Discipline and Nourishment

So the diet experiment so far has been going well.  I have given myself until June 1 to get completely off of sugar and flour, and I’ve gotten to the point that when I eat these things, I kinda pay for it.  Bleh.

Today, I just waited too long to eat.  I ended up going to the store hungry, and I ate a fried chicken breast with fries.  Then I got a hot chocolate.  Then I went back to work and there were cupcakes and so I ate one too.  They had candy on top.  Bleh.

So I’m feeling kind of gross right now, and I kept smelling cigar smoke (which I hate).  Finally I tune in and there’s George, smoking a giant stogie like he’s Woody Allen or something.  Gross!

“Well since we’re polluting ourselves,” he repeats, blowing smoke in my direction.

“You know, when you eat poorly it makes our work much more difficult.”  George regards me calmly, waiting for his message to sink in.

“Are you saying that when I eat sugar, it’s like blowing cigar smoke at you?”

“In a way, yes.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not.” 

“Well, I didn’t know it was affecting you.”

He smiles. 

I then read this entry on Channeling Erik:

This paragraph came screaming out at me:


And I suppose all the things like meditation, good nutrition, exercise—do these things raise the D.M.T. level? Is this why those things work?

Erik: Well, that and endorphins. You can access D.M.T. more through deep meditation and the discipline of daily living. You know, you just can’t fuck around any more if you want that connection to the bigger picture. You really have to clean out your body and do it.


Touche, my good friend. 

8 thoughts on “Discipline and Nourishment

  1. What type of “diet” are you following? I have books on “detoxing” and Macrobiotics but have never opened them. I need to get on the bandwagon as well, nutritionally speaking.


    • I’m eliminating refined sugar and all flour from my diet. I’ve done this before, but I was on a low calorie, high animal protein diet at the time. I’m hypoglycemic, and I’ve been on all sorts of dietary adventures to manage and hopefully cure it. This makes my sugar binge today look even stupider, but what can I say? Sigh.

      Here’s the post I when I was first talking about it: https://psychicintraining.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/nourishment/

      If you’re interested, you could search Gersen on youtube to see how that works. Also, my internet friends Leigh and Helena are using Gersen therapy to flush out the tumour that’s taken up residence in Helena. Here’s Helena’s blog: http://helenashealingcircle.wordpress.com/

      I tell you, she’s my biggest dietary inspiration.

      I’m also noticing, after eating mostly organic for weeks, that I can actually taste chemicals in inorganic food now. It is so strange. It makes me wonder how I didn’t notice it before.

      Prior to the Gersen diet, Helena and Leigh were raw food vegans for years. Leigh talked about how her died supported her psychic development, and it makes sense. If you’re eating live food, the vibration is higher. This in turn raises your vibration (if you use that language).

      Communication between us incarnated ones and people in heaven takes place when they lower their vibration and we raise ours, so we can meet in the middle. At least, this is one way to explain it. So anything and everything you can do to “raise your own vibration” will help with medium work and telepathic communication, and it makes it easier for them to get through to us. Meditation, exercise – and don’t forget solid grounding practices and psychic protection.


  2. Well, damn. There go my chances of finding a loophole where you could eat all the M&Ms and Goldfish you wanted and not have it get in the way. 😉

    Congrats on nearly getting yourself off the sugar and flour — those are two of my toughies so I really respect anyone who manages to do it.


  3. Well there is a loophole – save it for a once-a-week treat, not every day.

    Yeah, I did the no-sugar-or-flour thing for two years when I was on Bernstein (I was 190 lbs when I started, 130 lbs when I finished, and I maintained it for two years until all the animal protein started hurting my liver. So I went vegan, started reintroducing sugar and flour. By the way, even though it was 2 years, I NEVER stopped craving sugar and flour. It was very difficult.

    I’m learning now that sugar in particular I crave when what I actually NEED is grounding. I’m finding (please don’t roll your eyes!) meditation and grounding exercises to be very helpful in dislodging sugar cravings (stop laughing).

    I’m beginning to understand what my food cravings acutally are telling me, and in dealing with them energetically instead of with sugar, I’m finding it a lot easier to eliminate these things this time.

    Except today. Nobody’s perfect. 😉


    • I’m not laughing or rolling my eyes at all at the sugar/grounding thing. Cravings are rarely about the taste or nutritional value of the things you crave, so it wouldn’t surprise me that being ungrounded would lead to sugar cravings, which in turn make you more ungrounded, and so on… Definitely something for me to take on board, especially as I’m trying to find ways to break through my own resistance to giving up sugar and refined starches.


  4. “… I’ve gotten to the point that when I eat these things, I kinda pay for it. ”

    Yeah. Oooh yeah. I just realized the same thing last night… When I ate a bit too much of rather fatty food… For the last weeks I’ve been eating so much healthier than before, but I hadn’t realized just how much my body had gotten used to the new diet! So after last night’s dinner my stomach immediately started to panic and I ended up twisting and turning in agony the entire night (gas… painful gas…). Even today my tummy is upset. So yeah, there is definitely a price for bad eating once you’ve gotten used to the good stuff! =)


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