Rainbow Ranch

One unusual aspect to being psychic and gay is that I get to come out twice.  I usually roll out the gay part first.  If someone’s not cool with the gay part, they’re really going to flip out at the psychic part.  People can be afraid of what they don’t understand. 

A lot of people have confusion around what it means to be psychic.  Generally, the umbrella term “psychic” can mean being aware of all the things around us which we don’t directly experience through our eyes and ears.  Maybe you see auras, maybe you can talk to animals, or ghosts, or people in heaven.  Maybe you see things that might happen. 

It’s never anything like lottery numbers though.  Otherwise we’d all spend our lives at the casino.  And the casinos would go out of business pretty quickly.

There are a lot of different kinds of psychics.  More and more adults are developing psychic skills, so many kids coming into life have their psychic radar turned up to full power.  These poor parents, trying to raise psychic children.  They always know what they’re getting for Christmas.  Or when the parents are making empty threats. 

“I’ll turn this car around!” 

“No you won’t, you’re late for work.” 

You thought you’d never have to live up to your mother-in-law’s expectations after she finally died. 

“Grandma says you’re making the macaroni wrong.”

A lot of people’s immediate fear of psychics is that they’ll read your mind, invade your privacy in some way.  I will not read anyone without their permission.  It’s unethical. 

Psychic kids on the other hand, don’t have these boundaries yet.  If you’re worrying about something, or feeling guilty about something, or thinking about a secret, that is the first thing a psychic kid will pick up on. 

“Mommy went shopping and bought a dress and hid it in the closet.”

“Daddy said he was working but he was golfing.”

“Our principal wrestles with the school secretary.”

It also seems to be really common for psychic kids to foresee the death of people close to them, or to know every detail of a death that occurred, which can be very frightening for everybody. 

When she was 15, my sweetie predicted the death of an ailing uncle, which wasn’t a surprise.  But when she foresaw the death of a healthy, young friend who got hit by a train, she really shut it down.  (Things like this, coupled with talking to a dead rock star and a huge amount of catholic guilt baggage, were just too overwhelming for a young woman who had no support system to cope with these phenomena.)

I’ve had a secret fantasy for ten years now:  to have a ranch, fill it with all sorts of animals including horses, llamas, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, senior animals, rescues and some fosters, and provide healing and educational opportunities to young people and anyone in need of healing.  Animals are such amazing teachers.
Initially, I saw mostly kids with physical disabilities getting therapy on horseback.  Riding a gentle horse can be as beneficial as swimming with dolphins.  So much emotional healing can take place there too.

And it can go both ways.  Animals in recovery can learn and heal in this sort of an environment too. 

Now, I’m thinking how wonderful to add psychic kids to the mix.  People learning telepathic communication coming to learn and heal with animals who are doing the same thing.  How wonderful would it be, to live in a place where all this is normal?  How wonderful would it have been, when I needed it as a kid?

I think this would be my idea of heaven on earth.

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