John Lennon Friday – Rainbows

So, remember how I found out that I’m not the first psychic to talk about talking to John Lennon?  Well it turns out there are BOOKS which have been published by psychics from their conversations with John:

I haven’t read any of those books.  Now, I want to.  I’ll have to figure out a way to get my hands on them.  I wonder if I can get them on my e-reader?

Here are some quotes I’ve found online by googling “John Lennon” and “Psychic”

“They [The Beatles] were like mediums. They weren’t conscious of all they were saying, but it was coming through them” (YOKO ONO, The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Berkeley, 1982, p. 106.).

“[Of his music JOHN LENNON said] “It’s like being possessed: like a psychic or a medium” (The Playboy Interviews, p. 203).

“It’s amazing that it [the tune to ‘In My Life’] just came to me in a dream. That’s why I don’t profess to know anything. I think music is very mystical” (John Lennon, quoted in “The Beatles Come Together,” Reader’s Digest, March 2001).

“I felt like a hollow temple filled with many spirits, each one passing through me, each inhabiting me for a little time and then leaving to be replaced by another” (John Lennon, People, Aug. 22, 1988, p. 70).

“When the real music comes to me, it has nothing to do with me ’cause I’m just a channel. It’s given to me and I transcribe it” (John Lennon, quoted by Mickey Hart, Spirit into Sound: The Magic of Music, p. 134).

Further confirmation comes in the book I recently purchased in the clearance bin at Chapters – Sylvia Browne’s Temples on the Other Side.  I purchased it because I wanted to learn more about the temples my cat Sunshine has been telling me about.

Thing is, John has also been talking about the artists’ hangout, which isn’t too far from the scientists’ hangout incidentally, but John never referred to this place as a temple.

I open the book randomly, sort of in the middle, and the very first page:  the Temple of Artistic Endeavour.  Very first page lists the people who hang out there and guess who?  John Lennon is among those listed.

John laughs when I get excited about these synchronicities.  He says, “Sweetheart, at what point are you just going to take what I say at face value?”

I replied, “I try!  But never will this be a blasé thing;  I’m incarnated, John, I’m separated from all this.  It will always be exciting for me!”

A lot of spirits call us Sweetheart, Dear or Darling. 

John is also spoken about in greater detail in another one of Sylvia’s books, the Afterlives of the Rich and Famous.  In this is apparently the revelation that Marilyn did not kill herself, which is another funny coincidence.  Sweetie and I had already had that discussion in great detail with her Uncle Jack, who is on the other side and told us what really happened to her.

It’ll be neat to see how Sylvia’s story compares to Jack’s.

The point I’m driving at is this:  John and Yoko were communicating telepathically long before John was killed.  Where George Harrison’s quest for spirituality landed him in the beautiful land of meditation and sitars, John’s journey brought him to telepathic communication and psychic mysticism.  John believes that psychic-ness is part of the path to world peace.

After all, a general population that’s mostly psychic can’t be manipulated into war, in ignorance.

Here’s an idea for you psychics in training out there:  Start asking questions.  Start talking to people on the other side.  Talk to John.  Talk to Marilyn.  Talk to Einstein.  Talk to da Vinci.  Talk to anyone you’ve ever wondered about!  Anyone who’s death you questioned.  Anyone who buried secrets.  That’s almost everyone.

Talk to Jesus.  Oh yeah, I said it. 

Ask them about art.  Ask them about music.  Ask them about war.  Ask them about ignorance.  Ask them about understanding, knowledge, forgiveness. 

Ask them about peace.

That’s John’s message for this week:  Question what you think you know about people, about history and the history that is being made right now.  Ask how you know the things you know, ask if there is a better person, on the other side, who might have a more accurate story.  Then ask them.  See if it explains anything.  See how information and disinformation affects the world.

And understand that knowledge is your tool to be used to bring peace into your life.

Yesterday I was reading along in the book, Eat Pray Love.  It’s a great book.  WAY better than the movie.  I keep hitting upon tidbits of information relevant to the current conversation, such as (and this is not a direct quote, but paraphrased from memory):

There is a meditation to go up.  Go up seven levels, last place, Heaven.  Is easy to get to.  There is another meditation, not for beginners.  It is to go down.  Seven levels down.

If up is heaven, then down must be…?

Seven sad levels. 

What is the destination?

Is the same, Heaven.  The universe is a circle.  The destination is the same, only the journey is different, through seven levels of happiness, or seven levels of sadness.  So difficult for young ones to understand.

This ties into a conversation I was having with John while walking on a beach.  I had come to understand that life on other planets can exist on a higher vibration than our own, and so they are not as heavy, as utterly incarnated as we, as far removed from heaven.  There are levels.  I asked John to tell me more, and he said, “Okay, draw in the sand.”

I drew an arch in the sand.  This is earth.  Now draw more arcs above.  Another.  Another.  Okay, you’re done.  That top one is heaven. 

I noticed that I had drawn seven arcs, and that a rainbow best described what I’d created in the sand.  I understood the rainbows are a reflection of our connection to heaven.  This is why pets cross the “rainbow bridge”.  This is why Ravi’s sitar music “fills the house with rainbows”.

I directed my attention to lower vibrations.  What about below earth’s vibration, what’s there?

My hand drew nothing.

When I read the above excerpt from Eat Pray Love, I understood what my two-dimensional drawing lacked – two more dimensions.  In this way I could really understand the nature of the vibrations that make up our universe, the vibrations of the higher and the lower.  The shades of a rainbow that neither begins nor ends.

This is going to require a *lot* of meditation to understand.

Which brings me to my next little update:  another synchronicity.  Sweetie and I have wanted for a while to attend this upcoming deep-relaxation yoga meditation led by a visiting guru.  The cost was $60 each, and includes a balanced Indian vegetarian dinner.

We’d wanted to go, but the extra money we had was eaten up by our New Year’s trip. 

Here’s where it starts to get good:  Ellie handed Sweetie a check for $120, commission for goods sold in Ellie’s store in the past two months.  Score!

I called up the director and booked our spot with the organizer, Dee.  She asked, “Are you the Kate who works at the hospital?”


“I have heard about your abilities, and I put out an order to meet you.  Here you are, two days later, calling me!”

I haven’t put up posters yet and already, word of mouth is spreading.  This is such a surprise! 

I think we’re going to have a great weekend. 

I asked John if he’d like to come along for our meditation, and he’s happy to pop in.  Instantly, I get George in telling me John likes to showboat during meditations.  He likes to make people laugh. 

“John, if you come, you’d have to let me meditate!  I want to get the most learning from this experience, so no distractions, please.”

George says, “I’ll come too, just to make sure.”

13 thoughts on “John Lennon Friday – Rainbows

  1. I enjoyed your post today it’s great! I did have question/comment when we speak with the spirits of those who have past aren’t they still holding onto “their” perspective? Meaning if you asked 3 different spirits about a certain temple would they give you the same description? Or may it be better to just ask the 7th dimension for that answer. Would love to know your thoughts on this. Thank you!


    • I don’t know. I haven’t asked three different spirits the same questions.

      I do understand that some spirits continue to identify more with their earth legacy than others: for example, John is still very much John Lennon. Same jokes, personality, patterns of speaking. I was not a beatles fan prior to this, because I don’t really remembers names of things, “Imagine” was a song of my paren’t time. I didn’t know that a guy named John Lennon wrote it. So in talking to John, becoming more interested about him and then watching videos of him and saying “Yes! That’s the face! That’s the walk, the laugh, the voice,” I can in this way confirm that he’s chosen to maintain the indentity of his last incarnation on the other side, because doing so helps him continue his work.

      That’s how I understand it.


      • George Harrison, on the other hand, has pretty much dropped the “Harrison of the Beatles” part of his identity. He’s George. He’s a friend of John, and he’s doing pretty much his own thing. He’s teaching in a beautiful pavillion – this is what he has shown me. I wonder if he showed it to someone else, if they’d see the same thing, or if their brain would translate the telepathic energy exchange differently, to create a different image.

        Just because I interpret what anyone tells me telepathically in one way, that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely, infallibly correct.

        On the other hand, when I visited my friend Toni’s farm, I found that much of it I’d already seen through the eyes of the cat and chickens. It looked different through my human eyes, yet the same elements were present. I think in general, the “gyst” of the message would be the same, if you asked three spirits the same question.


      • But I get what you’re driving at – do all spirits experience the temples on the other side in the same way, and therefore would they communicate the same description?

        Well, it seems that you can manipulate the environment to be whatever you need or prefer. Emily Carr likes to stretch her workspace so she can work on canvases that are several stories high. In the library, some spirits like to read off of scrolls that are large and dramatic to handle, while others prefer to sit in a cushy chair and thumb through a little fat book that looks like a thesaurus.


  2. awesome post!! Love the rainbow analogy. I was always wondered where the pet rainbow bridge came from, but curious as to why we never heard of a rainbow bridge for people?

    As for the seven levels down…does that mean there is a hell? So many connected people ( as well as Erik from CE) explain that troubled souls go to a special place for rehabilitation.
    Thanks again for a great thought provoking post


    • I remember a line from eat pray love: you go up through happiness or down through suffering, but the destination is the same.

      I think it’s a circle, up or down you find the same connection. Dies that make sense?


      • Ok…I guess I kinda get that….so if a soul dies that needs rehab…it goes down along the circle and then up?
        I love these conversations! Thanks Kate!
        Oh…and I have to tell you something that happened to me today! I was walking Sherry and we came across this beautiful white bird…long legs…long neck…I’m sorry but I don’t know what it’s called, but it was pretty close and sitting just away enough so that we weren’t a threat….I looked into its eyes and said in my head “hello there!” And then I comment on how small it’s head was and what a tiny brain it must have…..well right away I hear in my head….”you have a small brain too!” LOL! I think I’m losing it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s relative to body size. Crows and Ravens are enourmously intelligent- working out puzzles that dogs are unable to!


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