John Lennon Friday – HOLY SHIT!

Sweetie found a blog entry from 2006:


11-1-06 – A psychic friend of mine called me on the telephone first thing this morning to tell me that she had an OBE (Out of Body) experience with John Lennon.  She said that he thanked her for coming to see him because he had been trying to contact her friend Dee three times this month and it wasn’t in her paradigm to recognize him for who he was and that I thought the visits were someone else.John wanted Dee to know that the work I was  doing on my website was important – presenting ‘truth’ on many topics, and he appreciated that we didn’t charge people to read our words of wisdom like other websites do.

I feel like laughing and crying!  John says, “What, do you think you’re the only psychic I’ve ever spoken to?”

Damn, man! 

Little confirmations like these are so important to me.  I am *not* crazy.  I really am talking with John.  He really is helping me practice my psychic abilities, and he’s helped other psychics in the past for years.

He is laughing, because it’s so funny to him (and many on the other side) that we incarnated ones need proof and proof and more proof before we’ll believe what’s in front of us.

“A little New Year’s Gift for you!”

and “Maybe you’ll be less afraid to tell people you’re talking to me, (wink, gentle smile).”

It’s funny too the painting which illustrates the similarities between Jesus and John – I’ve been getting a lot of Jesus call-outs lately.  People talking about J-dog in their blogs, in real life to me.  I had to ask, “John, are you Jesus?”

He laughs, “No!  But we’re great friends!”

Thank you John.  We love you so much.

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