Bob Marley ~ Love will eclipse all.

Today’s post was channeled at 6:45 am this morning before work.  I just jotted the conversation down via automatic writing as it happened.  It’s *full* of spelling errors, but I don’t have time to edit/review today… please read kindly.

Hey Girl, what are we talkin’ about?

Meditation last night, about how love eclipses pain.

Ah Yes.  It is interesting you resisted that message for so long.

Yeah, I’m not sure why I resisted that, since it’s something I intuitively understood anyway.  I’ve certainly heard about it in enough places.  But it’s not easy to look at someone you dislike, or who wronged you and send them love.

Ah, that is the judgment on their actions.  If someone has done you wrong, you ask what teaching this brings into your life.  It is the judgement of “wrong” that causes the bad feelings.  The assessment that this *should not* have happened to you.  The resistance is where the pain is.  Peace is in acceptance.

What about the worst things?  The terrible violence or unjust tragedies people suffer in their lives?

Ah, unjust.  This is a new idea in our culture.  Just a few generations ago, there was less resistance, more acceptance, less emotional turmoil if not less heartache.  It used to be people accepted these things as the will of God, or The Gods, or ancestors had become angered.  This is not a better way of thinking, only a different way.  It was necessary to move beyond this way of thinking, and now you (the culture) has moved into a way of looking at the world as it should be.  As you believe it should be, your imagination of a world at peace.


This is very important.  Before anything can change, one must visualize change in their mind, se it in their inner eye, feel it with their astral (energetic) bodies.  Then you begin to manifest change in the world. 

This resistance to the space between where the world is in her transformation, and where you believe she *should be* is where a great deal of emotional pain is generated.

So we need to practice patience and acceptance?

Girl, I have seen these terrible things.  I would never tell a person oppressed to be patient and await change.  No!  I would tell them to resist!

But resistance causes even more pain.


So, sometimes suffering is worth it to change things in the long run?

Sometimes, we sacrifice our own comfort so that others may experience relief.

Are you talking about martyrs?

Yes.  I know how you feel about martyrs.

I feel sometimes people martyr themselves for their own reasons, and that the cause or people they’re trying to help could be furthered without such a sacrifice, and that sometimes people put themselves in a martyr’s position because they are afraid it is the only way to assure themselves they are on a good path; because only the truly virtuous are martyrs.  But sometimes it is not necessary to martyr yourself, and sometimes it is wrong to sacrifice yourself when things can be done another way.  Because you are just as important and precious and worthy of life as those you are trying to help.  And sometimes you can continue to help the world if you do not destroy yourself for a cause, or principle, or to try to save someone else.

Yes, and I see you noticed your judgement there.

I just did, my judgement in other people’s decision to sacrifice themselves or their happiness.  I do feel that happiness is precious, should be protected and shared.

And you are right, Girl.  The way to healing moves through many smiles and laughter.  (This said in great seriousness.) 

Yet, people must learn to make their own decision on what to sacrifice.  It is their own bodies, lives and learning. 

It’s true.  Is it alright to say something if I see this martyr pattern in someone’s life?

Absolutely.  When they come to you for help, it is your responsibility to reflect back to them the aspects of themselves which create their reality.  Not to do this would be deceptive.  And in doing this, sometimes, peoplewill see they deserve to be happy.  Like your sister.

(This is interesting because I have a spiritual sister as well as an incarnated, physical sister.  I asked which one he meant and he said both.)

So, I’m still confused.  Sometimes, acceptance instead of resistance reduces our experience of suffering.  Sometimes it is necessary to resist and embrace the pain of that resistance.  Sometimes it is appropriate to sacrifice yourself for others, and each individual must choose if this is the path of learning they require.

Yes.  There are many ways to Heaven. 

This reminds me of the conversation at Humanity yesterday:  we think of heaven as above, hell below, linear.  Some say the path to heaven is up or down, because everything is a circle.

Some explore the path to heaven through ascension in the higher vibrations, some move through suffering and the lower vibrations.  We always should help those suffering, when possible, for it assists us on our own journey as well as them of theirs.  It is important to realize there is more than one way Home.  In “Eat, Pray, Love” the Guru is quoted, “There are seven levels up to Heaven, or seven levels down.  I have been both ways.”

So have all of us.


The return to the Whole is always complete love, absolute acceptance for everything you know.  Be it pain and suffering, the joys and excitements of your life.  You understand, in the afterlife, the context of your suffering and excitement.  There is no “I’m sorry” in heaven.  There is no forgiveness, because all that happened… (I can’t find words for this concept.    It’s like he’s saying all that happened is, exists forever frozen in time, us apart from you, is part of the whole universe now, is given to god, is tied to everyone, is done, is past but not past because there is no time, no longer exists, but is honoured, as the concept exists because of your experience, is Holy.)

Damn, telepathic communication is challenging at times.  I’m sorry folks, it’s not always easy to wrap words around concepts dropped into my head.

The beautiful thing is that all our experience in life ends up (as described above).  Yet, LOVE Girl, LOVE is the only eternal emotion.  Everything else we inevitably leave behind.  Love will eclipse all, in the end, and so that is why love has the power to neutralize what bothers you on earth.

In the end?

We all came from (creator) our bodies are of the earth.  Our bodies return to the earth, our energies return to the source.  It is inevitable because there is no time, and so, we never left.


It is all a big circle, my sister.

I think my brain is melting.  Marley offers me a joint – Ha!  I don’t think that will make it better, my friend! 

I was only teasing, my girl.  And now, you are needed at work.

So I am. 

One more thing – please ask your readers to ask their questions.  I will try to clarify anything from this they do not understand.

Okay.  I will do my best to translate it. 

Be well, my girl!

So, I encourage you to post your questions for Marley in the comment field.  Please don’t be afraid to do so – I know only a brave few comment, but due to the magic of wordpress statistics, it seems I have somewhere between fifty and eighty readers a day.  So whatever you ask, I’m sure someone else was wondering the same thing and didn’t want to actually raise their hand. 

Ask away, my friends.  This offer, Marley says, does not expire.  Even if you find this post years after it was written, you can still post your question – you will receive an answer.

14 thoughts on “Bob Marley ~ Love will eclipse all.

  1. Hello! I have a question that I have been sort of stuck on especially since I am trying to write a blog on this topic and I am stuck, which means I am still learning LOL! My question is what is the difference between judgment and observation? Would love your input please and I will probably include in my blog with your permission of course. Thank you and I always enjoy your blog! Tamara


    • Hey, Marley – what is the difference between judgment and observation?

      Judgment places your values upon another person’s choices. The judgment is when you decide if this person is right or wrong, good or bad. It is one thing to observe that in life, I had many women, and many children. It is a judgment to say I was a womanizer. This places the expectations of others upon our choices. How I approached love in life, how I hurt even though I was reaching out for love. Some would look at my life and compare it to a couple who had been together for their whole lives, and judge my journey unfavorably in contrast.

      I look back upon my life and see all of the love. I do not regret those choices I made (the many women), and I watch over (he shows me a very large extended family of women and children. I believe he’s saying he is a guardian to all of his children and their children, that he still sends love to all of the women. I don’t get the impression that there is much, if any, animosity between the various mothers in this large family. This is what he is showing me.)

      If you did not have this other idea of what love should be, if you did not compare my life to the lives of others, there could be no judgment, only observation.

      The judgment also dishonors the women in my life. That they too are on their journeys, and they made the choices to be with me in this way. To judge my actions is to judge them as well, as unintelligent, or as victims. It was my experience to lose myself to love at times. It was their experience too.

      Do you understand – ? (he uses a word here I don’t know, which I think is an endearment meaning “beauty” – so he’s being a sweetie)

      I have a follow-up question: Marley, what about judgment on criminal actions? Is there a line? We have a responsibility to help each other and protect each other from harm, right? How can there be law & order, basic societal protections without judgment?

      He replies,

      Ah, this is what (people) always come back to – this is the (problem/challenge/contradiction) with incarnation on earth – we are so removed from understanding during life that we see behavior on earth that could not exist without this distance from heaven. It is the contrast again, between “good” and “evil”, “light” and “darkness” – neither could exist without the other.

      There is no judgment in heaven, only observation and learning. On earth, there is pain and crime. On more peaceful planets, there does not need to be law books. (people) have an (intrinsic) understanding of we are all connected. So this contradiction of judgment and law and order does not exist on the more peaceful planets, and learning through hardship takes form in terms of illness, grief, separation, natural disaster. (People) are able to behave in a (default) manner which (automatically) help each other. On earth, this is not the case.

      And so we have the challenge of judgment while on earth. It is necessary at times, and it causes further separation from (heaven). The separation from (heaven/source/god) which this judgment causes is the reason you must be mindful of your judgmental habits when you choose to walk a spiritual path. Judgmental habits will thwart your efforts to grow closer to (heaven/god).

      (the words in brackets are mine, chosen to describe the concepts as best as I can.)

      Then, for irony, he shows me a religious leader in robes behaving in a judgmental manner. He says, “Beware the judgmental spiritual leader, they cannot possibly walk the path to God.”

      Thanks Marley, that was awesome.


      • That was awesome! Thank you so much and I just wanted to be sure that I can use this answer while also including your blog site in my next post? Thank you again! Tamara


  2. Can you ask Bob about the Illuminati and music today? Also about the hype of Dec 21/2012. It’s getting close :0 and what we can really expect, why we chose to be here at this time? Thanks! I love your blog, just discovered it last night and am voraciously reading. It helps to that you talk to Bob, sigh, as I have been obsessively listening, watching and reading everything by or about him for a month now…everyday…
    Thanks again!


  3. Thank you so much, Kate!

    I have been totally absorbed in Bob Marley and his music and life, the Jamaican/Rastafarian experience, Haile Sellassi, et cetera for the past two or three weeks since finding the Penelope Chatterton interview with Jim Belleau in which Bob gave Jim lyrics for 37 new songs, 10 of which you can hear online for free at Quantum Reggae : com. So your conversations with him have generously added to my identifying with his spirit.

    I may come back with a question after reading Erik’s blog, but I just wanted to return the gift in case you were not aware of “Message from Bob – Volume Oneness”, (book and album).


  4. Very cool post! This was really interesting to read. Thank you Kate, and Bob as well, for your wisdom 🙂
    I have a question if you don’t mind. I’ve heard that the ego comes from a place of negativity, from a place of fear. Is judgement sourced from the ego? Or does it have connections to other sources, such as anger etc.? In order to let go of judgement, would we first have to deal with the ego?
    Whoops. That was way more than one question! I hope those make sense though! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! Hey Sophia, let me think about this. I’m not completely on board with the “abolish the ego” thing. It’s not a new idea, and relates to releasing your attachment to outcomes, which has ties to Buddhism among other spiritual belief systems.

      The thing I personally take issue with is, the things we care about are a part of our personality, part of who we are. Our personality we retain to varying degrees on the other side, which is how our loved ones present themselves to us so we’ll recognize them.

      I personally don’t believe this “abolish the ego” fad has as much weight as others (like tolle or dyer for example ) seem to believe.

      I think it’s about adding more compassion and forgiveness, than destroying the ego. Since harm and evil is so often about choices, our judgment vs our compassion can determine how we treat others.

      So that’s what I think.


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