Bob Marley ~ Hope

A little exerpt from the conversation between Bob & I this afternoon, (you know, in-between horrifying him with speculums.)  I sense this message is for more than just me, and so I post it for you, my dear readers, to take into your heart:

You are bringing hope to people.  It is so important to bring hope back into the world.  You can rage against the sadness, only for so long.  (He indicates Kurt’s life.) 

Joy, my sistah, hope; experience the essence of humanity.  That is what you bring to the world.  It is more sacred than you think.  You may never in this life understand the impact you have upon the world.

2 thoughts on “Bob Marley ~ Hope

  1. Sorry, I find the idea of Bob Marley being horrified by speculums so funny that I’m having trouble reading anything else. *snort* 😉

    Seriously, though, excellent message to pass on.


    • It wasn’t really surprising to me, since plenty of male hospital staff get looks of horror when I’m processing speculums. Some of the women too, actually. You can just see the thought process – first “how does that even fit?” and second “how does it compare with my….”

      Marley didn’t communicate those two, only the gasp of surprise. Not that I blame them one bit.


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