The Bob Marley – John Lennon Connection

So recently, Bob Marley’s been coming to visit me.  Wonderful soul, beautiful man, fabulous voice that ressonates on a lot of levels.

I asked him if he’d be cool with doing a group discussion with a few of the students from the intuitive development class, and he is, so, yay!  I’ll post about that when it happens.

This should be interesting.  As with John & Kurt (prior to our conversations) I basically know nothing about Bob Marley.  I hear one of his songs in my head now, but not the words, just the beat, the instruments, the notes of his voice.  He’s coming through quite strongly.

I was scrolling through the channelling erik archives, and lookee, she’s already done a Bob Marley interview.  Part of me resists reading it before I’ve built a relationship with Bob on my own, but the curious part of me already read the first two parts.  Oops.  🙂

In the very first post, Bob talks about the reincarnation of Jesus.  I shit you not.

In one of the first comments, a woman talks about John Lennon coming to her in a dream, to talk about how he continues to help people write music.

Something’s going on here, people.   There’s a Bob Marley connection.  Let’s find out more, shall we?

12 thoughts on “The Bob Marley – John Lennon Connection

  1. Technical difficulties: this is hilarious. Bob’s working to get down to my level so I can hear him talk, and he’s overcompensated a bit, or we’re not quite synched up yet. I’m hearing him speak reeeaaaallly slllloooooowwwwlllly with a super-deep baritone voice like Barry White. Bob says, “Ah, you’re a White Girl.” *snort* Gotta love a pun-loving spirit.

    Bob was hanging out with me for a bit as I went about my hospital tasks. One of which, this morning, was cleaning and processing stainless steel vaginal speculums (speculae?). I hear Bob give this little gasp, like “God in Heaven!” as if to say “that goes WHERE?”

    John laughs and said “I TOLD YOU it was dangerous talking to her at the hospital!”


  2. I am not sure if this is my place to speak, but here goes…
    I am a huge Bob Marley fan, though was just 5 when he passed, a small boy here in England (Birmingham). I am now 36, and have loved him for about 18 years. I would give anything for 5 min with him to thank him for everything…I just feel pleasure and love when I hear his music, read about him…anything.
    Can he hear me when I talk to his picture?? Do you think there’s a way I can safely and easily send him a message or get one back??

    I would have given my world to see him in concert – just a thought.

    Hope I meet you one day Bob….


    • Yes, they ABSOLUTELY DO hear you! He will be feelin’ the love just by you writing such an impassioned and earnest comment here.

      All you have to do to have them hear you is clear your mind, picture them clearly in your mind, and then speak out loud. (We speak out loud so they know you *mean* to say these things to you. Our thoughts can be jumbled up, so they usually don’t pay a lot of attention to things we think about them but don’t say aloud.)

      Just like animal communication, here’s the technique in a nutshell:

      Clear your mind. Imagine a colour for three breaths, or focus on one thing. Just stop that thought stream for three deep breaths. This is the “begin transmission” part of the telegram.

      Say your message aloud in positive language (negatives like “don’t can’t shouldn’t etc. do not translate as well as positive language. This is really more of an animal communication thing, but it’s good to know.) While you’re talking, be conscious of how you are feeling, and the pictures the words are creating in your mind – he will get ALL of that too. So when you say “thank you” he gets the words, but he also gets the FEELING you have when you say the words. So he will really understand how you feel.

      This next part is optional. Let there be a clear space in your mind for a return message. Be aware of how your body feels. Commonly, hair standing on end, goosebumps, heart rate jumping, tears, physical shaking, huge waves of emotion are common ways of receiving confirmation that your message hit home and you’re getting a reply. Usually these symptoms are our physical response to feeling the love!

      End transmission. Take three deep breaths. this will let them know the conversation is over.

      That’s it dude. Go for it!


    • if you find you have trouble with clearing your mind or stopping your train of thought, that’s where meditation and training comes in. Seek out meditation groups, Buddhist teachings, prayer groups, yoga, jogging – anything that helps you get into that space.

      For me, I always have to do some sort of exercise before I can calm my mind. It’s a practiced technique, so keep trying!


  3. I really appreciate your kind words…does Bob care that I didn’t even know him on earth? What if there’s so many people asking at the same time…why would he listen to me of all average people??

    I really hope you speak with him soon…

    I really want to connect with him…


    • Okay, so part of what would make it easier to connect with him is if you could dial the intensity back, if you can.

      Second – just open up and ask for a clear sigh that bob himself heard you – he’s pretty good at getting his music played as confirmation, but you can be open to other avenues too.

      It doesn’t matter how many people at one time or within a space if time are sending him messages – time is different on the other side, non-linear, more malleable. You might be interested in searching this blog for the “soul bubble” entries to learn more of this.

      Search “mind hole” too.

      And you know, there’s not really a celebrity status on the other side, every person is entitled to learn to communicate this way because it is our birthright – as children of heaven and if nature.

      I think there’s some past life stuff at work here with you two. I’m not in “medium mode” so it’s just a hunch. You may be interested in “do it yourself past life” entry I did recently too – find out if there’s something there.

      Good luck! You can totally do it! Keep learning 🙂


      • you are amazing, so glad I came across this blog, will try these techniques…I am just an average person…but feel so intense when it comes to Bob and his stuff, not just the standard ‘Buffalo Soldier’ etc …I prefer his more militant stuff haha…and I don’t smoke anything!!!


  4. Hello. I have just come across your blog for the first time(9-17-14) and your channeling of Bob really resonates with me. Through meditation, I have realized that my pure LOVE for him, his music and his messages are deeply spiritual. My soul is forever connected to him. My questions are… Can he feel/hear my thoughts and love of him?… Any tips/tools to strengthen
    my communication with him. Clairaudience is by far not a strong Clair for me….although his messages through music come in loud and clear! I look forward to your thoughts
    Thank you,
    (Will have to check out your blog more. Not even sure if this is still current and if you will get this comment,:-)..)


    • Hi Jen!

      I just came across your comment – weird it didn’t pop up in my mobile app. Sorry for the delay!
      Tips for connecting better:
      1. recognize your strengths. A lot of people want to get better with seeing and hearing, because it’s how we communicate with other humans in this culture. Meditate, learn to control your train of thoughts and set them aside completely. Then notice how you receive input.
      2. those songs – how they communicate is they invoke memories / trigger feelings and associations, which is why popping songs into our heads in very easy. We’re really suggestible and don’t realize it. You can build your own language of associations through practice and symbolism.
      3. Practice in a way that sets you up for success.

      Have you listened to my podcast? It’s at and I get into a lot more detail. There’s a lot of content over there. 🙂 Welcome!


      • Hello, thanks for the reply…funny.. I am just getting around to seeing this!lol. yes, I am learning my strengths and trying to be patient with my newly discovered abilities. Since my post he has paid me a visit…..feel free to tell him to come more often;-) haha. I will for sure check out your podcast. Thank you!


  5. I will be saving up my funds to have a reading with you someday.😌 I communicate daily with Bob in my own ways but would love to have a reading with the three of us.(since you can already connect with him) I would like to find out more about my connection with him. Its nice when I get the conformation from him that it’s him.😌 I look forward to a future session with you….


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