A song from George, to “The Children”

This came through me in about 15 minutes this morning.  Incredible.  George has taught me the chords for this song, so, I’ll practice playing it tonight and hopefully post it on you-tube so you can hear it.  For now, the lyrics really stand on their own:

Life’s a Ukulele

Sometimes when I’m feelin’ down, and life is seemin’ crazy

My mind is gettin’ hazy, my body’s gettin’ lazy

There’s something I remember – a secret so amazing

Life’s a Ukulele!  Oh Life’s a ukulele!

Life’s a four-string harmony, So pretty in simplicity

An unassuming symphony, Resplendent, synchronicity

I play the ukee for myself, And then I play for others

Fathers and the mothers, Sisters and the brothers

Oh Life’s a four-string harmony – A life-long university

A garden of diversity, A mystery of certainties

And so this simple song I play To soothe my restless noggin’

And so to you I play this tune, And hope you’ll be applaudin’

Oh yes Life’s a Ukulele!

A tune you’re always playing

A rhyme you’re always sharing

A song that’s never-ending.

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