Soul Bubble Relations

I’ve had a few offline discussions about the John / Jesus connection.  This is the sort of thing you approach cautiously, because you don’t want to offend or frighten anyone by challenging their spiritual foundations, and you also don’t want to seem so utterly off your nut that people will completely write you off.

I didn’t post every detail in the Soul Bubbles entry because I wanted to let the ideas simmer and to meditate further, hopefully get some clarification.

When a friend emailed me and said that she believed John Lennon was Jesus in a past life, I thought, “Huh.  That’s not what he said.”  Not that this makes my friend wrong, not at all.  I’ll get to that.

In one of our first conversations with John, Sweetie remembers me asking him, “John, are you Jesus?”

He smiled and said, “No, my dear, but we are great friends.” 

For the record, I’d also asked the same question of Kurt.  He got this crooked smile, took a long drag off his cigarette, blew it out slowly for effect and replied, “No, but I’m a fan of his work.”

Which is one heck of a reply from Kurt Cobain.  Anyway, back to John.

This thing my friend had mentioned to me, it had this intuitive ring of truth.  I found myself drawn back to it, repeatedly.  One night, I asked John,

“John, is the Jesus incarnation part of your past life history?”

He laughs, a big bark of a laugh, flicks his nose and eyes me keenly.  “That, my dear, is the correct question!”

But he didn’t answer it.

That night George showed me the soul bubbles.  He showed me a bit more than I’d written about.  I asked George, “Show me Jesus.”

He showed me three bubbles, coming together.  This soul, made up of three linear-time, past-life histories, became the consciousness for the incarnation of Jesus.  George explained that for such a challenging life, three had to come together to give the soul’s history enough integrity through experience to withstand and perform the challenging teaching tasks as Jesus. 

Here’s the kicker.  After Jesus’ death, the soul bubble left his body and divided again.  Twelve bubbles emerged and embarked upon separate paths.  This makes sense to me; why should the experience of Jesus be confined to only one linear time path? 

Sheds a new perspective on the holy trinity, and the twelve disciples, eh?

So I have a working theory.  I haven’t received confirmation on this yet, so I don’t know if it’s precisely correct.  It may be one of those concepts that builds upon a foundation, and makes more sense later as more information comes though.  Sometimes, this information comes in stages, especially if it requires some adjustment before it can be integrated fully.

My work-in-progress theory is that John is a descendent of one of those twelve soul bubbles from Jesus.  It makes sense to me that if twelve consciousnesses (maybe more if there has been some more bubbling off of those twelve) are floating around with Jesus in their past-life roster, maybe they’re all taking turns being on “Jesus Duty” – answering prayers, giving hope and healing – while other bubbles continue to evolve, help and heal as new incarnations on our physical plain.

I also think that John & Kurt are related souls in some way, although I really have no idea how.  All I have on that is the two regarding each other with great love and respect, and I hear the word “Brothers.”  I don’t get a specific incarnation related to that statement.

It makes me wonder about other spiritual teachers and leaders.  How many soul bubbles are floating around out here, touching our lives, who can call upon the experience of Buddha? 

What about the Dalai Lama?  Every time he dies, a search is conducted for his reincarnation.  (Our current, 14th Dalai Lama suggests the next reincarnation will be female.)  How many soul bubbles emerge after each incarnation of the Dalai Lama?  How many merge before each reincarnation?

I’ll say that it does makes sense to me that world-famous musicians who have influenced millions spiritually over decades might have past lives as other spiritual leaders.  Certainly it makes sense they’d have past life histories as other famous musicians or artists.

It’s incredible.  The possibilities are truly limitless.

26 thoughts on “Soul Bubble Relations

      • I’m starting to have this concept in my head that we are all “bubbles” split off of God. So, if there are lets say, a trillion souls (earth, other planets, and “heaven”)….. we will ALL, at some point, when each of us choose to, merge back with the “God-head”.

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      • Ah yes. The Big Bubble in the Sky. Another useful thing about thinking in terms of bubbles, is the individuality is only defined by this delicate membrane, almost this illusion of separation. An individual consciousness may be defined only by this fragile, temporary separation from the whole. When I think of returning to the Big Bubble in the Sky, I find my mind resists. It seems I think of that as disappearing.

        But it’s different if we think of it as never having left. Nothing is lost in the merging of bubbles. Only the content is shifted around in different “containers”. Bubble merging isn’t that different from reincarnation… but it challenges our ideas of what makes us individuals and the nature of our own consciousness.


      • Funny you should mention that resistance. I’ve been thinking about reincarnation and spirit intensively for the last several months (since my move) and I’ve been finding that resistance in myself. While a large part of me actively embraces the idea of the interconnectedness of all things, a small and very insistent part of me clings to what I perceive as the uniqueness of my current physical incarnation, of what I thought was the separateness of my spirit. It’s hard to reconcile the idea of soul bubbles combining and splitting and recombining with our human sense of being separate and unique little snowflakes. (Now that I think about it, “snowflake” might be a really accurate analogy for us — they also are unique in their incarnations as snowflakes while still being both part of a larger precipitation event and, in the grand scheme of things, part of Nature and the planet at large — even though they may go from being individual snowflakes to being part of a stream or a puddle, or evaporating back into the air to come back as rain drops or new unique snowflakes.)


      • Yes, I feel exactly the same way. There’s a part of me that wonders, “what’s the point?” if this special little snowflake becomes a drop in an ocean again.

        But then, if the snowflake remained a snowflake forever, what would be the point of that?


  1. It makes my head hurt, but in a very good way: not because it stretches the bounds of my belief but because it is just so complex that it makes you want to delve deeper. It really does bring a whole new nuance to the idea that we are not separate. Kind of like spiritual genetics to go along with biological. 😉

    I get the sense that the concept completely explains many of the questions I’ve had about reincarnation and past lives (such as how you could have enough souls to populate the massive number of people currently on the planet), but also that it completely changes how I look at those very same concepts and the idea of the soul. (It’s hard to overcome that whole “one soul per body” mindset.) Truly mind altering.


    • Yeah, the real hurdle for me is the “one soul per linear time period”. I think that the visualization of the soul bubbles is a useful tool to help get my mind around obstacles that are deeply ingrained in my thought process. We’re so used to thinking of time as linear, and our understanding of our whole experience is built around this concept of linear time. So maybe, a way around this is to imagine souls branching off to have multiple experiences simultaneously.

      Another way to think of this would be to lift the restrictions we impose upon our understanding of reality when we assume time is linear. What if you can be incarnated in multiple bodies simultaneously? That concept is tougher for me.


      • Yeah, the preconception of one soul per *something* is a hard hurdle to jump over. It makes me think a little bit about lying down outside at night looking up at the stars. If you look just the right way, suddenly your vision kicks into 3-D and you can visualize yourself on this little planet in its place within the vastness of the Universe. Very right brain and expansive. Then you’re brought back into the mundanity of linear time and space.

        Doesn’t it feel as though, if you could just get above that linear thinking (the “y follows z in time/space/whatever” thinking), everything would just snap into place just like that? I never realized how hungry I was for this knowledge — these concepts and thought processes — until you started writing about them. I think I’ve been waiting for them most of my life.


      • Meditate, my dear 🙂 It’s the best way to get past our intellectual limitations.

        I suggest taking ten minutes after you wake up, before you get up (you could sit up in bed if you wish) and ten minutes to a half hour before you go to sleep. I like to meditate on my bed because as my mind opens and stretches around new concepts, sometimes I’ll get a cue to lay down, and the lesson continues in my sleep.

        Sometimes I wake up knowing that I understand something more. I may not exactly remember the question, but I know it’s been answered and I feel better about it. I know that on some level, my mind has retained that information, and when my awake brain gets there, the information will fall into place.


      • Did you ever see neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED talk about her stroke? I watched it after my mother had her stroke and parts of it stay with me to this day, especially her descriptions of right brain versus left brain:

        “Our right hemisphere is all about this present moment. It’s all about right here right now. Our right hemisphere, it thinks in pictures and it learns kinesthetically through the movement of our bodies. Information in the form of energy streams in simultaneously through all of our sensory systems. And then it explodes into this enormous collage of what this present moment looks like. What this present moment smells like and tastes like, what it feels like and what it sounds like. I am an energy being connected to the energy all around me through the consciousness of my right hemisphere. We are energy beings connected to one another through the consciousness of our right hemispheres as one human family. And right here, right now, all we are brothers and sisters on this planet, here to make the world a better place. And in this moment we are perfect. We are whole. And we are beautiful.

        My left hemisphere is a very different place. Our left hemisphere thinks linearly and methodically. Our left hemisphere is all about the past, and it’s all about the future. Our left hemisphere is designed to take that enormous collage of the present moment. And start picking details and more details and more details about those details. It then categorizes and organizes all that information. Associates it with everything in the past we’ve ever learned and projects into the future all of our possibilities. And our left hemisphere thinks in language. It’s that ongoing brain chatter that connects me and my internal world to my external world. It’s that little voice that says to me, “Hey, you gotta remember to pick up bananas on your way home, and eat ‘em in the morning.” It’s that calculating intelligence that reminds me when I have to do my laundry. But perhaps most important, it’s that little voice that says to me, “I am. I am.” And as soon as my left hemisphere says to me “I am,” I become separate. I become a single solid individual separate from the energy flow around me and separate from you.”


      • Neat. I haven’t seen that. I’ll add it to the list.

        It’s interesting. Whenever I hear something with my psychic ears, it always comes in the right ear for me. I find tilting my head to the left helps me tune in, somehow. I find staring at a fixed point on the ground, slightly to my left, (creating a certain head tilt) helps a lot too.

        Breathing techniques such as alternating which nostril I inhale through (by plugging the other for a series of breaths) can help activate things psychically, or at least help me settle into meditation.

        Pulling on the hair at the back of my head also helps. I have no idea why.

        Brain mechanics are fascinating. I do resist the impulse to accept absolute statements about HOW THINGS WORK entirely at face value. If I’ve learned anything in the world of science and psychics it’s that when anyone, a doctor or a world-renowned psychic, makes an absolute statement, there’s sure to be information to arise later which will alter or contradict our understanding.

        So I’m hesitant to categorize right and left brain functions, particularly when I think about people who rebuild brain function after traumatic injury or who rewire their thinking through therapy or meditation. We have a lot more control over our body’s processes than we’re inclined to believe, as a culture in the west.

        This doesn’t even begin to touch upon the concept of manifesting things with your thoughts. Where does the brain end, and the consciousness, the eternal energy begin?


      • I view death as a drop of water falling into an ocean. The experience of those whose egos are strong would be similar to ” dissolving “. But for those who are humble, or enlightened, the experience will be more like a great rush of expansion. You transform from a drop into a vast ocean. I love the Bubble Concept. And the soul merging. I’ve often told my wife Noel that the more powerful and gifted an incarnation, the more likely that incarnation is made up of multiple souls. Such as Da Vinci. He must have been a greatest hits collection of master souls! LOL.
        Also, checkout a movie titled
        ” Brainstorm”. It shows a person’s life as recorded in a huge data base of bubbles. Very interesting. Namaste

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      • I find this site is hard to read (light letters on dark background) so you can copy and paste the text to a word document where you can enlarge it and change the font &text colour so it’s not a challenge for the eyeballs.


      • I’m tempted to reiterate here, so I will: Just because someone with a PhD. has decided to explain similar concepts using complicated language, this does not mean that he understands these concepts better than you.

        In fact, I’m tempted to agree with Albie when he said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

        Modern Physicists and quantum theories are tackling the same ideas as spiritual seekers and psychics, we’re just wrapping the same concepts with different language.

        Physicists like to explain things physically (obviously) so they’ll try to use consistent physical concepts like string theory, sub-quantum particles and micro-cells to explain the same concepts that we describe when we say “energy”. The more advanced the theory, it seems, the smaller the particle (or the broader the multi-verse.)

        Honestly, I think a lot of these papers are written to impress other scientists – hence the obscure and overly-complicated choice of language. Often they’ll build upon assumptions made by physicists who lived centuries ago, in order to legitimize their own contributions to the field. In this way, science’s evolution is extremely limited, hampered by all who have come before, scientists worried about being accepted by their peers more than creating new ways for humanity to look upon itself.

        So what I mean to say is, read this intuitively. Your own soul knows the next thing you need to learn. 😉


  2. I see most things in shades of grey, rather than black and white. 🙂

    I included the quotes from Jill Bolte Taylor, not because I believe that her descriptions are absolutes (there’s so much that we don’t know about the brain and how it functions), but because I found it interesting to see her, as a scientist, contrasting the part of her that sees herself as a separate individual with the part of her that connects her to the energy in the world around her.

    Yes, yes, I do need to meditate. I actually went through part of one of Brian Weiss’s meditations Tuesday night, but then stopped when it was clear I was just falling asleep through it. That’s what I get for attempting it when I’m dead tired. LOL What I got of it was good, though.


  3. I found this and thought of the John/Jesus comparison again:
    (Ignore the anti-Yoko bit at the bottom–some fans are clearly still bitter)

    Granted, Mr. Lennon was sky high on acid at the time, but there is something about these 2 peace loving messengers of Love that makes you wonder if there is a kinship or some deep soulful connection between the two. Kurt also resembled a scruffy, modern, Converse-wearing Christ in his heyday and with the massive amounts of people Nirvana & The Beatles touched with their fabulous, history-altering music, makes you wonder all the more. Music is powerful and can be healing after all. I wonder what instrument(s) Jesus plays…

    Anyhoo, just thought you might enjoy reading this. Wishing you & your loves the happiest of holidays ^_^


  4. I just saw this article on FB feed. Great interesting article 🙂 We are all part of a large Oversoul or Soul family if one wants to use labels etc. Jesus was part of a Collective of many. Some, say the Sananda Soul Family. That energy (Sananda Oversoul) can manifest in more than one person at a time. Here is an interesting article that could ruffle a few feathers….


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