Flight of Eagle

Last night, after resisting engaging in conversation with Marley, and turning my intention towards sleep, feeling, well, disconnected, disturbed, this song appeared in my head.  No one in particular is taking credit for it, but I recognize Kurt’s vocals, an acoustic guitar and a bass.  It made me feel better.  It’s nice too, as my totem (as of last February) is the Bald Eagle.  I see this song as a tribute to my brother and friend, the Eagle, and to the spiritual path:

Flight of Eagle, flyin’ home,

Returning from where you come.


Flyin’ eagle, flying home! 

Turnin’ earth still in the clouds.


The Searching One, The Calling One,

The Watching One!

Returning, One.


Ahhh.  Flight of Eagle, flyin’ home,

No one is sayin’ where you’ve gone.


Flyin’ eagle, flying home.

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