George’s House Call

So that was fast.

Yesterday, less than 24hrs after John asked me if I was ready to start doing more travelling, my union asked me to go to Victoria in June.  It’s extra nice since this trip and accommodations are paid, as well as a per diem, and this is money on top of my regularly scheduled pay.  The travelling and the increase in cashflow is already happening.  Wow.

Last night, just before bed, George whispered distinctly in my ear, “Please turn off the TV, I need to talk to you.”

I confess, I often listen to the TV or at least books on tape as I go to sleep.  I’ve done this since I was a child.  I have come to understand that part of this results from the need to “drown out” outside input.  Just like sugar helps me to ground, listening to something helps me rest… although I’m coming to understand that there are healthier ways to ground than to eat sugar (energetic grounding techniques involving visualization or mantra) and there are better ways to get rest than to drown out thoughts and internal dialogue with the TV (establishing psychic boundaries, meditation – although those things require a certain amount of focus, which requires effort.  TV is effortless, but not as effective, and certainly not as restful.)

Anyway.  I turn off the tv, set my feet on the floor and face the dark bedroom.  There I see George, standing in front of me.  This is the first time I’ve seen him present himself as a whole body, everything in crisp detail as seen in my mind’s eye.  I feel his warmth in the room.  George talks to me mostly using “knowledge drops”, rather than pictures or sentences, so the following exchange is my verbal translation of the feelings and concepts exchanged in sequence.

George:  We should talk about the next step you were speaking with John.  You understand you’re going to Victoria.  You should go to this store (picture shown, in Victoria) and this store (picture shown, in Duncan).  Give them a pamphlet, put your business cards on the bulletin board, talk to the people behind the counter (pictures of the people).  This is why you’re going, to make these connections.  The pamphlet is important.

Me:  (feeling apprehensive) I was hoping I wouldn’t have to market myself in that way.  We did a lot of that for the business.

George:  Yes.  You are able to show your face in a way which people can connect with your heart.  It is a pamphlet that will allow people to connect with you.      You can do your networking without revisiting the feelings you had while promoting the business (feelings of bullshit, sales strategies).  This is not a sale you are making but connections you are building.  People expect to be able to access you in these ways.  If you do not engage in these ways, you will not be as available / findable as you need to be.  Don’t worry, this will not make you feel the way it did when you were pushing the business – this will not feel like it is hurting your soul.

Me:  Okay then.  So, I’ve been thinking about money, and what I said to John, about how I need Heaven to take care of our finances, in paying our rent and food, and a car that is gas-efficient and reliable in the snow.  I realize that is all I have ever asked from Heaven – the bare minimum to meet our needs, and I realize now that is why I have only ever gotten the bare minimum.  So I would like to revise that.  I would like to ask Heaven to please see not only to our food and our rent, but to all of our bills – our Hydro, our internet, our telephone.  I want to feel comfortable, I want to let go of the stress that is caused when I only have the bare minimum cashflow to get by.  I would like enough to be comfortable – to be able to go out to dinner once in a while, to be able to drive up Island or to the mainland a few times a year, to be able to enjoy the ride without all this financial worry.  I am ready to let financial hardship go.  I don’t need to feel poor in order to know I’m doing good work.

George:  (smiling)  It is wonderful that you understand this now.  If you ask specifically for the bare minimum, that is all we can send to you, because what you are really asking is to experience that hardship.  We want to see you enjoy the ride, life has endless possibilities.  The more we can help you, the more you can help others.  Be mindful of your thoughts limiting the flow from heaven!  (Big smile!)

Now, the next topic.  Look into your body, and tell me how your body feels.

Me:  My stomach hurts, I feel buzzy.  I had too much sugar for sure.  I can still feel that pizza I ate two days ago.  I am aware this is making it harder for me to get to sleep tonight, even though I am also very tired.

George:  Yes.  You know this diet experiment will teach you many things about your body, as you just learned by looking inside yourself.  I must tell you that your diet is even more important than you think. 

Me:  Will I get cancer?

George:  Do you want cancer?

Me:  No!  Absolutely not.  I’m afraid of getting cancer, actually.

George:  It is better to let go of that fear too, finally, although I sympathize.  Death by cancer is a process many are choosing.  It does not have to be so terrible.  I am showing you how your body can be changed to ward off cancer (this is specifically for my makeup, and not intended to be advice for the general public) See how the sugar feeds the cancer potential?  You reduce the sugar, you reduce the potential.  It is best for you to eliminate this sugar (shown sacs of refined white sugar) from your diet completely and for the rest of your life.

Me:  What about dark chocolate?  What if I only had that?  I think I could say goodbye to all other sugar if I could have organic dark chocolate once in a while.

George:  (shows himself eating dark chocolate and smiling) I enjoy it too, once in a while.  You can be healthy and have dark chocolate.  Be mindful of the sweetness.  Bitter is better.

Me:  I agree, I like the bitter chocolate better anyway. 

George:  This dietary change is essential to your work.  Absolutely essential to your health and your endurance.  It is very important.

Me:  Okay, thank you.  I understand.  I can do that.

George:  It is also important that you cleanse from TV.

Me:  That’s going to be a bit tougher for me.  I kind of feel like a loser for saying that.

George:  It is important not to be dependent upon things that come from outside yourself, especially when coping with psychic or spiritual stress.  It is so essential for you to be able to find rest and solace in a quiet room, as you lay on the couch, close your eyes and exist only in the center of your head.  You must be able to rest there.

Me:  Okay.  I will do it gradually, I will build up to it. 

George:  Okay.  Ask for me if you are struggling.  You girls forget to ask me sometimes (gentle smile).  I can help you a lot, you know.  I will keep you safe.  There is nothing to fear from your own presence in the night.  You can learn how to be silent in the time before you leave your body at night.  It is important you learn how, in order to be able to walk through the doors Heaven will open for you soon.

Me:  Okay.  I’ll do it.  Thank you for your help, George.

George and I then have a hug.  It’s the first time I’ve been hugged by a spirit, or someone’s consciousness.  George opened his arms and I was filled with this love and sense of welcome, an invitation.  There was this sense that my soul stepped out of my body to that place a few feet in front of me where George stood, and our spirits had a good long hug, in which support, gratitude and vast waves of love were exchanged. 

Wow, I’m tearing up a bit as I write that.

Holy shitballs.  One part of my brain can’t believe this is happening.  Another part of myself is shouting “Finally!  Finally!” 

That last part is lounder.

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