It shouldn’t surprise me anymore.

Sweetie found this beautiful website of a lady named Elisa, who channels her son Erik.  She and Erik had a couple of conversations with:

Want to guess?

Kurt Cobain.

I think this is the first synchronicity that hasn’t thrilled me, probably because most of the confirmation comes from the details around Kurt’s death.

That Courtney was leaving him for someone else, someone close to them.  That his suicide was a “fuck you”.  That he was incredibly spiritual while he was alive (which wasn’t really known about him, or the subtelties of his songs was lost upon our uber-sarcastic generation.)  That he incarnated as Kurt to experience the deepest sorrow (my understanding of this is it was a needed experience in order for Kurt to progress with his angel training.)

That he swears a lot.  A LOT. 

That he still feels defensive sometimes, or at least he re-dons that persona when he’s talking as Kurt.  There’s this sense that he trusts you if he’s talking to you.

Thanks for sharing that, Elisa.  I really appreciate it.

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