Om Namah Shivaya


I just had the best weekend.

I am so happy.

Sweetie & I have been reading this book of healing mantras

Sweetie selected a mantra a couple of weeks ago to help her move through some of the difficulties she’s been experiencing.  She selected the same mantra Ghandi used to help him let go of anger so that he would not have to reincarnate again.  (I enjoy the realization that Ghandi used to get pissed off.  Of course he did.  I like to picture Ghandi punching a wall when I feel frustrated.  It always makes me chuckle for some reason.)  She’s halfway through the 40 days of dedication, and she’s already noticing a big difference.

I had not selected a mantra as yet.  I just wasn’t sure which one to choose.  So much is happening in our lives right now.  I’m feeling a continual shift of our life, and my shoulders are becoming pointed squarely towards teaching, and so is my Sweetie. 

I’m going to start with a basic class of practical intuitive and psychic skills including psychic protection, grounding techniques, ethics, dealing with fear, meditation benefits and challenges and finally recognizing when a thought is “yours” or a message for you.  I think it’ll be once a week for six weeks. 

These are things I feel very strong with, and I know I can offer some experience and knowledge to those locals who decide to step forward and declare themselves students.  These are basics I feel that everyone should have access to, regardless of whether they consider themselves to be “psychic”.  It’s this sort of stuff I would love to be able to teach children as well – these are the things which really could have helped me as a psychic child.

I’m not really sure how it’s all going to roll out yet, but we made a huge step forward when Linda Keen, author of Intuition Magic, gave me permission and her blessing to teach from her book.  I’ve read dozens of “learn to be psychic” books, and Intuition Magic is the most concise, practical guide I’ve found.  (And I’m not saying that just because we also have the John Lennon thing in common, although that certainly greases the bearings of our relationship.)

I was recently approached by a different psychic who has a radio show, and she asked me if I’d be interested in being a guest on her show.  We could discuss the “psychic Saturdays” and the free development classes and what it’s like to live in a region where so many people are psychically “waking up”.  She said if I was interested in doing readings during the show, I could build up my client list a bit, which would further help support the “by donation” efforts I’m offering to the community.    And it’s true – the more paying clients I have, the more resources I have to forward this teaching thing.

This morning, Sweetie and I resumed our conversation about manifesting reality. 

When we’re not incarnated in bodies as clunky as our human form, it’s incredibly easy to manifest anything instantly.  That’s why we are so filled with doubt, I believe, when we focus on a manifesting something and it doesn’t roll around.  It takes a lot more TIME to manifest something when we’re incarnated on earth.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as challenging.

Manifestation can be as simple as turning water into wine, or as complex as transforming your entire life.  It’s the trappings of that manifestation that can make us tempted to doubt it’s happening.

Say I look at my wine glass full of water, and I meditate upon it turning into wine.  I see it in the glass.  I smell it.  I feel the glass inmy hand, and against my lips as I sip.  I taste the wine.  I feel it’s warmth in my body.  The water presently in the glass is not going to turn into wine as it sits in front of me.  At least, it hasn’t yet.

But you know what can happen?  A friend could give me a bottle of wine a week later.  Then I would drink it out of that glass and laugh by ass off.

Years ago, I was battling a cyclical depression brought about by living in an overwhelming city in a hectic 60hr/week job that paid the extremely high city bills but drained my very soul.  It would take me three years from the time I decided to change that life, until the job I have now fell into my lap, but I realize now that I did manifest this job for myself.

I specifically wanted a job that had a physical element, but not an exhausting one.  I wanted a job that helped people, that was interesting but easier than what I was doing (accounting).  Best of all, I wanted a job that was 30 hours a week, but paid enough for me to live off of.

I got all of those things.  Thanks to this job, our basic necessities are met.  We will not starve or become homeless, and I have the precious time and energy available to develop course materials, provide affordable readings to those searching, and to teach. 

When I sat in the cold fall air, facing a blazing sunrise in October last year, I prayed.  I said to heaven, “Okay, I’m ready.  I’m ready for all of it.  All of the psychic stuff I’ve been holding back, and that you’ve been protecting me from.  I’m ready for all of it, and I’m ready to do with it what heaven and what the earth needs.”

BAM.  Everything that had been coming through for over a decade began to amplify.  Paranormal activity in our apartment spiked.  My spirituality spiked with it.  I had to work hard to keep up, to keep grounded, to keep learning.  I love it.

I did not set out to become a professional psychic, all I said was “I’m ready to do your work.”

And it’s happening.  The elements are falling into place.  Bit by bit, I follow guidance to places, people, and it’s adding up to me launching classes.  Holy shit.  But it’s not just me that’s doing this.  I’m getting a great deal of help.

And this brings me to the simple, obvious discovery of my mantra for the next fourty days: 

Om Namah Shivaya

God’s will be done.

It’s laughable that I didn’t identify it before – it’s the first mantra I encountered in Sanskrit.  And it expresses perfectly what my approach to life has been ever since I prayed for my third eye to open completely last year.

It encompasses the child-like trust I have in this process.  I am not worried about money.  (This is a huge breakthrough for me, Sweetie can tell you how I used to panic when the bank account hit $0)  I will work hard, I do what I’m guided to do as necessary, but I will not worry.  This gift is from Heaven, I am doing God’s work, and in so doing, God* will take care of me.

Om Namah Shivaya.

  • In our limiting verbal language, I’ve chosen to use the word God.  I could have just as easily said the Creator, Heaven, Azna, Source or Spirit.  Please substitute liberally and at will.  I just picked the shortest word.


On my break, I saw that Sweetie had sent me this email:

So you know how I was talking this morning about mantras, and materializing and dematerializing forms, and secret knowledge of yogi masters?

This morning I was listening to an interview with this guy, Bob Frissell.  He talks about vibrational frequencies, and different worlds existing simultaneously on these various vibrational frequencies.  He says there’s a big shift underway and that it’s becoming necessary to recognize the underlying interconnectedness of everything, and that there’s really only one point of consciousness.  And that it’s easy to see the interconnectedness of things when things are in harmony, but less easy to see when things are not in harmony.
He touches on a lot of points that we’ve been talking about, basically. 

But one thing he talked about that was really interesting, was this guy Shiva Mahavatar Babaji.  *I’d* never heard of him before, but apparently he’s one of the many people in the crowd behind the Beatles on the Sgt. Pepper album cover (of *course* he is):
(upper right corner, to the left of the striped hat, I think?)

Among the claims made about this guy is that he is able to simply manifest a body whenever he wants one, or needs one.  The legend has it that he manifested himself as a young man of 18, and went in to claim his ashram.  (He was already was a well-known saint, and was able to somehow prove that he was who he said he was).

So these synchronicities keep piling up where I’m given some information and then, just so I’m not tempted to talk myself out of it, am immediately led to secondary sources.


Oh, and, this —

Remember the 3 translucent beads I was talking about that Kurt showed me?  They were in a string, and then superimposed over one another?

Well, I understand a bit more about that now.  These aren’t the dimensions themselves, but rather the vehicle with which to *transcend* dimensions.

(It sounds fuckin’ crazy, but…)

In Bob Frissell’s video he talks about something called the Merkabah.  It represents the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  He showed the Merkabah as bluish-green spinning energy fields that surround our bodies, and described them as “translucent”, and “superimposed over one another”.  Which is *exactly* what I saw — bluish-green translucent spheres, superimposed on top of each other.  I think I just *assumed* that they represented dimensions because I was being told about dimensions at the time.  And I also assumed that translucent beads, or spheres, was an arbitrary metaphor because I’d been stringing translucent green beads onto your scarf earlier in the day.  Not so, it seems!

So I saw *that* and went, “WHAT?!?  OMG!!”

Merkabah.  Wtf.


Om Namah Shivaya.

2 thoughts on “Om Namah Shivaya

    • Potentially, yes. You’ll see I wrote this six years ago, before I really knew better. You’re probably referring to my May 2018 post on why I do not smudge. As I said in my post about smudging (and the youtube video) this is not a black and white issue.

      There is a difference between learning a mantra or attending a meditation practice led by a Buddhist teacher / monk (which is where most of my meditative practice was learned, and mantra is a part of that practice) and exploiting the culture. It’s the difference between attending a pow-wow at your local Indian Friendship Center (First Nations) and being a white person making dream catchers and smudge bundles for sale on etsy.

      It’s a broad spectrum, and we all have to decide for ourselves what causes damage – and it’s important to elevate the voices of the people oppressed / affected. If you are Hindu and would like to provide me with feedback on this post, I’d welcome it. I have not had the opportunity to discuss this with a member of the Hindu community.

      Again, this post is six years old. I was experimenting with smudging around this time too.

      EDIT: There is also a difference between this and appropriating any part of First Nations ceremony. Hinduism is practiced by over 1 billion people in this world, and is the majority faith in some parts of the world. First Nations have had their home countries colonized, and have been systematically oppressed, their culture has survived over a century of government-funded attempts to eradicate it.

      In my post about why I do not smudge, I explain more about why it’s inappropriate for me to practice this particular spiritual ritual in the context of the history of my ancestors, FN ancestors, the land I’m currently living on, and what numerous First Nations bands have been asking / demanding / educating / suing white people to fight the appropriation of their culture.


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