Oh, Hell.


Or hell hound.

Courtney baked us banana bread yesterday and came over for another visit.  I told her about the little creature, she apologized.  I had to keep insisting that apologies are not necessary; in fact, this whole exposure is a welcome learning experience.

I did another reading for her, and we talked some more about the various creatures she sees when she goes “into hell”, which I now understand a lot more as simply being a lower vibration, or lower dimension.

When Sylvia Browne wrote on her website that she and her son would never blame things in your life upon negatives because they don’t exist, it really didn’t sit right with me.  And then I remembered that I actually saw her on Montel Williams advising a woman to move because she had a nasty spirit in her house that was causing her client and the family to become sick and fight. 

Sometimes I wonder if Sylvia and her team has to take into account her vast following when they post definitive statements.  If a million people read that and believe negatives don’t exist, would it reduce the fear they feed upon?

Not that I tend to take advice from Bible-thumpers, but something I heard on 100 Huntley comes to mind:  “Those people who dispute the existence of the devil need only to look at the sorrow and suffering in this world for proof.”  At this point, I have no doubt that negatives do exist.  I’ve experienced them just as strongly as I have ghosts, spirits on the other side and telepathic communication with regular, incarnated animals.

There are a lot of explanations for the sorrow and suffering in this world.  I don’t think there’s a head-hauncho devil.  But, what I learned last night has me thinking that there does exist these lower-dimension / vibration beings, which exist because of and are nourished by the abundant negativity they find in this world.

The thing is, of the creatures shown to me by Courtney last night, these are not inherently “bad” things.  I guess it depends upon how you categorize evil.

I decided to talk to Courtney’s hell hound, just as I’d talk to any other creature. 

What was interesting was a distinct lack of “personality”.  Our dogs have their base instincts, their breed drives, but layered over top is their individuality, their soul experience.  This hell hound was very single-minded.  “I am guarding.  I want to eat.”  Is all it really said to me… which doesn’t mean that’s all it thinks, just that is the only thing he wanted to share.

I do like to ask animals to share their eating experiences with me, because in this way I can really get an understanding of what it’s like to be an eagle, cat, sea lion, dog, chicken, etc.  So this hell hound shared with me his experience of consuming negativity.

It’s like being a vacuum.  It’s so quick, and he’s able to consume the anger and sorrow in an entire institution in a few seconds.  Doing so makes him feel wired, wild, buzzed.  Being hungry means he feels slow, dull, tired.

So this is an experience of an energy parasite.  They’re no different from other parasites, like tapeworms.  Just like tapeworms, energy parasites exist for a reason, have evolved and specialized according to the environment.  Just like tapeworms, they’re not going to vacate their home just because we communicate and ask them nicely to move on.  No.  They’re going to stay.  We must INSIST they go.

Sweetie actually has her own version of a low-vibration follower.  She has a spider.  He presented himself as an incarnated spider on the “spirit chair” in our living room this morning.  This is the chair we generally reserve for visiting spirits who come to join our conversations.

I have a thing about spiders.  They scare me.  I have good reasons:  As a child, I once woke up with a spider on my face.  Another time, a wolf spider raced out of my shoe, up my leg and bit me – a pain I’ll never forget.

Sweetie told me this morning that last night, “Something got in.  It was standing over me.  There was a claw or something in my shoulder.”

Well the something looked like a hairy human spirit / entity, with a wolfish head. Sweetie awoke enough to call in her cavalry which expelled the entity, yet she was still aware of this “claw” in her shoulder.

That claw was her spider.

Sweetie’s totem is the Grandmother Spider.  This follower she has is a male spider/animal creature, who was attracted to her after we moved to the region.  Sweetie, like a typical spider, loved to hang in her indoor hammock (or web) and knit (weave.)  This dark spider just likes to be with her.  He does not feed from her, he feeds from the negative energies that surround the property. 

Just like spiders control the balance of bothersome insects in your house (roaches, silverfish etc.) dark spiders control the population of bothersome negative fauna in a region.  There was a LOT of negatives in our apartment and the neighboring boat house up until a couple of months ago when I became more aware of them and actively started changing the energy in the house, and addressed the structure beside us which carried the burden of “bad men doing bad things.”

In addition to the “bad men” torturing animals and people in the building next door to us, the property used to be a fish cannery, and I’ve had contact with one spirit woman who died in an accident at this cannery and had lingered for almost a century before we helped her to finally “go into the light”.

And in the last 15 years, the property owner’s son was said to have committed suicide… in our apartment.

We have since learned from contact with him (via another psychic) that he didn’t commit suicide, but died accidentally.  The thing is, this young man was so loved in the community and his death was such a shock that immense sorrow and anger was directed towards this property and the dead man’s father, who was blamed as “driving him to it.”

So all in all, we have over 100 years of intense negativity accumulating in our home.  It’s amazing what we’ve done with the place in three months.  I’ll also reiterate the help we’ve had from our energy-working friend, Maggie, who first drew our attention to the weirdness we were only borderline aware of at the time.  Maggie has been working on draining away the negative energy from our house for nine months now.

The biggest difference was noticed after we performed the cleansing ritual around the boathouse, containing and declaring an ultimate cleansing over time of the property.  We have had a huge reduction in invasive negative energies since we performed this ritual, and the whole apartment feels better.

To drive the point home, Courtney said that a negative wouldn’t even want to hang out in a place like ours – the energy vibration is too high for them.  It would be too much work.  She is unaware of the property’s history, so it’s nice confirmation that all our work is paying off.

Sweetie’s spider showed me how the property used to have abundant “food” for him and there were many dark spiders crawling over it.  He is a dark spider, of the same vibration as these energy vampires, but he’s really on our side.  He eats those energy vampires.  He now has to go a bit further afield to get his food, but he returns because he likes Sweetie, and he has suggested that Sweetie weave a complex web outside our house to trap these negatives in the web before they can even get inside.  He will then happily eat them for us.

It’s interesting.  Now that I’ve become *aware* of these dark fauna, I can now see them.  I just had to become attuned to them.  They’re not scary, they’re just nature – another aspect of nature.

But they *thrive* upon negative emotion.  Fear.  Anger.  Sorrow.  Depression.  That’s why they’re here.  The clever ones can manipulate their environment to produce more of this.

This is different from spirits who are / were mean or nasty people, and are not moving on, who continue to terrorize in spirit form the way they did when they were incarnate.  Leigh Hopkin’s story of the house cleansing with Echo Bodine comes to mind.

In the end, it all goes back to the lessons from Psychic Kids.  Control your fear.  Address negatives head on.  Insist they leave you, your loved ones, your property.  You can manifest whatever tools you require to accomplish this, and you can always ask for help.

I understand now why the psychic teachers take the psychic kids to really creepy bed & breakfasts, haunted by negative spirits or energy impressions:  to show them that the scary things out there only feed on fear, and you can control their food and push them away.

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