Free Teleclass from Nedda

I thought I’d cross post this from an email I received:

A free teleclass on finding Divine Love.
Thursday, March 8 at 2 p.m. EST

Conference Call:  1-218-936-7999
Access:  288527
No Registration required.

If you are seeking love outside yourself, you are looking in the wrong places.

Finding Love and becoming Love is an achievable goal.

In this teleclass, you will learn the secrets of
~ How to find Love.
~ How to experience Love more fully.
~ How to become Love.
~ How to reflect, project, and radiate Love.

In this teleclass you will discover
~ The power of Love within you.
~ The places in your life where love is still missing.
~ Simple ways to bring love to those places.

Through this teleclass you will increase your
~ Love quotient.
~ Sense of being loved.
~ Commitment to bring more Love into your daily life.

Nedda is a great lady, I liked her very much.  I took a promotional teleclass from her a couple of months ago.  I won’t be available to take this teleclass, but all of her classes are recorded and the recordings are available on her website:

I also encourage you to sign up for her newsletter, because this is how I hear about her teleclasses.  

She’s an awesome animal communicator, a gifted teacher and an amazing psychic.

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