Marley – Signs & Synchronicities

Marley has quickly shown himself to be as skilled in creating signs and synchronicities as John. John is rather famous for creating a series of signs that people cannot ignore (he talks to a lot of people, and they do a lot of writing. Everyone I’ve read about so far has experienced a startling number of signs ranging from dreams, songs on the radio that follow you wherever you go, books flying off of store shelves and falling open to the one page where Lennon is quoted, etc.)

I particularly appreciate these signs, it’s one of the things that reminds me I’m not delusional. In my more insecure moments, I still wonder whether I am, perhaps, making all of this up. And then something will happen to reassure me my “invisible friends” are very much with me. I always get a little thrill when I ask John to play something for me on the radio, and without fail, within minutes, *something* associated with John or the Beatles is played.

George doesn’t really work like that. When I asked him, once, to play something for me, he said, “oh, that’s really more John’s thing,” and brought in John to do the legwork.

Kurt has *never* played Nirvana for us. It’s odd. I wonder what’s going on there… I should ask him. Oh ha! He hays it’s because I need exposure to other bands, types of music. Kurt is quite concerned about my hard rock / punk band education. It’s kind of funny – I’m 33 and just now “discovering” modern rock music.

Kurt has, on dozens of occasions, played a song that Sweetie recognizes as a sign, like, “Oh hey, that’s Foo Fighters. We were just talking about how the Nirvana drummer joined that band.”. Or, “That’s the Pixies! The one with the female bass player Kurt was talking about.” subtle things like that to confirm for us he’s listening to us, near us, with us. He sighs about me sometimes, as I’m still sobuneducated, music-wise, that I don’t recognize his signs unless Sweetie is around to point them out. Johns signs are usually knock-you-on-the-head obvious.

Well, Marley seems to be in a bit of competition with John in this respect.

The staff at Humanity are particularly open to John’s suggestions – while Sweetie was hanging out there, waiting for me to get off work, three times a different staff member stopped what was playing on the gallery playlist to play a single song from one of John’s albums.

Once I showed up at Humanity, I sat for a few minutes while Sweetie told me how many times John had his music played, I hear, “Listen!”. And the staff pulled out an old vinyl record of Bob Marley, and played the whole thing!

The last few days, it seems every time I walk into a grocery store or a coffee shop, one of Marley’s songs comes on the radio. It’s not unusual around here, with a population of three generations of hippies, still, the timing of the songs is telling. As I write this entry at 7 am in a coffee shop, Sunday morning, staff put on a whole CD of Marley’s music.

The real kicker came last night. Sweetie & I have been bemoaning the absence of really good coffee out here. (Sweetie is a master roaster with six years commercial experience, her coffee has won awards for the coffee shops who served it in Toronto.) We ran out of coffee yesterday and made a special trip to the store, where we found:


I think inlost my mind for a second there. Marley has his own line of coffee! This roastery is owned by his son! IT’S NAMED AFTER MARLEY’S SONGS AND DEDICATED TO HIS LIFE!

This coffee WAS NOT in the grocery store last week. The manager seems to have purchased two bags of each coffee in the line – I marched right up to the cash, raved about how wonderful the coffee is, please tell the manager to continue to carry it etc.

I’m drinking it right now.

Damn, Marley, you truly take the cake.

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