The Jesus Thing

How brave is this? 

Jesus talks to a lot of people.  I’ve talked to him, briefly.  I was a bit scared and overwhelmed, frankly, particularly when he told me I was doing “God’s work” – this to a woman who doesn’t identify as Christian or confine herself to one particular god.  Yet sometimes we use Christian language as a tool to communicate spiritual concepts.

I’ve talked with several other psychics who talk about “the Jesus thing”.  Not a lot of psychics talk openly about talking to Jesus.  I mean, we’re kind of weird already, aren’t we?  I figure talking to dead rock stars was a weird enough thing to blog about – or it maxed out my “being weird” comfort level.

It’s a really audacious move, isn’t it?  A lot of people make a lot of money selling the idea that you need to go through someone else to get to God.  But that was Jesus’ whole point from the beginning – you don’t need to go through anyone but yourself. 

Anyone can talk to Jesus.  It takes a particular bravery to talk about *literally* talking with him, hearing him, seeing him as a real guy.  Like John Lennon.  Or a loved one on the other side. 

Awesome.  So great.  Way to go.

9 thoughts on “The Jesus Thing

  1. Wow…. John always shows himself as Jesus to me in dreams! Johnny does this to me in a funny kinda way (where he is not taking himself too seriously). Been told Johnny may have been James ( Jesus’ brother). Regardless, there is a DEFINITE John/Jesus connection ( in my opinion).



  2. Yeah that totally sounds like John alright. He likes to interject the humour, particularly while naked. That might be just for me though, since he gets such a reaction from me it’s a little prank for him.

    Linda sees a john/jesus connection too. There’s a john/kurt connection, I’m sure; so many lives, twining together over centuries. Dare I say there’s a jesus/kurt connection? I don’t know, I haven’t seen one. It would be so ironic though, given Kurt was hero to a generation of athiests.

    But Kurt always appreciates the irony.


  3. I’ve always figured that if there really is/was a Jesus, he’d be that kind of guy. If anything ascribed to him comes even close to what he actually said, then he must be wondering where and how people missed the point. He was always one of those people I’d pick in that scenario where you could pick any five (or three or whatever) people living, dead, or fictional to have a dinner with. (Figured he fell into at least one of those categories.)

    I often stumble a little when I read psychics who talk about Jesus because usually it is wrapped up in the trappings of Christianity rather than as a matter of fact, albeit potentially profound, encounter. And Christianity, while I find the history of it interesting, is not my truth.


  4. Louise, have you read Sylvia Browne’s “The Two Marys?”

    It’s Sylvia’s take on Mary mother of Jesus and Mary Magdelene (who came up in an email Noel sent to me today.) Mary Magdelene has visited and had a chat with Sweetie & I a month or two ago, although I didn’t think to write about it. She’s part of Sweetie’s council of the Sisterhood.

    Leigh just posted this entry where she talks about this book:

    Maybe some of that’s of interest to you? I think a lot of us reflexively turn away from Christianity, myself included, and I wonder if we have past-life baggage with that religion in addition to our modern-day skepticism and disenchantment with the religious institution.

    I think a large part of us intuitively calling “bullshit” on all things christian is that we instinctively know the story’s been edited. You gotta find your own truth.


    • I think you’ve hit on it exactly there in those last two paragraphs. Exactly.
      (I feel like I have so much more to say but I need to sort it out in my own head, and I think it’s going to turn into something much longer than is polite for a comment on someone’s blog. But I’ll come back to it.)

      Regarding the books, just thinking about Sylvia Browne makes my head hurt so I think I’ll pass on reading anything of hers for the time being. (I’ll get back to her one day, just not right now.) I started to look into Julia’s book but it led me on a meandering tangent through other related books and authors that collectively pushed up hard against the thoughts I need to sort out. So I’ll flag them for later. I would love to hear about your chat with Mary, though, so I hope you’ll post it here one of these days.


      • I’m working my way through the Jesus entries on the Channeling Erik blog:

        In this entry, Jesus talks about how he didn’t actually die on the cross and had a life afterwards. I mentioned Sylvia Browne in this context was because she published a book saying the same thing at least 10 years ago. I approach her like I do everyone else – allow them to be 20% wrong (me included!)

        Sylvia and also Echo Bodine do like to go on about the Bible though, which I’m frankly not interested in. It’s just ONE BOOK for heaven’s sake! Sheesh! Some psychics who have talked to Jesus seem to feel they need to toss themselves headfirst into the Christian church, (or in Sylvia’s case start a new church). I’m not sure why, since Jesus never asked anyone to take his word as gospel (ha!) but just to open their hearts to the ideas.

        Yet I’m getting a reply, just a voice that doesn’t belong to a specific person that says “some people need the comfort and structure of a formal church and an organized religion.” For those people, they would never feel comfortable wandering around philosophical ideas as you and I do. So really, to each their own, eh? I didn’t mean to be judgmental at all.

        ASIDE! This is what makes me so excited about the global psychic awakening that’s happening right now – the truth behind Jesus’ story will come out. The truth about a lot of things will come out. There’s no hiding things anymore, no manipulating history, when the truth becomes accessible to anyone who asks. Without the power to manipulate history in the hands of a vested few, a lot of things will change. It’s the next step to world peace, I really believe it.


  5. wow and i thought I was the only one that thought this Christianity thing was overrated..I was even starting to feel guilty about it.But i totally feel you when you saying ‘past life emotional baggage’…maybe we suffered under the pressure of Christianity,we getting our ‘good karma’ by being reincarnated during this time (2012 shift in consciousnesses) now we get to berry the hatchet..:)


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