Wow! Huge turnout for Psychic Saturday

Holy Moley!

I did my first “open house” yesterday, which is the first time I’ve “come out” publicly in our small community as psychic.  It was a screaming success!

I think my greatest anxiety about Psychic Saturday was what if no one showed up?  It never occurred to me that so many people would come, that I wouldn’t have time to get to everyone.

So we’re going to make it a regular thing.  Next month, we’ll have a sign up sheet, so people can register their interest and a time slot, so no one is stuck waiting for hours.  I was amazed that people were waiting for hours in the first place.  Wow.

I did a big preparation leading up to this event too.  I watched my diet carefully, and ended up eating mostly green and vegetable juices, with minimal flour and no sugar at all.  In the car on the way to the gallery, I listened to Laura Stinchfield’s Pet Psychic podcast – I don’t know why, but listening to her really helps me find my own psychic groove.

I asked for all the help I could get.  John and George, ever the allies, as well as Aries, my lifelong guide, showed up. I did a 15 minute meditation in the car before entering the gallery (in this case, one of Lisa William’s recorded meditations from her podcast.)

When I arrived I began to fuss a bit, setting up the space, pacing around, worrying in spite of myself.  Of course, John pulls his favourite trick out of his hat: the radio plays a Beatles song, in this case, a choir version of Paul’s Let It Be.  Nice one John, and thank you.  If I had any doubts my invisible friends were with me, that song settled it.

It was a really amazing group of people who showed up – one man, and the rest women.  Everyone arrived with open hearts, which is especially wonderful because it makes doing the readings so much easier.

Some people wanted to learn more about how a psychic works, how they might become psychic themselves – which is GREAT.  We even had a little psychic kid come in with her mother and her friend.  Sometimes I did readings for two friends simultaneously.  The easiest as usual were the pet readings.  Intuitive Mothers is right, this is where I really shine.  But, it’s only about 10% of the work I’m being called in to do.  I look at the animal communication as a wonderful frosting on the cake of services the community needs.

I think my favourite part of this work is all of the healing that a reading can facilitate.  Some people have unresolved thoughts they need to put to rest with regard to a loved one on the other side.  Some people are trying to make sense of something sad that happened to them.  It so happened that a local person died on Friday, and I had two people come in wanting to ask after him.  He was right there wanting everyone to know that he was okay and it had simply been his time to leave.

The only down side to Psychic Saturday – I seem to have lost my voice.  I don’t feel sick otherwise, just my vocal chords are swollen and it’s difficult to talk.  It’s strange, because I’ve had jobs before that required me to talk all day, and I never lost my voice.  I’m spending most of today in silence, and I hope I’ll be healed up soon.

One thought on “Wow! Huge turnout for Psychic Saturday

  1. Congratulations! That is not easy to put yourself out there from one intuitive to another we are all meant to support one another. Also, loved the vision of “rainbow ranch” could very well be your future that would be so exciting. Lots of great changes coming up! Tamara


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