The process of choosing photos

I thought it would be neat to share that when I post about anyone on the other side, I facilitate them choosing their own photos.  Usually, they’ll give me an odd set of keywords to search like “John Lennon snappy”  and then I’ll find something funny like this:

I’ll hear a laugh and “Yeah, use that one!”

Or I’ll get something weird like this:

Work like this makes me wonder if the person who made this was also talking to John & Kurt during the same time period.

I’ll go image shopping and then as I post the text, they’ll tell me where to position the photos. 

This is what I got when asked to google “kurt cobain fart”.  Yeah I know, as if he asked me to search that.  Oddly, I found this:

It’s a photo from a frickin’ seance for Kurt Cobain.  Kurt says “Stop this shit.  Just stop.  And stop asking for me on your fucking ouija boards – you won’t get me but you’ll probably get some malicious crazy-maker who wants to fuck with you.  It’s dangerous.  Stop it.  You can talk to me when you die, I’m not going back in.”


6 thoughts on “The process of choosing photos

  1. Omg, I saw that paper mache head somewhere online, and went, “Aaaaa!!” It’s really unsettling.
    But it’s maybe not even the worst offender in the in-poor-taste “fan” art category. I was thinking about illustrating this point by linking to an example of one of my least favourites, then went, “Nah. The world doesn’t need to see that”. (Either that, or Kurt is looking over my shoulder going, “Please don’t”).


    • Isn’t that kurt/john photo weird and slightly disturbing though? It’s cool, on one hand. Really artfully done. But on the other hand, what the hell, you know?

      (this is how sweetie & I communicate, with a lot of “likes” and “you know”s. I suspect most of our concepts are communicated telepathically anyhow.)


      • Haha. I, like, *totally* know.
        It is weird, that photo. I saw another one like that, that was John and Jim Morrison. Or was it Kurt and Jim Morrison… ? Now I can’t remember. What is with the compulsion to face-meld dead rock stars…?


  2. I actually really like that face-melding picture. They did a really good job of it. I don’t know that it’s as much a compulsion to face-meld dead people as it is to just face-meld people in general. (Think about all the videos and commercials that feature faces morphing to other faces. I think people like to get a sense that everyone is connected.)

    (The LOLcat image is awesome. Harry Potter…bah!)


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