I’ve been *trying* to work on a particular blog entry for days now, and I’m finding it difficult to complete, meanwhile, time races on and other entries are wanting to be written. 

The last week has been full of readings – several readings a day.  Every reading is beautiful and wonderful, even the ones that are sharing, venting, expressing pain from a trauma experienced during life or by death. 

This is truly sacred work and I feel so blessed to be doing it.  I see the healing that readings facilitate every day.  How amazing is this?

I also have started to provide services to paying clients, which is gratifying too – referrals by word of mouth are circulating, and asking for modest payment in exchange for my service is a huge relief as it literally allows me to afford to do this work, in that I can afford to spend the time, rather than taking on other paid work to survive.

And this work is fulfilling to me in ways I had never imagined a job could be – and I’ve worked some really great jobs in my short working career.

In lieu of the entry I’ve been working on, I’m going to link to Wendy’s latest entry:

What she’s talking about providing outlets for animals to fulfil themselves at their most base, instinctual level ressonates with the last two animal readings I did this week.  One was a *really* energetic husky cross who, despite being exercised almost constantly, was still feeling restless and unsure.  It turns out she craved a stronger leadership – she needed a hero to worship.  Her Mom at first thought that her dog wanted nothing more than freedom, freedom and more freedom, when in fact, the dog didn’t know what to do with freedom in the absence of purpose.  The dog needed a job, something to DO with her energy and brain, something to feel satisfied with.

In contrast, I talked with a young dog yesterday afternoon who is happily, utterly fulfilled in every way imaginable.  Her energy was so relaxed, at peace.  Her people had found a great balance of exercise, leadership and love.  She is a very, very lucky dog.

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