The Potential for Everything

As soon as I posted that last one, someone said to me, “They’re not going to understand what you mean zero is the potential for everything.

What I meant is you can take zero, nothing, and manifest from nothing an infinitely intricate equation that is true, as long as whatever you do on one side of the equation is balanced in value.



2+4 = 1+1+4

You can branch that equation out infinitely.  It could be a billion pages long, ever-growing, becoming more complex, components breaking down, expanding, changing all the time.  Yet it’s always balanced, and so is always true.

Whenever you *think* something, this changes the equation.  The universe answers with the balancing factors.

You say to yourself, “I want a house”

i want a house = universe answers:  you want a house

I have a new car, it will arrive next week = new car, next week.

It’s Yoko Ono’s “Yes” on the ceiling. 

See how that works?  It’s a really nerdy way of explaining the same concepts in quantum mechanics of like attracts like, and the truth behind books like “the secret”. 

I find this easier to understand, probably because I’m a math fan, and it helps me to clarify my thoughts, exactly what am I saying to the universe, in my head?

And this also explains why our spirit guides & helperscannot help us unless we ask.  Our asking for help alters the equation, creates space for them to fill with their help.

Now if only we could describe universal love using math.

C’mon Albie, what do you say?  Any ideas?  I hear him chuckling.  Maybe he’ll get back to me on that.

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