The Garden of Shadows

Sweetie & I had an idyllic weekend.  Gorgeous weather.  The kind that reminds us why we live here, in vacation land.  Happy ran on the beach for hours, ripping up the sand, fetching sticks and ocean-buffed rocks. 

Somehow, while walking in this heaven-on-earth, we started talking about “darkness”.  It started when Sweetie blurted, “What is up with Lucifer?  What is his deal?”

Many months ago, when we’d previously touched upon dark energies, parasites etc.,

 I had caught a brief view of the angel known as Lucifer, tending his garden of shadows.  He seemed like a gentle soul, surprisingly.  His body language, appearance and voice are how I imagine Morpheus, from the Sandman comics, would appear in “real life”. 

So I said to Sweetie, “I think you’re going to need to ask some more specific questions.”  So she did.  Here it goes, to the best of my memory…  (at some point in writing this entry, I picked up the conversation thread and started talking to him directly again):

Sw:  “So, what does Lucifer think of Satan worshippers?”

L:  “There is no Satan.  No king demon.  Those who declare themselves to be worshippers of evil do so because they are facing their fear of darkness.  By declaring themselves children of darkness, they attempt to neutralize their own fear.  It is not so different from (shows me what I believe is a catholic church.)

Those people who decide to drink the blood of animals in ritual, many often purchase the blood from the butcher.  There is far less violence perpetrated upon the planet by self-declared satan-worshippers than by the followers of Christ.  (said with deep, sad irony.  We commented upon him expressing irony and he said,)  A sense for irony is a recent and necessary development in the human consciousness.  It shows an elevated understanding of the complexities of society and culture.  It is part of the evolution of the species on this planet.  (notice he did not specifically say Humanity, but species as a whole.)

It is my job to keep the equation in balance, to keep it spinning out of control.”

S:  “So he actually *prevents* evil from completely taking over the planet?”

Me:  Yes, he’s showing me this graph where a gently rising line hits a tipping point and starts exponentially rising.  It’s like, if you add minus two to one side of an equation, the other side has to match with minus two.  He prevents it from going to minus two billion.  He keeps the evil from building upon itself exponentially, to prevent the whole planet from being overtaken.

L:  “On this time vector/plain, there are three planets, including earth, who are undergoing similar exercises.  (He shows me the other two planets in different galaxies, outside of this one.)  I focus most of my efforts upon maintaining the required balance on this planet, although occasionally my assistance is needed on the other two.  The caretakers of the other two planets occasionally assist us on this planet.

There are three planets undergoing similar exercises, because this stabilizes the experience.  (Shows me a three-legged milking stool, and a three-point pyramid.  I’m reminded of Kurt showing Sweetie the three translucent beads on a string, then shifting the perspective to the side where the three beads overlap and merge into one, which can also be the point of the pyramid.  So many ways of expressing one concept.) 

L:  If one planet’s balance begins to warp, we can tap into the energy of the other two planets to help bring the energy back, to prevent spiral, a buildup of energy that would result in the planet ejecting all life from her surface.

In this phase, several other planets in this (area of the universe?  Who are focused on earth?) are sending their assistance to this planet, in the form of energy or incarnations.  (He shows me this blender with three blades.  The blade is stiff, and requires some energy to get it moving.  I understand the blades represent the three planets he spoke of.  The transformation on earth is also happening on these two other planets, simultaneously.  Together the three will gain enough energy through their transformations to get the “blades” spinning.)

Me:  What happens when all three planets transition successfully? 

L:  Why, we all return to heaven, my dear.  (Calm, serene smile.)

Sw:  Sounds like Revelations.  Is that right?

L:  The story, the many prophecies of the end of our time upon this planet, has been told many different ways over tens of thousands of years.  They all tell the same truth. 

Me:  I don’t believe there’s a separation of the wheat from the chaff – good, evil, it’s all the same when you get to heaven, isn’t it?

Sw:  Yeah, heaven really seems like this place where judgment doesn’t exist, there’s no need.

L:  (silent to this, no response.)

Me:  Is there a separation of good and evil?  Is there a hell? 

L:  Many live in hell on this planet.  Many perpetuate their own hell after death.  The possibilities for joy are endless, as are the possibilities for suffering.  Each soul participates.

Me:  Will some individual consciousnesses / soul bubbles be left behind?

L:  (silence, no response)

Me:  How can we be sure that we return to joy when we leave our current bodies?

L:  That is inevitable.  Separation is temporary, return to love is (shows me a magnet and iron filings being drawn to it.)  While my creatures (he uses another word, I can’t recognize it) work to neutralize the accumulation of negative emotion on earth, your kind (said in another language, wtf?) work to transform the negative back into love.  This is the work you do.  You teach others to be lightworkers (not a word I generally use, but the most appropriate here.)  You and your kind facilitate the transformation, you apply the change.  I maintain the balance, that is all.  The transformational energy comes from you (the plural you).  That is the journey of your kind.

Me:  Holy shit.

L:  gentle smile.

Me:  Could you please tell me about your shadow garden, the creatures, the plants and the various demons?

L:  I love this garden, it is so beautiful.  Many do not recognize its beauty, or the necessity of my creatures on this planet.  As so few understand their purpose, I love them all the more.

The plants and animals are just like the ones you experience physically.  They are creatures of nature, evolved for a purpose.  Many of these animals, (shows me drooling coyote-like dogs, shadow cats, bats, large hairy humanoid animals, large, troll-like animals) assist in the essential work of maintaining the crucial balance of light and shadow (metaphor for love vs. suffering) on earth. 

When humans experience anguish, they emit emotional energy.  It is very powerful, can affect others.  It can build up in areas of the earth.  In rooms, on battle grounds, entire cities.  This energy would build and suffocate all life on earth if it were not neutralized.

These creatures consume the negative emotional energy, prevent the build-up to toxic levels.  (Shows me houseplants dying.)

Me:  I understand, this expands on my earlier lessons.  I understood that these creatures can become attached to areas or people, and they can manipulate a person’s life or health to amplify the negative energy they put out.  Is this right?”

L:  They are but creatures of nature.  It is natural for creatures to alter their environment to suit them.  (Shows me humans expanding their cities ever-outward, shows me the very poor and how it’s connected to the very rich.  I understand that for the most part, humanity does most of the damage to itself.)

Me:  I see that the greatest negative impact upon humans on earth originates with other humans.  Why is that? 

L:  It is another control.  When part of humanity requires an experience (shows me Rwanda, genocide and starvation) it is better to control the introduction of this negativity through incarnated human beings, with limited lifespans, rather than unleashing creatures of shadow.  That would create chaos.  The wars, the genocide, the extreme dominance of few over millions, these scenarios are very closely monitored and controlled. 

Me:  (he is showing me all of this from the perspective of being in orbit around the planet) I see from up here that humans have the capacity to alter the negative energy.  Because, if the evil is coming from a human source, there is no limit to the transformative good of humanity as well.  I see this as love transforming and neutralizing evil on earth.  I get it now.  That’s why Marley was telling me about it.  That’s why we need to learn how to love those who perpetrate evil.  It’s so fucked up, but it actually makes sense to me right now.

L:  nod.

Me:  Anything else I should know?

L:  I may only impart information which you (have already received?  Are ready for?  Have already integrated?  Something like that.)  I may not tell you more. 

Me:  Thank you for the chat.  And thanks for coming back as I wrote this entry.

L:  solemn face, nod.

10 thoughts on “The Garden of Shadows

  1. WOW…. you always do manage to blow me away with your wonderful posts. It helps me tremendously in trying to see humanity from a different angle. All your articles (once read) RING TRUE in my soul. It’s like “oh yeah that IS true and how it is and I had just “forgotten”. Reading your blog each time seems to help me “Awaken” more, more and more each time.
    Obviously, still hard to grasp evil, but does make more and more sense now. For example::: Hitler??? What’s up with him?? And the rape and torture of children, elderly and animals? I CAN NOT TAKE THAT KIND OF EVIL. It just KILLS ME.

    Peace, Love and Light!!!


    • Thanks Noel 🙂 You know, when I looked into Adolf Hitler last year, I was told he was “still bouncing through babies”. Meaning, he was coming into the bodies of children who are going to die shortly after birth. This will go on until he has inhabited as many bodies of children, and experienced as many deaths as his incarnation as Hitler facilitated. It’s a way of balancing out his “karma”, and of his own soul to wrap itself around the concept of killing so many.

      It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing, I don’t think it’s automatic for every killer. It’s just how this particular “evil” is becoming rebalanced by birth, rebirth, love and death. Because I tell you, those babies know they’re loved.


  2. Excellent post. I’ve always found Lucifer to be a compassionate “character” (for lack of a better word). The Universe (our Universe, at least) seems to be all about balance–can’t have good without bad, light without dark, highs without lows. The beauty is in the balance and you can’t help but admire someone with their eye on maintaining that balance. Too bad he always gets the shitty end of the stick.

    His comments about his creatures bring to mind the Soul Shrinker card from the Faeries Oracle deck.

    “Once, long ago, the Soul Shrinker was very beautiful, but listening to and witnessing all this human ugliness has rubbed off on his appearance, like that of a lovely frog in a polluted pool with his skin raw and forming hideous growths. His heart is compassionate and anguished; his heartfelt wish is that we learn “right speech” and “right thought.” Every wicked thing a human says makes the Soul Shrinker more ugly. Every time a human learns this lesson, the Soul Shrinker becomes a bit less ugly. As you can see, humanity as a whole has a lot of work to do on this.”


    • True. When we asked about the whole “fallen angel” thing, he just showed me a bubble branching off of another – it is necessary work that he does, so that we may experience the contrast of love and hope in the face of suffering and cruelty. It is his facilitation of our experiences – what we incarnate to do. He said, “I am but the humble servent of humanity.” Which is eerie and a multi-faceted comment.


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  4. I would like to second Noel’s wonderful compliment above, “Reading your blog each time seems to help me ‘Awaken’ more and more.” …….. On the matter of Charles Manson above ……. I think that it’s all about Sylvia Browne’s absolute self-assurance that ANYTHING she says is so is …….so …….. because SHE said it. I think she’s flat wrong and for support of this I would point out that Erik had no problem interviewing Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy ….. all of whom are in heaven/home and some of whom have stated that they will not ever incarnate again. So what does that say about the amazing Sylvia and …….. her guide Iena (always called Francine)?


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