My father.

I awoke right at dawn today, hearing Kurt’s “Pennyroyal Tea” song.


“Your Dad’s here.”

My father pulled up in a bright red Porche.  For a second I was shocked – was my father dead?  No, Kurt assured me, he’s just out of body.

And so I turned my attention to my father who had come to visit me.  I understood I was talking to the part of my father that is higher up, the part he becomes when he leaves his body.  I think some people describe this as talking to a person or animal’s “higher self”.

When I discuss or learn things as my higher self, out of body, during my nighttime lectures, I don’t bring the complete memory back to me.  I understood intuitively that my father would not remember this.

My dad explained something about his incarnate state of mind, and how this made him struggle with me being psychic.  The real stumbling block is the intuitive realization for him that I’m his beloved Oma, come back to him as his kid.  Oma spent more time raising my father in his early years in Germany than his own parents did.  He mourned her death terribly.  It’s beyond his conscious capabilities to integrate the idea that I used to be her.    Yet today, as he slept, my father came to visit me as my grandson.

It was incredibly emotional.

We both cried.

I became aware of an illness within my father, and began healing – I had to call in a lot of help because it was exhausting.  I found a huge growth behind his kidney that had adhered to his back – this required careful removal and a lot of cleansing and healing.  Then I cleansed his kidneys and urinary tract, removing a lot of tiny particulate, and I understood it was his blood pressure medication and his diet that are causing these stones.  I cleansed his fat cells, seeing they were saturated with toxins, which is what caused the growth to form.

By the time we got to his bowel I had to stand aside and allow one of heaven’s healers to take over.  When we were done, my father’s organs looked good as new.

But I knew that unless he instituted the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, his organs would begin to feel the strain again.

I got a detailed look into the many past lives I’ve shared with my father.  Funny, I forget what they are right now.  Sigh, what a clumsy contraption this brain is.



2 thoughts on “My father.

  1. This is a perfect opening to ask a question that has been dogging me for days. I couldn’t quite figure out how to phrase it but your situation with your father gives me the perfect example.

    I’ve read a number of animal communication books in which the communicators describe speaking with an animal who has passed on but who has also already reincarnated, perhaps into the same family. They are able to speak both with the personality who passed on and the personality currently alive as if they are two different entities.

    So I’ve been wondering if the same is true with humans — if it is possible for a person to be accessible as both a currently incarnate being but also as the spirit of the person they were in their previous life. To use your situation as an example, if your father had a reading with a psychic, would he be able to communicate with his Oma (i.e. you) as that entity in spirit even while that entity has already reincarnated as you?


    • I have no idea.

      I have not personally experienced being able to communicate with someone who is reincarnated as someone else.

      Sometimes, I’ve been told that a relative who we’re trying to contact is unavailable, and someone close will come instead. Often a sibling or parent to the person we’re trying to contact. When we ask where the unavailable person is, sometimes it comes back that they’re incarnated, sometimes they’re simply busy and would have to work very hard to interrupt what they’re doing to come down to our level.

      The concepts can get confusing when we also start to consider the non-linear aspect of time.

      I don’t know. I’ve recently encountered the experience of a person or animal’s “higher self” – a concept that’s under debate among psychics too. Probably what you’re talking about will tie into that, I think. We’ll see how our learning progresses.


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