Help & Making Friends with Heaven


We have a single Beatles album that’s been in our car playing almost constantly for the past three weeks.  In the process, I’ve memorized the lyrics to the song “Help”.

The first time we listened to this album, John sat in the back seat of the car rattling off commentary about the songs, what was happening in their lives when they wrote them, what some of them are *really* about, alternate dirty lyrics they sang at Christmas time, and hey, did you know the “nah-nah-nah” part at the end of “Hey Jude” is something that George & Ringo came up with on impulse in the studio? 

It was this first time I heard the song Help, and I understood it was one of John’s first prayers. 

Help.  I need somebody.  Help.  Not just anybody. 

I’ve never really been one for formal prayer.  When I was younger (so much younger than today) I decided that God was real, and if I wanted to talk to him I simply spoke.  Or whispered.  That’s all.  This form of prayer has perpetuated when I talk to Azna, or to my guides, or to John, for that matter.  All I have to do to be heard is simply to speak and know in my heart that they will hear.

In my 20s, years would go by and I’d forget about talking to anyone on the other side.  I never needed help in any way.  But I’d always remember how to speak/pray whenever I needed Help. 

Help me if you can, I’m feeling down.


That’s the logical time to reestablish contact with anyone, right?  When you need Help.


So when I’d approach Heaven with a need, I’d feel unworthy.  Hey there, we haven’t spoken for a while but, uh, could you do me a solid and please, please help me?

I wonder if this is why we sometimes feel so separate from heaven?  If your whole relationship with the other side is only asking for help, that would affect anyone’s self-esteem in a negative way.  You’d feel like a bit of a shit, giving nothing, always asking.

Now these days are gone I’m not so self-assured, I find I need you like I’ve never done before.

Last Tuesday I was driving to work at 6 am.  The weather was scary.  I should have stayed home, really, but I went anyway.  I needed to put chains on my front tires just to get out to the highway.  The roads were icy, the winds were bringing branches down on to the road.  Eventually I was obliged to remove the chains so I could drive faster than 20 km/hour.

Then I saw a sign – Prepare To Stop!  Hydro Repair.  Cold fear shivered over me – if I had to stop on any one of those hills, I would not be able to start again.  I would not be able to put the chains back on, and if this happened on a corner, other traffic might not see me.  Shit!

“Help.  Help!  I need everyone here, right now!  Help me!”

And they all came, instantly.  I knew they were there.  Both my guides.  My guardian relatives.  John and George.  The car was surrounded by angels, George, talking me down. 

Help me get my feet back on the ground. 

George, telling me I’d be okay.  Explaining they were moving obstacles, they were helping the tire traction.  And he gave me a mantra – John’s song, Help.

I focused on the song, whispering it as I drove cautiously through potential obstacles and dangers.  I arrived at work safely and felt very well taken care of. 

I didn’t feel at all like an ungrateful shit, or a mooch.  Not this time.  The difference is that I already had a relationship, a friendship, with the people who came to help me.  Of course they came to help me, we’re friends.  We’ve got each other’s backs, and I already trust them.

We’re already working together, we count on each other.

There’s a lot to be said for making friends with Heaven.  Whether or not you’re a psychic in training, I think this experience of mine is a good example of why we should all talk to heaven.  Talk to the people we know in heaven.  Talk to our guides, talk to God and Azna in Heaven.   Make friends, because we’re here from Heaven anyway – we’re on assignment from the other side and no matter who you are, incarnation is a big job.  It’s a lot nicer to ask for help from a friend.

Every now and then, we’re all going to need Help.

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