When I started this whole psychic thing, the first few times I tried reading I’d get really tired, or a nasty headache after my initial attempts and minor successes at reading.

Now, with a bit of tweaking on the techniques, I find readings not just enjoyable, but energizing.  Invigorating.  In general.

I find that if I haven’t done readings for anyone in a day or two, I start to get cravings, almost.  I start thinking about who I can visit who might want a reading.  Fortunately, this weekend I had a few readings for friends lined up.

One reading was for Shelly’s mother, Shirley.  Shirley has been seeing psychics all her life, and even had a reading from Sylvia Browne’s son, Chris.  I just checked their website, and it looks like readings with Sylvia cost $850 per half hour, and $500 for Chris.  It’s actually less than I’d thought. 


Another thing that jumps out at me from this website is this sentence:


Unlike some pseudo-psychics who tell people that their problems are caused by curses, evil entities, demons, or karmic retribution neither Sylvia nor Chris will blame the negative occurrences on your life on these things, and each of them feel it is important to advise their clients to not believe in such things. They do not exist.

I love these little synchronicities.  I was just sitting down to write about Courtney’s reading, when I came upon that.

Courtney, who I’ve mentioned before, is a traditional, old-school witch.  She uses physical objects to assist with energy changes in a household, a life pattern, etc.  Where I will cast my nightly protection over my house by simply visualizing it and declaring it there, Courtney may use objects like pennies dipped in holy water to emphasize a barrier that will remain until the pennies are removed.  I believe these are simply different methods of accomplishing the same thing.

Courtney believes in demons and evil entities.  In fact, she describes regularly going “into hell” to battle such demons and entities.  I asked her to elaborate, to tell me about “hell” – what it was (to her), who she met there.

She told me a  lot about what hell was not (fire and brimstone) but not much about what it actually is, what she experiences.  Maybe another visit sometime will reveal more.
It’s interesting and actually disconcerting to me to encounter someone so focused on hell, demons, and negative entities.

While Courtney is a great person, she does not consider herself to be specifically aligned with a “side”, commonly described in the psychic world as light or darkness.  Christopher Reburn likes to refer to psychics and sensitives working for good in this world as “lightworkers”.  I’ve heard a very good and kindhearted psychic who practiced voo-doo to be accused of working with “the dark arts” by a psychic who considered herself a lightworker.

It’s so funny to me how even psychics, those of us who KNOW and experience so much more about the other side than the average incarnated bear, can still find so many reasons to become divided.  In a way, it’s human nature, isn’t it?  And this would be one phenomenon I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when I get to my first new-agey convention.

Anyway, back to Courtney. 

Courtney has been a sensitive herself, all her life.  She doesn’t talk directly with people on the other side, but she sees auras and works energy as a witch to great effect.

I have a lot of respect for her, and yet, this business about her demons has me perplexed.

I had Courtney over to my house for her last reading.  When she came in, Sunshine, my white cat, approached her with great deliberation and said, “I want you to know that I control the energy in this house.

Courtney, I’m sure, would not have deliberately affected the energy in the house, but obviously, her mere presence had Sunshine asserting herself.

Courtney declared she’d parked her “Hell Hound” outside our house.  I don’t even know what a hell hound is.  I hadn’t been aware of any entities other than the incarnated ones (but that doesn’t mean they’re not there.) 

What I did notice was a scratching at the door.  I figured my other cat was outside and wanted in, and so I went to the front door and opened it up.

And in walks this black ghost cat, very similar to the one I saw at John & Melinda’s place.

I asked Courtney about it, she didn’t know who he was.  I mentally shrugged and got on with the reading.

Courtney’s demons are a very real, day-to-day experience for her.  She described her protective spells and her experiences with doppelgangers and other negativities in great detail.  My intuition tells me her experiences are real.

When I was young, I asked my parents if there was such a thing as God.  I was going through the integration of the idea that Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy etc., did not exist, and I was wondering if this God fellow was a similar creation. 

I was surprised when my parents looked at each other, and then had to leave the room to get their story straight before deciding what to tell me.  See, both of my parents have observed and personally experienced the painful limitations of set-in-stone religious ideals, and so their spiritual guidance for their kids was like a hippocatic oath:  First, Do No Harm.

And so what they told me, what I believed and still carry with me to this day is this:

“We believe in Heaven.  We believe that someone got things going in the universe, but that it’s our own choices that drive our lives.”

This was enough of an answer for me.  As far as I was concerned, I had gotten a “Yes, God is Real,” and I’ve moved forward in my life with that knowledge ever since.

As the years progressed and my mother expanded her own research into spirituality, she’d talk to me about the things that made sense or didn’t make sense to her, and in this way we’ve created our own ideas of God, Azna, Heaven and the afterlife.

My thoughts about negative entities have been few, and when we’ve necessarily had to deal with malevolent ghosts or energy imprints, it’s generally been in a house-clearing and protection stance.  Never have I thought about going to battle with negatives.

Which is why Courtney’s reality is so interesting and disconcerting to me.  At some point in her life, Courtney decided that she had two choices:  she could become a victim, or a fighter.  She has become a self-declared fence-sitter in terms of positive and negative energies, because in her words, “The Universe doesn’t care.”

The Universe doesn’t care.

That statement is at the heart of what I’m getting at.  Courtney’s experience in this life has led her to this conclusion – good, evil, doesn’t exist.  It’s all the same to the Universe.  The Universe doesn’t care.

I hear this and I want to shout:  “The Universe DOES CARE!  MY GOD!  Just ask for help!  Just ask and you will be surrounded by so many angels, so many loving ancestors!  You do not need to fight all by yourself, you really can be loved and protected.  You just have to want it and accept it!”

But of course, I do not say this.  Instead, I pass on the advice of her grandfather, and my cat:

“There is just as much to be learned from the light as from the darkness.  Expand the light in your heart to surround your body, the room, the house, the city, the world.”


Gently, her Grandfather and my cat, asked her to think about turning her face towards the lightness, the happiness, the joy, the love in the Universe.  That’s all they’re asking right now, just for her to think about it.

Courtney went home looking thoughtful and I believe she was feeling happier.  I’m looking forward to our next visit.

Now about that black cat…

After Courtney left, I felt a return in myself to the worried person I had been six months ago.  This centered feeling of peace and protection was illusive.  I couldn’t settle down, I couldn’t stop worrying, panicking, about things that really aren’t problems.  This was a familiar feeling in a way, but not a welcome one – I am not going to return to that.

So I started asking why I was feeling that way, and I understood that I needed to cleanse the house after Courtney’s visit.  I got out my trusty bell to assist me in raising the vibration of the household, while I sweep out any sticky energy.  This is something that Sweetie and I have been doing for years.

But this time I encountered something so strange in the Spirit room (the second bedroom.)  Up there in the corner, was some sort of creature.  It clung to the corner like a spider, but it felt like a mammal, a monkey.  Or a cat.

I didn’t think too much about what it was, why it was there, or how it got in until the next day.  At the time, I focused on sending the creature out of the house.  In doing so, I sensed that it was a sort of energy parasite, that it had followed Courtney into our house and had decided to try and stay.  Not gonna happen.

I removed it easily enough, but it’s mere presence in my HOME was so disturbing, that I’d been worrying about it all the next day.  What is it?  Was it attacking Courtney?  Would *I* start to experience similar attacks? 

I even questioned the thing’s existence, except that I *know* now not to doubt the things I sense.  I sensed this creature just as I sensed the black ghost cat in John & Melinda’s house.  I got the confirmation from them, (the kids had a black cat years ago, named Tom).  Something was definitely there, but maybe my interpretation of it was inaccurate. 

After all, it’s easy to be afraid.  It’s more challenging to try to understand.

13 thoughts on “Oddities

  1. Wow! I have a psychic attachment and I am in the process of getting rid of it now!
    What a coincidence!
    Mine is a darkly shrouded male. They want the bad things and cause turmoil and upset because they love sucking up that type of energy. Love and Light is too docile for them. My life is happy and I even wondered why this male chose me? Sometimes my older daughter brings them in because she has emotional problems she is dealing with and they draw her in and seduce her. She sometimes even tries to resist getting rid of them!?
    Courtney has a relationship with this energy vampire attachment that takes the form of a cat. Next time she comes over do not let him in. Absolutely cleanse your home after or meet her somewhere neutral.
    This darkeness loves the energy of battle and life & death struggle. She feeds his hunger very well.
    It is a curiosity why he stayed at your home. Maybe he wanted to challenge your Sunshine? I do sense that he didn’t stand a chance at staying in your home. You and Sunshine are very strongly in the Light!


    • Yes, absolutely! Sunshine is an incredibly powerful cat with a millennia of experience. She has more incarnations as a white cat than most of us have as people. She is very experienced. There is a reason my sweetie “ordered” white cats to always surround her in this life.

      Sunshine has introduced us to a “cleaner from heaven”. He looks like a chimney sweep and hasn’t spoken to me in words, but tends to smile, wink, tip his cap. Sunshine says we can and should ask him to come sweep our home after every external psychic reading, and that in thank you, we can cut up fruit on a plate and leave it out for him (kind of like cookies for Santa!)

      Afterwards, unlike some food offerings, we are to dispose of the fruit because it will absorb the “dirt” that our cleaner sweeps.

      Perhaps you can ask your guides to call in a cleaner from heaven to help you?


      • Wonderful idea.
        I use outward facing mirrors and white light. I find if I am not diligent they can work their way back into my energy field.
        They always attach at the right side of the back of my head. This is probably significant but I don’t know why, yet.
        Thank you for your interest. I love all of the beautiful souls that I have found here!


      • I was talking with Nedda of raysofhealinglight.com one day, and she said to remember we can “manifest whatever we need”

        So if you find you have to keep working continuously to keep negatives away, maybe there’s something more you can do that’s more permanent. Imagine! As john would say.

        Another thing I did was envision a cyclone all around me, with a funnel up to the universe, and one down deep to ground me. *nothing* gets past this funnel until I expressly invite them. This was something I came up with after my experience of being read without giving permission.

        When I go home, I envision the funnel expanding to surround my whole home.


  2. Thank you for your input.
    There is a pattern here. I will spend time trying to find out why I need/or allow this type of attachment. Sometimes it is difficult for me to “discover” this male energy since I focus healing light and love to the areas of my being that I mostly see…the front! I need to become more conscientious about my entire being and this is where the cyclone makes perfect sense.


    • Could it be you’re simply over thinking it? What happens when you ask your angels / guides to get someone from heaven to please come clean your house and your energy of this parasite?

      I just asked heaven to please send cleaners to the hospital. A lot of stress and sadness right here, and when I got here, I found my mind spinning back into being angry about a phone call I’d had yesterday… which doesn’t even matter anymore!

      So I asked, and heaven sent 24 cleaners, 12 for each floor, to do a complete sweep of every nook and cranny in this place, and completely clean out any negative energy parasites right now, because there are people here trying to die in peace, and their families deserve healing, not draining.

      The hospital is absolutely glowing now. You can manifest, or ask for, whatever you need, right?


      • Synchronicity? Coincidence? Divine intervention?
        I went to a mediumship circle last evening and sat right next to the presenter. We were discussing PSYCHIC PROTECTION! Later in the evening we discussed our 3rd eye and she looked right at me and stated that most people don’t realize that the 3rd eye is in the front AND BACK of your head!
        She was relaying a incident that happened when someone performed Reiki on her and overstimulated the 3rd eye on the back of her head!
        I have been focused only on the front of my body and realized before that I am limited when it comes to looking behind me. Now I know what to do!
        Thank you for all of your help.

        FYI- there is a male in your vicinity who has not-so-positive intentions toward you. It is someone you have met fairly recently and he plans on misleading you and bilking you of more money than what he would normally charge.
        He thinks you are a soft mark. Besides that, you won’t be satisfied with the work he does.


      • Thanks. I haven’t found a home for the prediction you’ve offered yet… not sure where this applies. I’ll pass it on to my Sweetie and we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

        Do you have a physical description for the man? What sort of work do you see being done?


  3. He is older, probably in his 60’s. He is overweight with thinning hair. I get an image of his gut hanging over his belt. He is white and is a business man. He looks over his reading glasses.
    Could be anything such as insurance, tax accountant, realtor…The transaction involves money and he is a cheat.
    His demeanor and appearance is distasteful. You’ll walk away and feel like you want to hose yourself off! Very slippery and ioly indeed.
    I don’t think you’ll miss him. Your insight is very accurate.


    • I know who that is. It’s the guy who owns the internet out here. He’s totally hosing us and we know it, unfortunately, he has a monopoly and if we want internet we’re currently obliged to deal with him.

      Yeah, he has a negative impact every time Sweetie or I talk to him. And you’re right, he’s trying to take advantage. There’s a larger corporation that’s putting in more internet ports so in a few months, he’s going to experience a bit hit to his business, which is why he’s trying to bleed his current business for everything it’s worth. I think he’s planning on going bankrupt and so is gathering all the cash he can right now.

      Yeah, that’s definitely who it is. Thanks for the heads up.


  4. Glad we were able to connect the dots.
    He is looking to make a big killing. It will be his final attempt to pilfer money. It seems that he will do something illegal and count on most people not suing him. He believes that his current customers will just shrug their shoulders and walk away. Deep down he fears legal reprisal.
    It’ll be good to get him out of your life!
    Good luck!


  5. Hey there, Kate! 🙂

    I’m new to this blog and want to say it really makes me happy that I found it 🙂 Everything you write is very interesting, thought provoking and funny. They make my day ! I’m going back reading every post up until the latest and I’ve noticed something. Back in a blog entry in 2011, I remember you mentioned something about your second bedroom, but was going to save talking about it for another blog post. I haven’t read any more about it until this entry, which is interesting. I’m quite curious to hear more about that room, so I was wondering if you are going to bring it up in a post soon (I know I’m a bit behind, since this post is from 2012, lol) or if you already have and I haven’t read it yet. Sorry if this is any trouble.


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