelly in person.  Her grandmother and her high school friend made an appearance.  Soon, we moved onto Toni.

This is where it started to get wild.  Tony has a very large extended family of aunts, grandmothers, cousins etc – all female relatives, all rauchous, loud, funny and opinionated.  And they ALL showed up! 

I guess word got out in Toni’s spirit family that there was a psychic in the house, and so they all *arrived* and each wanted to contribute to Toni’s questions about her house, her gardens, the chickens and her life in general.

We became much like a flock of clucking hens at this point.

Among the advice from her gaggle  of dead aunts was food-processing advice:  Toni should can all the beans and peas rather than freeze them, because the freezer needs electricity to run.  None of these women could rely upon a stable electric connection to the house, and were concerned with Toni’s dependency upon this utility.
Toni should also plant lots of potatoes.  Move this plant to that corner of the garden.  Grow this herb.

We went on to make contact with everyone’s spirit guides, their guardian relatives, and we delved into past lives. 

It was a marathon, six-hour reading.  It was awesome.

The incarnated human beings all went to bed shortly after midnight, but the spirits stayed and partied until 4 am.  At one point I went back upstairs for a snack in the night, and noted that Toni’s relatives were still all there, chatting, drinking, laughing.  Sam the cat was in the midst of it, sitting in the lap of a plump, grey-haired aunt, enjoying the spiritual petting. 

I’d like to write more about what Sam had to say, but alas, I’m out of time.  I’ll try to pick this up next week.

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