I’ve succumbed to a cold.  (Moan, groan, sniffle.)

It’s been interesting to observe how this mild illness affects my psychic awareness.  In a way, it doesn’t affect my *awareness*, but it affects my motivation to make the effort to communicate. 

Basically all I’ve been doing is saying, “I know you’re there, please come back later to talk to me when I’m healthy again.” 

It’s almost strange to be living completely within my own brain again.  I realize now how much I used sound to drown out the possibility of hearing someone in spirit form – TV, music, podcasts, all sounds that take up the brain space that is required for telepathic communication.  I found myself compelled to have TV shows on almost all day yesterday.

Sunshine came up to me and admonished me for getting my “low, blue, sick vibrations all over the house.”  She called in heaven’s cleaners to suck up my grossness from the atmosphere.  Sweetie was noticing it too, and finding it difficult to keep the apartment clean, even though I barely left the bedroom.

So please, send me some healing vibes today.  I believe I can get over this cold in a couple of days, with the help of healing from you, my sweetie, my angels and heaven’s healers.  After all, they cured my back when I threw it out last week. 

I haven’t had a chance to write about the meditation we experienced this weekend, so I’ll catch up on that now:

I took the class hoping to gain some more tools I could use for my psychic work, and I did.  The physical part of the yoga practice was the most difficult for me, and not because I’m out of shape at all (I am a little bit, but I can certainly handle the light stretching they were asking me to do.)

I have some gym glass baggage, in that I feel compelled to at least “keep up with the class”.  I found myself frustrated with the teacher’s instructions, and what we were doing wasn’t feeling good to my body, in fact, it was ramping up a lot of anxiety.  The worst part was we were doing all this stretching just on one leg, which was causing an imbalance in my body, which was making me feel upset.  I was already anxious to be in such a large group setting and honestly, my strongest feelings were to leave immediately and go home, where I felt safe and in control of my environment.

So I ended up having a quiet cry as I gave up on the exercise and simply stretched both of my legs out, simultaneously, ballet-style.  Shortly thereafter, I understood what the teacher was trying to do – she was creating an imbalance in the body intentionally.  She asked the class to observe how their right leg felt in comparison to the left one, to notice how the body was, and how it can be.  I wish these teachers would tell you where they’re going with this stuff – if I’d understood the point was to feel the imbalance, I wouldn’t have been so anxious about it.

It was at this point in the class that George showed up and said, “Never mind, sweetheart, just follow me.”

So for the rest of the physical part of the class, I followed what George was showing me and what my body was telling me, while keeping an eye and ear out for what was going on in the class.  It seemed that George was a half-step in front of the teacher, because I found myself moving into a stretch a few seconds before she asked the class to do so.  In this way, I was relieved of the anxiety of having to “keep up”.

The second half of the class was the meditation.  A young yogi, whose name I promised myself I’d remember but escapes me now, led the class through a series of exercises designed to open the mind into a state of deep relaxation. 

I tell you, I just LOVE this guy.  Even though he was speaking through a thick Indian accent, I found I completely understood all of his instruction.  I think this is because he was picturing what he wanted very clearly in his mind, and his words were secondary to his telepathic communication.  I immediately trusted this guy.  George sat with me through the whole class, giving me additional visualization tools to help with the process.

One thing George gave me during an “Ohmn” chant was a blooming rose.  I watched the rose bloom outwards endlessly, a visual to focus upon in order to calm and still my mind.  This same rose would close into a bud when I would breathe deeply in, and bloom outwards as I exhaled. 

My favourite part was when we were instructed to cover our eyes, plug our ears and “Make the Bee sound” – a high, buzzing sound that reminds me of a mosquito actually.  I understood this is the sound my friend uses when he wants to have out of body experiences at will – it’s very effective when you want to raise your vibration.

Come to think of it, I should do that meditation a few times today, given that my low energy has been contaminating out apartment and creating extra work for Sunshine!

After the class was done, we had a wonderful dinner of Indian food that was balanced for our “dosha” – the Indian way of describing the energy we have.  It was a wonderful meal.

I have since exchanged a few emails with the North American teacher.  I’m still figuring out the best way to roll out this “psychic” thing to other in a way that’s not scary or off-putting.  One thing that happened during the meditation was one of her spiritual teachers on the other side said he needed and wanted some assistance communicating with her.  I then understood that is who I was meant to meet – the class teacher.

I was given a few questions to ask her, “Why did you go to India?” was among them.  This opened her right up and she talked about her passion for yoga, her goal of getting yoga into the public schools and she talked about her spiritual teacher and best friend who’d passed away.  I was almost overcome with love and happiness meant to pass on to her – I wanted to get up and hug her, to pass on all of this love I was feeling directed towards her.

Where initially she’d said “no” saying her time was quite limited, I followed up with an email explaining how we wouldn’t have to have an obligation towards each other, just an open door, through which conversation, information and maybe even friendship could pass.  She agreed.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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