Ghost Dog Toenails.

When I was in my early 20s, I has already left home at the time my childhood dog, a standard Schnauzer named Heidi, passed away.  I didn’t even know she was sick at the time, and even though I loved her, I didn’t really cry for her when I heard she’d died. 

When I returned home for Thanksgiving a month or so later, I arrived at 4 am.  I opened the door, a familiar sound that was part of daily life when I lived at home, followed by another sound:  Heidi’s toenails excitedly scuffling on the hardwood in a happy dance welcoming me home. 

With the toenail scrabbling was the familiar jingle of her tags, and her excited *heavy breathing* – not really a pant, just an “I’m here, and I love you!”

That was the last time I made contact with Heidi until almost a decade later, when, after I’d finally succeeded in clearing my mind during a meditation, Heidi popped into my mind to tell me how much she still enjoyed on going for walks with me and my other dogs. 

This is how I discovered that Heidi, my companion on all my bush walks in childhood, was still escorting me through the streets of the city and now, through the tangled paths of the rainforest. 

I was so happy that I did cry.

This conversation with Heidi was my first successful back & forth contact using telepathic techniques.  Most of us are transmitting our thoughts outward all the time, which can be picked up on by other people, animals, insects – anyone.  In fact, most of us are picking up on the thoughts of others too, but we may not realize it.

But to communicate telepathically *consciouslly* – that’s something few people seem to do, although more are learning and even more, I believe, are coming into life with their psychic radio turned up high.

This week, we’ve gotten visits from Mocha almost daily.  It usually starts with hearing her toenails click on the laminate flooring, followed by her “heavy breathing”.  She showed up yesterday and I heard the distinct *thump* of her flopping down on the floor beside me to take a nap.  She showed me all the running around she’d been doing in heaven, and I guess she decided to return to our house to have a rest.

She will show up at supper time too, sometimes I feel that distinct cattle dog stare.  Can I have some of that?  That’s what I get for allowing her to beg for food. 

At first, I had to send her away.  I wasn’t used to her physical absence yet, and seeing her in spirit was too painful.  But now, it’s nice.  And it’s comforting to know that she still comes with us for all of our walks. 

I think when your pet’s version of heaven includes visits back to your house, it’s a great compliment.

2 thoughts on “Ghost Dog Toenails.

  1. You have such an incredible talent in communicating with the animals! Thank you for your free reading a while back it was very nice to meet you. Hope the winds of change take you on a new and brighter opportunities. I think a lot of people have gone through a lot of harships recently. From my own experience I can say I am thankful now for the hard times because it led me on a much better path and my life purpose. Change brings with it beautiful surprises!


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