A truly blessed life.

It took Sweetie & I a few years to feel stable here, but it was worth all the uncertainty.  We had beautiful weather this weekend.  Here are some photos from our Sunday walk:

Happy the Dog, running his little legs off.

Sweetie, talking to the ocean.

No sand on this beach, only pretty, pretty rocks.

The ocean is talking.  Today she says, “I eat people”.  A few minutes later, a rogue wave rushed in and swept half the beach.  We were out of reach, but a tourist had to run.

3 thoughts on “A truly blessed life.

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. When I was younger, I would have been carefully poring through the beautiful rocks to pick out the prettiest to take home with me, as many as my pockets would hold. Even now, I can see a couple that might have taken a trip with me. LOL


    • Yeah, we’re not immune to collecting pretty rocks either. I ended up droping a bunch off at a local gallery as “concept art” – a pile of pretty stones with a note: “These are happy rocks. Pick up a rock. Think Happy Thoughts. Put it back, charged with happiness.”


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