Code Orange Revolution


This has been a week of the Universe sending me lessons.  As I had the audacity to teach a class on psychic protection, the Universe decides to send me a few examples of situations where psychic protection was sorely needed. 

One situation happened the day before my last class.  I was doing a free pet readings thing at the yarn store, when this guy walks in and exclaims “Woah!  Look at all the great energy in here!”  He then announces it’s a powerful year for him numerologically, and his purpose is to walk around in the world changing people’s lives with his words.

He then proceeds to attempt to read everyone in the room without their consent.  He picked up on a lot of things in Sweetie’s aura, most of which were discussed recently in her past life lessons.  Strange Dude tells her this is all *future* stuff.  Then he says in three years she’ll meet a man. 

I admit, that irked me a bit.

While I was reading for the woman who brought a photo of her dog, Strange Dude starts talking over me, still pulling information from Sweetie’s aura.  I tap him on the leg and say, “You need to give me space to do these readings.”  He stops talking but then starts to attempt to read me.

Whenever I’ve been read without consent, I feel it as a prickly sensation.  Instantly I threw up a psychic brick wall between us and had no more trouble.  Everyone else in the room was on full psychic defense at this point too, so he did no more readings.

It was so weird.

That was a situation where psychic protection was obviously needed and everyone dug in quickly, except for Sweetie who didn’t feel the least bit threatened and found it all amusing.

Yesterday, a situation arose in which I should have used psychic protection and I forgot to practice the techniques.

We had a Code Orange training scenario yesterday.  Code Orange is the hospital’s name for “mass casualties / disaster”.  In our small facility out here in wonderland, our “Code Orange” kicks in when there are 20 casualties or more.  We are a nine bed hospital. 

Before we started the exercises, the admitting and management team performed a little song to set the mood.  Of course, of course, it was a Beatles song, modified for the situation.  Revolution. 

“You say it’s gonna be a disaster!  Well, you know.  We all have to save the town!”

My job during this training session was to familiarize staff with my job in case I am unable to get to the hospital during a disaster, and part of my job during a disaster would be Morgue Attendant. 

The Morgue Attendant is potentially bagging up a lot of bodies during a disaster.  Bodies of coworkers, friends, neighbours.  Children.

The horror on people’s faces when we practiced rolling a dummy into a body bag, checking the tags, dragging the body on the floor.   The shock at the understanding that there is not enough room in our morgue for the potential casualties, and so we will need to lay them on the floor, and possibly stack them like bricks.

The appalled expressions at the thought of wrapping children.  Infants.  People they know. 

I had to shock and horrify fifteen people yesterday.

It didn’t even occur to me to psychically protect myself.  I absorbed a lot of what people were feeling.

Sweetie has recently started working at the hospital too, and she attended these training sessions.  She’d been protecting herself all day.  She was fine.  By the end of the day, I was crying.

Heaven bless Humanity, the gallery and community gathering center above the organics food store.  We went there after work for some sustenance, and we ran into one of my clients.  He offered to give us a smudging.

I’ve only ever seen smudging used to clear rooms.  I’d never been part of a smudging ceremony before.

It was very casual and quick.  He burned white sage and sweetgrass, taken from his abalone bowl.  He used an eagle feather to wave the smoke into our auras.  It felt like breath of happiness.  I felt so much better.

I need to run another 15 people through the Code Orange training today.  I’ve learned my lesson – I’ll protect myself this time.

“We say it’s gonna be,  Alright!  Yeah it’s gonna be,  Alright, now!”

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