How much of life are we actually living, anyway?


I enjoy listening to a lot of psychic podcasts.  You can subscribe to them through itunes, and it’s all free to download.  So far my top faves are:  Lisa Williams, Christopher Reburn, Laura Stinchfield (the pet psychic) and Fog City Psychic (I forget her name right now).

I enjoy listening to other psychics talk about their work because it’s good to hear how different people come down on the same issues.  Such as ethics, for example.  I’ve mentioned before that Christopher Reburn (and John Edwards) are of the opinion that if they receive the message, the message is from God and they are duty-bound to deliver it.  Lisa Williams was recently asked on her show what she thought of those psychics who go up to random people on the street and just start giving them messages.

Lisa comes down in the same camp as I do: first, look at the content of the message, and the context of delivery.  I do find a lot of my own social filter goes out the window when I’m in medium mode, but I to try to stay in touch with my empathy and consider how the message would affect the person hearing it.  It also helps, when I remember, to ask for divine help with the delivery of the message – there are some really good word-smiths on the other side.

One thing I’m seeing a lot in these podcasts, sometimes from the psychics and other times from the callers, is the idea of our “Charts” catching on.

Charts is something that I first heard from Sylvia Browne – the chart we come into life with being our basic plan, our checklist of experiences and things we want to accomplish.  This chart includes optional experiences, and options to dial up or down the intensity of these learning experiences.  But I have never heard Sylvia Browne say “Everything happens for a reason.”

I have heard a lot of other people say that “Everything happens for a reason.”  Even terrible things.  It’s true, we do come into life with some difficult experiences charted into our lifetime… but that doesn’t mean that everything bad that happens to us or our loved ones was planned.

Christopher Reburn has also said that he doesn’t believe anyone comes into this life to experience abuse.  He doesn’t believe the destruction of the twin towers on Sept 11th was a charted event – that no one was charted to die that way, on that day.

I remember talking having a conversation with Sweetie and our spirit guides about people being on or off of their charts, and how sometimes people can die “accidentally”, meaning, die when they were not charted to exit.  This happened with my friend Ben, who was then obliged to reincarnate quite quickly so he could take another crack at his chart.

If someone can die accidentally, despite the best efforts of our guides, then there must be an element of randomness in all of this, right?

Sweetie’s guide showed me how some people can go so far off of their charts that they can begin to wreak havoc not only on their own charts, but on the life plans of others around them.  In this example, Clara showed me a frantic guide who called in all kinds of angels and teacher-guides to help her – they were all sending speeding traffic towards this chaotic person trying to take him out of his incarnation, get him back on the other side so he would stop doing damage to others’ missions.

It was a pretty funny image, actually.

Personally, I’m convinced that there is this unplanned element to incarnation on this planet.  Some people have suggested to me that even this randomness could be orchestrated by some all-knowing higher power.  That perhaps Ben was after all, meant to die at the “wrong” time so that he could have rapid incarnations within the same family.  I suppose that’s true, but it doesn’t sit right with me.

Neither am I comfortable with the idea of such a catastrophic event such as the recent tsunami in Japan as an uncharted event – the ripples of such an event effected millions of people. 

I don’t know.  At the end of the day, we do have free will.  We make the choice every day to walk out our door and live our life, or to stay home and miss an awesome concert.  We live with the results, either way.  It can’t all be planned.  It can’t all be random.


4 thoughts on “How much of life are we actually living, anyway?

  1. Time and time again have I asked myself that same question…and I never come up with a good answer. And that was an interesting example you brought up, with the spirits working hard to try and get a certain human “out of his incarnation” so that he would stop messing up people’s charts. In other words, the person’s own spirit guide was trying to kill him? I gotta say, that sounds a bit… well… unpleasant. Yet I can absolutely imagine it happening, in extreme cases. But still, very very disturbing!


  2. Yeah, in other words, this person’s guide was so desperate, and the incarnated person was so far off and wreaking so much havoc, they were trying to “take him out.” In that case, after he missed all the speeding traffic, he clutched his chest and died of a massive heart attack.

    I’m getting corrected now that the speeding “near miss” traffic was not intended to hit him, because that would mean the drivers of the vehicles would have to live with the results / fallout of having killed another person. The near miss was intended to trigger the heart attack. Guides have to work very hard to minimize the impact that making last-minute changes may have on other’s charts.

    See, I get into trouble when I draw my own conclusions / fill in the blanks 😉


  3. Personally, I believe everything is charted. Even unexpected decisions seem to be in harmony with where I was going anyway.
    With faith and prayer I try to stay on task. I have made some wonderful progress by doing this. When meditating, I focus on “The Golden Path” which is representative of my Higher Guide, Evelyn. She is draped in gold and white light.


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